Pharm D Salary in USA in 2024: Universities, Job & Scope

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Doctor of Pharmacy is designed to train expert pharmacists who play an essential role in healthcare delivery. The course spans over four years and covers numerous subjects, including pharmacology, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, etc.

The scope of Pharm.D. is continually expanding and vast. Pharmacists with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree work in various settings, including neighbourhood pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and research organisations. 

With the changing healthcare landscape and increased demand for pharmaceutical expertise, the scope of Pharm.D. graduates in the USA remains promising and broad. This field of work is constantly rising in countries like the USA.

Pharmacists in the USA are in high demand due to the ageing population and the gradual need for medication management. Furthermore, they enjoy competitive salaries and healthcare being recession-proof. They have job security and stability.

Hence, moving forward, we will learn more about Pharm D salary in USA.

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Why choose the USA?

The US is an excellent destination if you are looking for a top-quality education and a culturally diverse environment. Its universities are known for their academic excellence, research opportunities, and a wide range of programs to cater to different interests and career goals.

The country’s commitment to innovation and technology ensures access to advanced facilities and resources, while numerous scholarship and financial aid opportunities make education more accessible. Moreover, graduates from US institutions are highly valued by employers worldwide, thanks to the prestige associated with a US degree. 

The US’s diverse landscapes and vibrant cities provide a dynamic, enriching lifestyle beyond the classroom. The US offers a well-rounded and globally recognised education, making it an attractive choice.

Jobs for Pharm.D Graduates in the USA

You can pursue various job opportunities after studying for a doctorate in pharmacy, for instance, Community Pharmacists, Clinical Pharmacist and many more.

Hospital Pharmacists- These work within healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics to ensure patients’ medications are safely used. Hospital pharmacists collaborate with physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals to optimise medication therapy.

Nuclear Pharmacists- These specialise in preparing and dispensing radioactive materials used in nuclear medicine procedures, such as PET scans.

Oncology Pharmacists- Oncology Pharmacists specialise in the management of cancer medications. They work in cancer hospitals, cancer centres and oncology clinics. They are crucial in supporting and helping patients during their cancer treatment.

Retail Pharmacists- These pharmacists work in pharmacies, drugstore chains, and independent pharmacies, serving as the first point of contact for patients seeking medication-related services and advice.

Consultant Pharmacists– A consultant pharmacist provides consulting services on clinical pharmacy, public health pharmacy, academic pharmacy, etc. They optimise medication management for vulnerable populations, for instance, the elderly in nursing homes.

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Pharm D Salary in USA in 2024: Universities, Job & Scope
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Top companies and sectors that hire Pharma D graduates

1. Hospital Systems: Prominent hospitals like the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, and HCA Healthcare employ clinical pharmacists. 

These pharmacists work within medical facilities and collaborate with healthcare teams to manage complex medication regimens for inpatients. Hospitals rely on them to provide specialised clinical expertise, leading to improved patient outcomes and decreased healthcare costs.

2. Retail Pharmacy Chains: Top Retail Pharmacy clinics such as USC-Abbvie, Walgreens Boots Alliance, and McKesson Corporation hire pharmacists.

These pharmacists directly deal with customers and provide prescribed medicines to the patients. These pharmacists are also responsible for supervising the staff/junior pharmacists and training them to function properly within the pharmacy. Their major role involves working per the legal guidelines to ensure the appropriate distribution of medications to the patients in the correct quantity.

3. Pharmaceutical Industry: Major pharmaceutical companies like Johnsons & Johnsons, Eli Lilly & Co., and Abb provide excellent employment opportunities to pharmacists.

Pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry manufacture various drugs and medicines using raw materials as per the composition defined by the research scientists. Apart from that, these pharmacists assess client’s needs and provide them with the best suitable products. They also maintain contact with doctors and provide them with newly developed medicine samples.

4. Research institutions: Research institutions such as the University of Michigan, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Birmingham and Women’s Hospital, and West Virginia University are some of the employers in the research industry.

Research institutions hire a list of research officers responsible for handling pharmaceutical research projects, creating test parameters and determining project goals. They are also responsible for examining the new and existing services to find gaps and work towards solutions.

5. Long-term care facilities: UnitedHealth Group, Commonwealth of VA Careers, Maxim Healthcare Staffing, and Fidelis Care are the long-term care facility employers.

