Average D Pharm Salary, Benefits & Scope 2022. An Ultimate Guide!

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  • Read the article to find out the various salary distribution for Doctor of Pharmacy
  • Types of Pharm. D: Hospital Pharmacists, Nuclear Pharmacists and Retail Pharmacists
  • California has the highest Pharm D Salary In USA amongst the 50 states, with an average salary of USD 146,070 per year

Pharmacy professionals are one of the most sought after medical staff in the USA. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), around 11,300 openings are projected for pharmacists each year from 2020 to 2030. Salary.com highlights the average Pharm D Salary in USA for 2022 is $143,147. The salary varies based on experience, job title and location. 

pharm d salary in usa

The article has the list of average Pharm D Salary in US based on the above-mentioned factors:

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Pharm D Salary in USA Based on Years of Experience 

Experience significantly affects the salary no matter what the job is. For a profession like a pharmacist, work experience is essential. The more years of experience in both a clinical and academic setting, the more is the salary. The following are the average salaries of pharmacists based on their years of experience:

Experience Annual Salary (USD)
Less than 2 years $ 76,900
2 to 5 years $ 102,000
5 to 10 years $ 136,000
10 to 15 years $ 162,000
15 to 20 years $ 175,000
More than 20 years $ 188,000

Pharm D Salary In USA Based on Job Title

The salary for Graduates with any Bachelor’s degree differs based on the job title they occupy. The following are some of the lucrative careers that graduates of Doctor of Pharmacy hold and the average salaries for the titles: 

Job title Annual Salary (USD) Hourly Income (USD)
Pharmacy Technicians $ 36,843 $ 18.81
Hospital Pharmacists $ 143,200 $ 56.65
Nuclear Pharmacists $ 145,513 $ 70
Oncology Pharmacists $ 124,184 $ 61.23
Retail Pharmacist $ 127,000 $ 61.12
Consultant Pharmacists $ 125,233 $ 62.77

1. Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy Technicians are Graduates of Pharm. D that work for independent pharmacies, pharmaceutical departments in drug stores, or hospitals and clinics to give medications directly to the patients.

1.1 Role of Pharmacy Technicians

  • The pharmacy technicians take care of a patient’s prescription, including preparing and assembling it
  • They are responsible for giving high-quality care to the patients
  • They need to inform patients of what medications they are consuming and record the health insurance information of the patients

1.2 Requirements for the Job

  • High School Diploma or General Equivalency Diploma
  • Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) Certification
  • Some employers may require candidates with experience in healthcare settings.

2. Hospital Pharmacist

Hospital Pharmacists in the United States work in hospitals, medical clinics and private healthcare facilities such as long-term care facilities for the elderly and disabled.

2.1 Job Duties of Hospital Pharmacists

  • They are responsible for testing the quality of medications and dispensing them
  • They make formulations and reformulate the dosage
  • They are responsible for approving new medications
  • They also take care of dispensing medications to long-term care patients

2.2 Qualification Requirements for the Job

  • A 3-year professional degree in pharmaceutical sciences or equivalent degree from recognised pharmacy schools.
  • Optional work experience in hospitals, medical clinics or drug stores.

3. Nuclear Pharmacist

Pharmacy students with a doctorate degree that prepare radioactive materials to diagnose and treat specific diseases are called Nuclear Pharmacists.

3.1 Job Duties of Nuclear Pharmacists

  • Inventory Management of radioactive drugs and other drugs used in nuclear medicine
  • Checking the quality of instruments and the purity of radiopharmaceutical materials
  • Preparing patients for administration
  • Testing new radiopharmaceuticals and drug interactions for specific diseases

3.2 Qualifications Required

  • Graduation in an accredited program from recognised pharmacy schools
  • Experience for 4000 hours in nuclear pharmacy, including undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate degrees (such as MS or MD)

pharm d salary in usa

4. Oncology Pharmacist

Oncology pharmacists work in hospitals and pharmacies to create and dispense medications for cancer patients. They work primarily with cancer patients and research drug treatments.

4.1 Job Duties of Oncology Pharmacists

  • Ensuring safety in preparing and dispensing chemotherapy and minimising its side effects
  • Minimise drug waste and manage drug shortage
  • They are responsible for providing overall patient care
  • They evaluate potential drug interactions with the disease

4.2 Qualifications of Oncology Pharmacists

  • Completed postgraduate residency: First year in general pharmacy practices and second year specialising in oncology.

