Data Scientist Average Salary in the USA: Overview, Scope & Benefits

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  • The salary of data scientists in the USA ranges from $82,300 to $236,000 USD
  • Some of the most crucial skills are communication skills, machine learning, coding languages, reporting technologies, and databases.
  • Some of the top companies with the highest-paid data scientists are Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM Corp, Deloitte, etc.


Data Scientist is one of the most popular job titles in the field of Business Intelligence and Data Science. A data scientist can take a great amount of raw data and decipher information and actionable insights from it. With the tremendous growth of Data Science all over the world, there is a significantly growing demand for data scientists, especially in the USA. Some of the top companies hiring Data Scientists in the USA include Oracle, IBM, Google, Microsoft, etc. Data Scientists are a valuable part of an organization and are mostly found in the government, technical, commerce, and scientific sectors.

Data Scientists work with the stakeholders to make smart business decisions and identify opportunities to drive better solutions. They develop data models and algorithms for data sets and use predictive modelling. Data scientist jobs are in demand all over the world with the recent shift to artificial intelligence and data science.

Job Responsibilities of a Data Scientist

Data Scientists are individuals in the information technology field who interpret a huge amount of raw data to obtain useful information from it. Their main job responsibilities include:

  • They are responsible for identifying problems related to data analytics and identifying the opportunities to transform that data into something positive for the organisation.
  • Analyzing raw data for patterns and trends.
  • Collecting, cleaning, and validating data to ensure it is complete and accurate.
  • Devising models and algorithms and applying them to the mines of data.
  • Interpreting the raw data to identify the solutions and then informing the stakeholders of the same.

Salary of a Data Scientist make in the United States

The average salary of a data scientist in the USA is $109,917 per year. On an hourly basis, the salary of a data scientist in the USA can be about $47.09. The salary range of a data scientist in the USA is between 82,300 USD, being the minimum salary to 236,000 USD, being the highest. The average total compensation includes transport, housing, and other benefits. The average base salary of data scientists in the USA depends on many factors such as skills, job title, qualifications, education, location, and work experience.

Salary of Data Scientist in the USA

  • The median salary of a data scientist in the USA is 146,000 USD per year. The median salary represents the middle value which means about 50% of the people are earning more than 146,000 USD, and 50% are earning less than the same.
  • A data scientist in the USA can have a salary increase of about 12 % every 17 months or so.
  • The average salary for a data scientist in the USA is about 22% more than the individuals in other Science and Technical Services.
  • An entry-level data scientist’s salary in the USA can be approximately 94,600 USD.

Requisites for a Data Scientist in the USA?

Data Scientists are expected to have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, data science, or any other field closely related to data and science. Though a master’s degree is generally preferred while applying for jobs as it demonstrates expert programming skills, statistics, and probability. It will be ideal to work in the field you plan to make a career in and thus gain work experience as a data analyst, network architect, or information security analyst.

For an advanced leadership position, you can opt to pursue a doctoral degree in the field of data science while working full time in a career that uses skills of information forecasting, information analysis, and computer technology.

Data Scientist Salary in the US based on educational qualifications

Higher educational qualifications can certainly result in a higher return of investment with chances of higher salaries and better opportunities.

  • With a Bachelor’s degree, the average salary of a Data Scientist in the USA can be 104,000 USD per year.
  • A master’s degree in the field of Data Science can significantly boost the salary of career professionals by about 59%, i.e., 165,000 USD per year.
  • An advanced degree such as a PhD can further result in a 30% hike in the salary of data scientists in the USA. An individual with a PhD in data science can earn 215,000 USD per year.

You can choose an affordable university in the USA to complete your education at the master’s level. Some of these include California State University, Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, and Minot State University.

Data Scientist Salary in the US by years of experience

Years of experience play an important role in earning higher salaries. With every year of experience, an individual becomes more skilled and trained at the job.

  • With less than 2 years of experience, a data scientist can earn about 94,600 USD per year.
  • For a professional having an experience level of 2 to 5 years, the average data scientist salary can be 116,000 USD per year which is 23% more than entry-level data scientists.
  • Professionals with 5 to 10 years of experience can earn 165,000 USD per year, which is 42% more than the salary of a data scientist in the USA with years of experience between 2 to 5.
  • With 10 to 15 years of experience, senior data scientists can expect to get a salary of 192,000 USD per year, a 10% hike from the 5 to 10 years of work experience.
  • Lastly, individuals with more than 20 years of work experience can earn 224,000 USD per year with a 6% salary hike.