The pharmacists employed by the long-term care facilities provide various services, such as personal and medical care, to patients who cannot care for themselves. Their responsibility revolves around keeping patients safe from infections. Their services include providing home health care, personal care, adult days care, long-term home health care, hospice care, etc, to the patients.

Pharm D Salary in USA

Pharmacists are one of the most lucrative professions, and the pharm D salary in USA is phenomenal. A pharmacist, on average, makes INR 1,60,00,000 per year, excluding the bonus and other employee benefits. However, many factors like experience, specialisation and location influence the Pharm D salary in USA. 

Let’s have a look at them one by one:

  • As per Specialisation:

The Pharm D salary in USA with a Bachelor’s degree in one specialisation differs from another. Let’s see how much salary pharmacists with different specializations can expect:

Specialisation Per year Salary(INR)
Pharmacy Technician INR 30,70,000
Hospital PharmacistINR 119,00,000
Nuclear PharmacistINR 121,00,000
Oncology Pharmacist INR 103,50,000
Retail PharmacistINR 105,80,000
Consultant PharmacistINR 104,50,000
The table above depicts pharmacists’ average annual pharm D salary in USA based on their specialisation.
  • As per Location:

A Pharm D salary in USA varies with the practitioner’s location. The different factors responsible for the variance in salary are the economic development of the location, cost and transportation, etc.

LocationAnnual Salary (INR)
California INR 121,60,000 
TexasINR 105,00,000
FloridaINR 101,00,000 
New York INR 100,80,000
PennsylvaniaINR 100,96,000 
The table above depicts the average pharm D salary in USA of pharmacists based on the location.

The table above depicts the average pharm D salary in USA of pharmacists based on the location.

  • As per Experience:

The experience of an individual significantly influences the salary. For a pharmacist, work experience is essential. The more a pharmacist has experience in his profession and academic setting, the more salary he earns.

Experience (in years)Annual Salary (INR)
> 2 yearsINR 64,40,000 
2-5 yearsINR 85,00,000 
5-10 yearsINR 113,20,000 
10-15 yearsINR 135,00,000 
15-20 yearsINR 145,80,000 
<20 yearsINR 156,00,000 
The table above depicts the pharm D salary in USA of the pharmacists based on years of experience.

Comparison between USA vs India

Pharm D salary in USA

Pharma D course holds a broad scope in the USA as the country abounds with pharmaceutical companies and research institutes. The USA has some of the best-ranked pharmacy institutions and provides the best quality of education. Besides, the USA is the landing ground for pharmacists, and the pharm D salary in USA is the highest. 

Some of the factors that determine the best out of both the countries concerning Pharma D are as follows:

  1. Top Research Institutes:

The USA is home to some of the best pharmacy institutions and universities around the globe in terms of infrastructure and education quality. Some of the pharmacy universities of the USA, like the University of Pittsburgh, rank in the QS world university rankings.

However, if you choose to study in India, these would be some of the qualities you will have to compromise with while finalising the college.

  1. Growth:

The US economy invests a considerable amount in the medical and health research industry, which promotes the industry’s growth in the USA. The pharmacy market in the USA is expected to grow at a rate of 6.3% and will be worth around 861.67 billion by 2028.

As a developing country, India is still focusing on the areas it can work on to better the industry’s growth. With a market size of around 42 billion, it is still way behind the USA.

  1. Cost of education:

Studying Pharm D can get expensive in the USA for immigrants with tuition and living expenses. However, US universities provide financial aid and scholarships to students, which helps offset many of these costs. Apart from that, these universities ensure you with an excellent living standard.

With Indian universities, you may save on fees, but the quality of education and the salary you will earn after graduation will be lower than in the USA.

  1. Salary:

Healthcare professionals are in huge demand all over the world. Pharmacists in the USA are highly paid. A pharmacist who has completed his training and has the license earns an annual salary of around 1,04,00,000. Even the lowest wage a pharmacist can get is approximately INR 64,00,000, and the higher salary goes up to INR 1,37,00,000 annually. As a licensed pharmacist, you can earn only around 5-8 lakhs annually in India.

Let us talk about the salary you can expect under different professions after Pharm D. There is a massive difference in the amount you earn in the USA compared to India.