5. Retail Pharmacist

Retail pharmacists work in retail settings such as grocery stores to provide pharmacy services to customers.

5.1 Job Duties of Retail Pharmacists 

  • Dispense and control prescription and non-prescription medicine
  • They are responsible for advising customers on general healthcare such as symptoms and medications
  • They are responsible for the correct use of particular medications by patients

5.2 Qualifications Required

  • Doctorate degree in Pharmacy 
  • Additional skills include good interpersonal and communication skills 
  • Consulting credentials from a qualified consulting company panel

6. Consultant Pharmacist

A consultant pharmacist provides consulting services on the topics of clinical pharmacy, public health pharmacy, academic pharmacy etc. 

6.1 Job Duties of Consultant Pharmacists

  • They are responsible for ensuring the correct use of particular medications
  • They monitor the use of medications in the expert area of the consultant
  • They provide consultancy services to other facilities in the pharmaceutical industry

6.2 Qualifications Required

  • A bachelor’s degree or a doctor of pharmacy degree
  • Experience in the area of expertise both clinically and academically

Pharm D Salary In USA Based on Location

The Pharm. D salary in the USA differs also based on the location of the job. This is due to the economic advancement of the location, the cost of living, cost of transportation etc. The national average wage for pharmacists in the USA is USD 125,460 per year, according to Occupational Employment And Wages, May 2020. The same report gives stats on the salary of pharmacists in the different states of the United States such as the following:

Location Annual Salary (USD) Hourly Income (USD)
California $ 146,070 $ 70.22
Texas $ 125,470 $ 69.32
Florida $ 121,310 $ 58.32
New York $ 121,150 $ 58.24
Pennsylvania $ 121,230 $ 58.28

Benefits of Pharm D Professionals in USA

  • Take away with a good sizeable income. The starting salary is more compared to other professionals. According to BLS data, the highest salary earned is 10% more than $154,040. 
  • The work hours are flexible. The professionals can demand around the clock, part-time on weekends or shifts. Hospital pharmacists tend to work 8 hours a day while retail pharmacists work 12-14 hours a day. 
  • Stable career due to the rising demand for pharmacy services. According to US News, a career in Pharmacy is ranked 29 in Best Healthcare Jobs & 20 in best-paying jobs. 
  • All Pharma D graduates need licensure which ensures the professional remains knowledgeable about the latest medications approved and new guidelines for treatment. 

Career Scope of Pharm D Graduates in USA

After pursuing Pharm D in the US one can join as Hospital or Community Pharmacist. One can also join in as a researcher in pharmaceutical companies. Some of the top companies hiring Pharm D graduates in the US are- Dignity Health, UCLA Health, Meijer, Oregon Health & Science and Costco Wholesale. The professionals can work part-time or full time. Most of them work 40-50 hours a week. They can also double their daily income during the holidays and avail of overtime allowances. The gap between the highest and the lowest paying Pharm D salary in the US is $ 17,596.

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The Pharm. D salary in the USA depends on the designation, locality and number of years of experience in the field. So if you’re still wondering if becoming a Pharmacist in the USA is good for your job prospects or not, do not worry anymore! Brush up your IELTS vocabulary and get ready to earn good money as a Pharmacist in the USA!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Graduation in a Pharm. D course enough to begin practicing as a pharmacist in the USA?

Ans. All graduates of Pharm D or pharmacology must apply for NAPLEX (North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination) to get licensure as a pharmacist in the USA.

2. Is the Pharm. D salary in the USA higher than in other countries?

Ans. Pharm D Salary in the USA is USD 107,000 which is higher compared to others. The average salary for other countries includes USD 83,600 for Switzerland, USD 80,700 for Canada, USD 53,300 for the UK, USD 44,800 for Germany, and USD 17,003 for India. 

3. Is the Pharm. D salary in the USA higher than Pharmacology salary?

Ans. Graduates of Pharm. D (Pharmacists) earn an average salary of USD 119,630 per year, while graduates of Pharmacology (Pharmacologists) earn an average salary of USD 96,811 per year in the US. 

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