Is GMAT score Compulsory for MBA  Abroad? Top 5 reasons to take the GMAT test

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Dreaming of an MBA is a life-changing experience for those seeking to challenge their strengths. But first, you must overcome the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) exam to turn this dream into reality! 

According to The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the organisation that conducts the exam, GMAT is a standardised exam required for admission to management programs. The better your GMAT score, the higher your chances of getting accepted by the top business schools.

GMAT score is a general rule for MBA admissions in top-tier schools across the globe. But is it a strict requirement for an MBA?

 Let’s evaluate the necessity of the GMAT for MBA admissions abroad!

Is GMAT Score mandatory for MBA admissions?

The top MBA programs across the globe treat GMAT scores as an essential component in their admission decisions. According to a Kaplan/Manhattan Prep survey, 88% of business schools said that submitting a competitive admissions exam score will help you in MBA admission.

But can you study MBA abroad without a GMAT score? Technically, yes. You can actually get an MBA without taking the GMAT exam. Some universities with MBA programs have waived the GMAT requirement for experienced students who have shown academic excellence. 

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Is GMAT score Compulsory for MBA  Abroad? Top 5 reasons to take the GMAT test

 For example, the Foster School of Business by the University of Washington waived their GMAT exam requirement for 2022 and 2023.

However, the GMAT exam is mandatory for many full-time MBA programs. And in this article, we would like to highlight some major reasons why you should take the GMAT exam while applying for a full-time MBA!

5 reasons why you should take the GMAT test

As a globally standardised test, your GMAT score puts you on a level up with candidates worldwide. It helps you compete fairly against candidates with varying academic and professional backgrounds. It also shows the willingness of candidates to invest time and prepare for an MBA. Here’s why you need to take GMAT to stand out from the rest:

Many Employers value the GMAT exam scores

 Employers prefer candidates to have a score of 710+ range in the GMAT exam. 

 According to the Wall Street Journal, GMAT scores are seen by companies as a useful metric to evaluate candidates. A high GMAT score helps indicate to your potential employer that you have the skills for the demanding roles.

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GMAT Score

GMAT is a reliable predictor

In multiple research studies, GMAT scores accurately predict academic success in management education programs. Unlike other competitive exams, GMAT has no specific grade point averages. GMAT council evaluates with the same criteria for all test takers making it fair for all.

The GMAT scores assess the skills you’ll use in your business school, such as critical reasoning, logic, grammar, maths, verbal skills, and comprehension. GMAT scores will also give students a brief idea of the course structure and ways to prepare for the course mentally.


Another reason why the GMAT is a good choice for students is the flexibility that it offers. As per updates from GMAC, attempts for the online exam increased to five in a rolling 12-month period and eight in a lifetime from October 20, 2021.

 On the calendar, candidates can take the GMAT online exam once every 16 days. You can also reschedule your GMAT appointment more than seven days before the test date. There is an option to retake the GMAT test if students don’t hit the target score on the first attempt. Appointments are available everywhere around the clock, providing you with added convenience and requirements. 

Validity of the score

After the test date, your GMAT score is valid for five years. So, you can concentrate on the other components of your business school application, including essays and letters of recommendation. The validity of a GMAT score, for instance, lasts until November 2027 if the test was administered in November 2022.

 Candidates must verify the admissions deadline to submit their applications before their GMAT scorecard expires. Therefore, students should make appropriate plans and compare GMAT dates with university application deadlines to benefit the most.

Scholarships availability

Scholarships help reduce the cost of attending your ideal MBA programs. Your GMAT score is crucial in determining your eligibility for scholarships and fellowships at the MBA program of your choice.

Business schools often do not look for a specific test score to ensure a scholarship, but they are undoubtedly drawn towards GMAT scores and give an edge to students with high GMAT scores.

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On average, GMAT accounts for 22% of the consideration in the overall MBA applications.

GMAT Score

A good GMAT score will also ensure you remain at the top of the list when MBA admissions teams review your application. With the right professional help and a clear study plan in place, a good performance in the GMAT exam is possible for most students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the GMAT exam measure?

    The GMAT test gauges higher-order thinking abilities. You’ll require rudimentary math’s and English language abilities to score well on the test.
    The test gauges how well you can use these talents to reason. There is reasoning involved in every exam component, including the Integrated Reasoning and AWA sections.

  • How do I determine my GMAT reschedule?

    Rescheduling your GMAT will be determined by the test-centre location and how far in advance of your scheduled appointment date. Please visit the official GMAC for the most updated policies.

  • How long should you study for the GMAT?

    Schedule six months of consistent study if you require a more significant improvement in your score. This will guarantee that you are familiar with the subtleties of the exam and its format.

  • How to send the GMAT scores to B-schools?

    GMAT scores can be sent to B-schools in two ways. When you register for the GMAT exam, candidates can send the score report to five programs for free.
    And if the candidates need more time to send their scores, they can request an additional score report by paying $35.

  • Which B-schools and universities use GMAT scores?

    Around 6,000 graduate management programs worldwide use GMAT scores to give admission to MBA aspirants.

  • Why is it important to score high on GMAT?

    Scoring a 700 or above in the GMAT exam can increase your chances of admission into a prestigious university or B-school abroad.

  • What is the GMAT score required for Harvard University?

    Harvard’s GMAT score cut-off is 730 and above. If you wish to bag a seat at Harvard, you must have a strong academic record and additional skills.

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