Let’s have a look at the salary structure based on specialisation in India vs.USA:

Specialisation Average annual salary in IndiaAverage annual salary in the USA
Clinical PharmacistINR 2,60,000 INR 106,00,000
Medical WriterINR 5,00,000 INR 83,30,000 
Pharmaceutical AdvisorINR 5,70,000 INR 95,00,000 
Hospital PharmacistINR 3,00,000 INR 100,90,000 
Drug Safety PharmacistINR 2,70,000 INR 103,20,000 
Clinical research AssociateINR 3,50,000 INR 98,00,000 
Pharmaceutical ResearcherINR 5,00,000 INR 70,00,000 

Future Prospects 

The USA is known as the land of opportunities. The nation’s strong economy offers many job opportunities to international students in all fields. Many internship programs are offered to help you understand your preferred industry’s details. It will allow you to earn an income along with your studies. 

Due to the American market’s skills shortage, you will be in high demand if you have great skill sets. Graduates from healthcare, retail sector, IT, computers, and engineering are highly desired here. 

Also, you can even explore opportunities for study sponsorship. Another appealing option the states provide is Training (OPT) through which you can work in your chosen field, and some companies even sponsor H1-B temporary working visas so that you can continue working with them.

The most tempting factor is the US salary, which ensures a good quality of life and a prosperous future. 

Wrapping Up

So far, throughout the blog, we have learned about the Pharma D Salary in USA. Many factors, such as specialisation, years of experience, and the practitioner’s location, determine the Pharm D salary in USA. The pharmaceutical industry holds a broad scope in the US market and offers enormous opportunities to healthcare professionals. The best part is that healthcare is a flourishing industry in the USA and will keep on benefiting the professionals in the field.

Some of the world’s largest and best Pharma companies, like Pfizer and Johnson &Johnson, are in the US, providing an edge to the sector’s growth. Pharm D professionals contribute towards advancing the medical industry in the US. With the growth opportunity and study support, the USA is a good option to secure your bright future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What is the best part of living in Canada?

    A. Canada offers a lot for its residents, which motivates those considering moving to the country. Some factors are a high life quality, enormous job opportunities, government-funded health insurance, work permits for international students, free public schooling, subsidies and scholarships, and safe and beautiful surroundings.

  • Q. Which city in Canada is best for PR?

    A. There are a lot of cities in Canada where you can apply to be a PR. However, Manitoba in Canada is one of the best cities for PR for international students. The city has many academic institutes like the University of Manitoba and Winnipeg. Along with that, the city has a rich, diverse culture and plenty of job opportunities, too.

  • Q. Is Canada a good place to live for Indians?

    A. Canada is considered one of the best places to live and work. It is ranked the 2nd best country after Germany for its sustainability, cultural diversity, economic stability, job opportunities and higher quality of life.

  • Q. Which city in Canada has the best education system?

    A. Montreal ranks among Canada’s academic centres. Its rich culture and energetic surroundings make learning fun. Montreal has many higher education options. You will benefit from the city’s lower cost of living than other big cities.

  • Q. Which Canadian cities have the best work-life balance?

    A. Ottawa’s low unemployment rate and proximity to parks made it Canada’s best city for work-life balance. Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa scored well for openness and tolerance but poorly for affordability.

  • Q. What is Canada’s safest city?

    A. Quebec City in Quebec, Canada, has one of the lowest crime rates, and the residents here can enjoy a good quality of life.

  • Q. Which city in Canada has an Indian population?

    A. Over a century after some of the first Indian immigrants to Canada entered Vancouver, the city maintains close ties with newer immigrants from India. More than 125,000 Indians are living in the Greater Vancouver Area permanently at this time.

  • Q. Which city has more international students in Canada?

    A. International students are particularly drawn to Ontario since it is home to the nation’s two largest cities, Toronto and Ottawa, and the often-overlooked Kitchener and the Niagara Falls region. It is home to little less than half of Canada’s international student population.

  • Q. Are there a lot of Indians in Toronto?

    A. Canada has more than a million Indian citizens as permanent or temporary residents, of which almost half of the Indians are based in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

  • Q. Which is the cheapest month to fly from India to Toronto?

    A. One can book flights to Toronto throughout the year. However, you can book a flight in November, December and January cheaper than in summer.

  • Q. What per cent of Toronto is Indian?

    A. The Indian population in Canada is approximately 1.85 million, which equals 5.1% of the people in Canada. 40% of Indians live in the GTA(Greater Toronto Area).

  • Q. Is life better in Canada or India?

    A. Canada has a better standard of living, a low crime rate, a sound healthcare system, high-paying jobs, quality education, etc. As per the 2022 Human Development Index, Canada is 15th, and India is in the 132nd position.

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