Physiotherapy In UK 2022: Eligibility, Fees, Top Colleges & Admission Process

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The health and social care environment is changing rapidly, and a degree in physiotherapy from the United Kingdom can help individuals immensely. The universities offering physiotherapy courses in UK have modern curriculums that prepare individuals to work flexibly in today’s environment. Moreover, they help students establish a fundamental understanding of the core concepts in the field. 

Students of a physiotherapy course in UK learn to treat individuals suffering from illnesses and ageing. After finishing a physiotherapy UK course, students can work in special schools, sports science clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. If you’re someone looking to enter the healthcare profession to make a difference in people’s lives and wellbeing, then this course is for you. 

Read on to know about the best universities in the UK offering physiotherapy degrees, along with their rankings and tuition fees. 

Top Universities and Colleges for Physiotherapy Courses UK

1. University of Nottingham 

Program Name: Physiotherapy BSc 

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Physiotherapy In UK 2022: Eligibility, Fees, Top Colleges & Admission Process
Check Your Eligibility for 80+ Universities across the UK
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Program Details: It is a three-year bachelor’s program that commences in September every year. The course’s evidence-based approach to practice enables students to adapt their skills to meet the needs of individuals that require care. 

Moreover, one can expect a supportive and nurturing environment at this institute. The practical skill-based teaching at the University of Nottingham uses various methods. 

These include exercise-based equipment and movement analysis. Such techniques allow students to apply their skills in real-life contexts.  

Ranking: This physiotherapy course is ranked 2nd in the UK in the Guardian Best UK Universities For Health Professionals 2021. 

Entry Requirments/Eligibility: 

  • International Baccalaureate Score: 34 
  • English Langauge Requirements: IELTS (70)
  • A 12th-grade certificate in the science stream with a minimum of 85%. The required score can vary for different Indian School boards. 
  • A Level Requirement: AAB 
  • Minimum 18 years of age

Tuition Fees: 26,500 Pound Sterling/Academic Year 

2. University of East Anglia 

Program Name: BSc Physiotherapy 

Program Details: UEA offers a three-year BSc Physiotherapy course that focuses on individuals to maximise their skills and ability. It equips students with the critical thinking skills necessary to help them overcome the challenges in the field. Core areas of this program include musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, respiratory, and cardiovascular therapy. This course also teaches students to apply clinical reasoning and problem-solving to evaluate a client’s health. 

Ranking: The university was ranked 25th in the UK in the Complete University Guide 2021. 

Entry Requirement/Eligibility: 

  • A level requirement: AAB
  • Certificate of qualification of 12th grade or its equivalent in Science. 
  • English Langauge Proficiency: 7.0 minimum for IELTS

Tuition Fees: 16,000 Pound Sterling/Academic Year 

3. University of Hertfordshire 

Program Name: BSc (Hons.) Physiotherapy 

Program Details: This physiotherapy degree offers a dynamic approach to the study of physiotherapy in the UK. It provides students with problem-solving abilities and practical skills to become physiotherapists. The university boasts five purpose-built physiotherapy laboratories and practical clinical placements. Graduates of this program are assured excellent career prospects in the private sector and the National Health Service. 

Ranking: The university was ranked 29th in the UK by the Times Ranking 2020.  

Entry Requirments/Eligibility: 

  • A Level: ABB-AAB 
  • English language requirement for international students: Overall IELTS score of 7.0. 

Tuition Fees: 16,035 Pound Sterling/Academic Year 

4. University of Bradford 

Program Name: M Physiotherapy – Sports and Exercise Medicine 

Program Details: This is a unique four-year program for students who wish to develop skills specifically relevant to exercise and sports, along with traditional physiotherapy environments. Graduates of this postgraduate level course get a masters diploma in physiotherapy that opens up a range of career opportunities. These opportunities come from sectors like sport, health, and exercise. 

Ranking: This UK university was ranked 8th in the United Kingdom for Physiotherapy in the Complete University Guide 2021. 

Entry Requirements/Eligibility: 

  • A Level Requirement: AAB 
  • International Baccalaureate Requirements: 136 points 
  • GCSEs with Grade C or Grade 4. 