Critical Skills required by a Data Scientist

The qualifications and skills that can enhance the growth of data scientists and contribute to their salaries are:

  • Strong communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Strong command over statistical computer languages such as Python, SQL, R, etc., to draw insights from large data sets.
  • Experience and knowledge of machine learning techniques such as decision tree learning, clustering, artificial neural networks, etc.
  • Knowledge of advanced statistical concepts and techniques like statistical tests, regression, etc.
  • Coding knowledge and experience with several computer languages such as C++, C, and Java.
  • JavaScript
  • Experience in data mining techniques such as social network analysis, GLM/Regression, Boosting, Random Forest, Trees, text mining, etc.
  • Experience with distributed computing and data tools such as Hive, Map/Reduce, Hadoop, Spark, MySQL, Gurobi, etc.
  • Experience in presenting and visualizing data for stakeholders using Business Objects, Periscope, D3, ggplot, etc.
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Knowledge of DevOps, Cloud Architecture, Cloud Computing, Microservices, Data Analysis, CI/CD, MarTech, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Common qualifications for Data Scientists

Some of the common qualifications for the growth of data scientists are:

  • Six Sigma Certification for process improvement
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • GIAC Certified Enterprise Defender (GCED) certification of security skills
  • Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) Credential
  • CompTIA Security+ for an IT Security career.
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner
  • Cisco ASA Firewall certification

Highest paying cities for Data Scientists in the United States

In the United States of America, the cities with high data scientist salaries are:

  • New York, NY – $154,310 per year
  • San Francisco, California – $135,824 per year
  • Austin, Texas – $124,521 per year
  • Chicago, Illinois – $112,463 per year
  • San Diego, California – $120,147 per year
  • Atlanta, Georgia – $115,692 per year
  • Los Angeles, California – $101,482 per year
  • Houston, Texas – $105,175 per year
  • Washington, DC – $113,127 per year

Jobs similar to data scientists

The job titles similar to data scientists and their annual wages are:

  • Data Analyst – Average $65,447 per year
  • Research Scientist – Average $78,346 per year
  • Data Engineer – Average $116,488 per year
  • Machine Learning Engineer – Average $132,807 per year
  • Business Intelligence Analyst – Average $87,049 per year
  • Software Engineer – Average $119,578 per year

Top companies for Data Scientists in the USA

Data Scientists are in high demand all over the world in top data firms. Some of the top companies for data scientists jobs in the USA and their average annual base salary are as mentioned below:

  • Apple – $180,281
  • Airbnb – $179,694
  • Selby Jennings – $178,649
  • eBay – $177,348
  • Meta – $172,368
  • LinkedIn – $161,071
  • Genentech – $166,213
  • DW Simpson- $147,951
  • Change Healthcare – $143,432

Career paths for a Data Scientist in the USA

The career transitions for a data scientist in the USA and the roles they can opt for include:

  • Data Scientists – $97,033 per year
  • Senior Data Scientist – $127,598 per year
  • Data Science Manager – $139,143 per year
  • Data Science Director – $155,057 per year
  • Lead Data Scientist – $135,209 per year

Most common benefits for Data Scientists

Some of the most common benefits that a data scientist is eligible for in addition to their salary are:

  • Commuter assistance
  • Stock options
  • Referral program
  • Gym membership
  • Adoption assistance
  • Health savings account
  • Flexible schedule
  • Parental leave
  • Employee stock purchase plan
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Food provided
  • Pet insurance

Data Scientists are responsible for analysing the structure and unstructured set of data to identify patterns and trends to get actionable insights. The average base salary of a data scientist in the United States is $109,917.

Business acumen, analytical abilities, strong communication skills, and leadership skills greatly impact the data scientist’s salary in the USA. Some of the top companies hiring data scientists with good salary packages are Meta, Amazon, Apple, eBay, etc. New York and California are the regions with high demand and top salaries for data scientists in the USA.

You can also opt for a Master’s or an advanced doctorate degree to advance your career and get a boost in terms of salaries and benefits. LeapScholar can help you in identifying the best and most popular colleges for a degree in data scientist in the USA and guide you throughout the admission process.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the options for post-graduate courses in the field of Data Science in the USA?

A. Some of the most popular post-graduate courses in the field of Data Science and the universities offering them in the USA are:

  • MSc in Analytics, MSc in Data Science – Northwestern University
  • MSc in Data Science – John Hopkins University
  • MSc in Health Data Science – Harvard University
  • Master in Data Analytics – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • PhD in Data Science – Purdue University

2. What are the regions with high demands of data scientists in the USA?

A. The USA metro areas with huge demand for data scientists are:

  • Phoenix-Mesa Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Houston – The Woodlands-Sugar Land, Texas
  • San Francisco-Oakland Hayward, California
  • Seattle-Tacoma, Bellevue
  • Austin-Round Rock, Texas

3. What are some job roles in the field of data science and their average yearly salary?

A. The most popular job titles in data science and their annual salary are as given below:

  • Data Scientist: $109,917 per year
  • Big Data Engineer: $116,617 per year
  • Machine Learning Engineer: $132,807 per year
  • Business Intelligence Analyst: $87,246 per year
  • Business Analyst: $74,461 per year
  • Data Architect: $88,178 per year
  • Data Analyst: $65,418 per year
  • Data Administrator: $45,594 per year
  • Statistician: $96,182 per year
  • Machine Learning Scientist: $132,807 per year

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