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  • CDI College - Montreal, located in Canada, offers over 100 undergraduate, graduate, and diploma programs focused on developing skills in the students. 
  • With over 100 courses focusing on different fields, CDI Colleges provides a personalized experience for each student. The courses combine classroom-based theory knowledge with practical applications to help the students develop a broad knowledge and skill set.
  • The cost of studying on-campus is course dependent and falls between 21,000 CAD to 78,000 CAD. The college offers many scholarships through loans, awards, and grants. The college is also renowned for including parents in a student's academic journey.
  • The college also has Campus Financial Advisors who provide the students with expertise and advice related to financial aid and scholarships. 
  • The college offers fast-paced degrees and organizes projects to prepare students for workplace challenges. The college provides high-quality programs that combine a career-focused education approach and a candidate's professional skills. The CDI College has an employment rate of over 85%. Many programs at the college also offer job placement while studying to train individuals with the skills relevant to the industry.
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CDI College - Montreal needs aspiring students to have a high school diploma and proof of graduation unless otherwise mentioned in the outline of the program. The English proficiency test requirements for CDI College - Montreal programs are:


CourseTest Scores
All the Programs

• TOEFL iBT - 71 

• TOEFL PBT - 560

• IELTS Score - 6.0 with no band score below 5.0

• CLBA - 7

• CAEL - 60

Admission Process

CDI College follows a standard application procedure for international students, including a personal interview with an International Admission Representative. The applicant must meet with a financial advisor or financial planner for the academic programme and sign a formal enrollment agreement, which the Campus Director must approve.


The college verifies that the applicant meets the eligibility requirements for the chosen programme.


CourseDocuments RequiredApplication FeesIntake Season
All the Programs

- A completed college application

- Copy of high school diploma

- Official academic transcripts of last year 

- A copy of the birth certificate of the applicant

- Proof of Work experience, if available or required

- Copy of the passport

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

- Certified translation of the documents in English 

- English Language proficiency test scores

Waived Off

  • Fall Intake - September
  • Winter Intake - January
  • Summer Intake - April



CDI College - Montreal does not offer on-campus housing facilities in Canada. Since there are no on-campus accommodation options, students can opt for off-campus facilities like:

1. Homestay - Homestay refers to a cultural exchange between a visiting international student and a local family or individual known as a “Homestay Host” for a weekly fee.

2. Hostels - Hostels provide a supervised, friendly, and safe student environment. Many hostels also provide meal options.

3. Shared Apartments or Rooms - Shared Accommodation allows students to share a room, apartment, or house and divide the rent among themselves.

4. Private accommodation - Studio rooms like one-bedroom apartments are popular among the students as they are less expensive compared to the rent of larger apartments or houses.


The CDI College offers job placement assistance to all its students. Some of the programs include practicum placements for the students, which allows them to explore the industry skills through on-job training options. 


Each year around 1000 students graduate from CDI College - Montreal. Around 86.3% of the students for ACS programs get placement, and approximately 92.7% get employed for Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) programs. Around 500 CDI College graduates are working in the province of Montreal itself. 

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CDI College - Montreal has Financial Advisors for international students to guide them with financial aid.

Many programs at CDI College - Montreal offer practicum placements to the students, which gives them the opportunity to learn skills relevant to the industry through job training.

For working individuals with busy schedules, the college provides an option to choose either daytime or evening classes in order to fit their availability.

Leap Scholar Expert Review

CDI College - Montreal, located in Canada, offers many programs in various disciplines. Many programs at CDI College - Montreal offer courses with practicum placements, allowing students to work in the industry and learn skills relevant to their jobs while studying. The college also provides services of Financial Advisors for all international students to guide or assist them with the financial aid options to manage their living expenses in the country. The college also offers daytime and evening shift courses for individuals with busy schedules. It does not provide on-campus accommodation facilities. CDI College - Montreal also has very few scholarship options for international students pursuing higher studies.

Get all your Questions Answered

What is CDI College - Montreal known for?

CDI College - Montreal offers short-term courses to train individuals for industry jobs. The college offers over 100 diverse programs across Canada, focusing on business, technology, healthcare, legal studies, and education. The instructors teach the courses with relevant work experience and exceptional instructional abilities. With smaller classes, more one-on-one attention is provided to the students with a more focused approach.

How to enrol in courses at CDI College - Montreal?

CDI College has a standard application procedure for the admission of international students. • After applying, the candidate has to give a personal round of interviews with the international Admission representative. • The applicant can then meet their financial advisor to discuss their financial plans for the program. • The college then checks whether the candidate meets the eligibility criteria or not. • If selected, the college sends a formal enrollment agreement to the candidates that are to be signed by the applicant and approved by the Campus Director. • Students must submit the required documents like proof of age, completion of high school, and English language proficiency test scores.

How to change courses at CDI College - Montreal?

A student can change their course by putting in an appeal for the course change and then informing the Admissions Registrar Office of the university via email or by phone.

Is CDI College - Montreal good for international students?

Yes, the students of CDI College - Montreal get the opportunity to learn practical skills related to the industry from working professionals. The cost of studying at CDI is also average. The college provides various loan programs for students to finance their studies.

What are the application deadlines for applying to CDI College - Montreal?

Students wanting to pursue education at CDI College – Montreal must submit applications and all the documents by 25 January. The submission of foreign student program applications starts on 26 January and continues around the year due to various course commencement dates.

What is the minimum GPA requirement to get into CDI College - Montreal?

CDI College - Montreal needs students to secure an overall GPA above 3.0 to improve their admission chances.

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