Tuition Fees: 21,886 Pound Sterling/Academic Year 

5. Robert Gordon University 

Program Name: Doctorate of Physiotherapy 

Program Details: The DPT program from Robert Gordon provides unique opportunities for qualifying as a Chartered Physiotherapist to its physiotherapy students. It is the only program outside North America to get accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education.

The first two years of this course are run in parallel with the MSc Physiotherapy course. After that, students can apply for Health and Care Professions council registration, giving them eligibility to practice in the UK while spending the next 18 months working on a doctorate thesis. 

Ranking: The university was ranked 2nd for Physiotherapy in Scotland in World University rankings 2020. 

Entry Requirements/Eligibility: 

  • English Langauge Requirement: IELTS (7.0)
  • Bachelor’s degree in a science project with a minimum GPA of 3.6 on a scale of 4.0. 
  • Prior research experience in Physiotherapy. 

Tuition Fees: 18,460 Pound Sterling/Academic Year 

6. University of Birmingham 

Program Name: MSci Physiotherapy 

Program Details: This is an undergraduate, single honours programme of four years in England. It provides the time and space to ensure individuals develop their clinical experience and skills optimally. 

Completing this course provides eligibility for full membership of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. The university prepares its students for placements by taking a patient-centred approach.  

Ranking: The university was ranked 1st in the UK for Physiotherapy in the Complete University Guide 2020. 

Entry Requirements/Eligibility: 

  • IB requirement: 32 Points
  • A level requirement: AAB
  • A certificate of 12th grade or its equivalent. The minimum score required varies for different school boards. 
  • Mandatory Covid-19 vaccination certificates. 
  • English language proficiency: IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE. 

Tuition Fees: 24,600 Pound Sterling/Academic Year 

Demand for Physiotherapists in the UK 

The medical help that physiotherapists provide is invaluable. However, over the last few years, there has been a shortage of physiotherapists in the region. As per a survey, 6700 extra physiotherapists will be needed in the UK by 2025. 

That is why there is immense demand for physiotherapists today, making it a great time to enter the field. Graduates of physiotherapy programs find employment in private and public organisations and centres. 

Admission Process for Physiotherapy UK Courses 

Here is the step by step pointers of the admission process for a physiotherapy course in the UK. 

  • Applicants need to choose the course they want to apply to for the respective university. 
  • Before beginning the application, checking the entry requirements or eligibility for the course is essential. 
  • Click on the application link and upload the necessary documents. These include official transcripts, SOPs, LOR, and IELTS scores. 
  • Students applying for MSc and doctorate courses also have to submit their bachelor’s degree certificates. 
  • After entering personal details and documents, applicants can pay the application fee and submit their applications. 
  • Applicants can also apply for undergraduate physiotherapy courses via Universities and College Admission Services.  
  • Selected candidates get an invite for an interview. 
  • If they clear the interview, they get an admission offer. 
  • International students who have been selected can move ahead with their student visa applications. 


Physiotherapy universities and colleges in the UK provide world-class facilities and curricula to ensure students succeed in this field. All the universities mentioned above offer attractive courses designed to help you establish a fundamental understanding of core physiotherapy concepts. 

Moreover, students get a wide range of job-oriented skills that help them find noble placements after graduation. To know more about the universities offering Physiotherapy courses in UK and further information on scholarships, book a free consultation call with LeapScholar today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a physiotherapist in the UK? 

Ans. To become a physiotherapist in the United Kingdom, students need to finish an approved program at a recognised university. A full-time BSc (Hons.) degree in physiotherapy can take up to three years, while a part-time degree takes six years.

What is the average salary of a Physiotherapist in the UK? 

Ans. The average salary of a practising physiotherapist is 35,515 Pound Sterling per year.

Is Physiotherapist a worthy career in the United Kingdom? 

Ans. Yes, it is. The region has impeccable career prospects for physiotherapists. The starting salary of physiotherapists in the UK is 25,600 Pound Sterling/annum. Moreover, the universities and institutes offer some of the best physiotherapy courses globally.


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