Colleges in Canada For 2022

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Colleges in Canada for 2021 academic session is important information to know about before you decide to study in Canada. The global pandemic has forced many students to alter their education plans and even delay admissions in colleges they had been accepted into. However, with normalcy returning very slowly but steadily, students are once again looking at foreign universities where they can pursue their education. If you are looking for colleges in Canada, we have a list of some of the colleges that are now accepting applications for sessions to commence in January 2021.

1. Conestoga College

Conestoga College is among the top-rated colleges in Canada offering graduate and postgraduate programs beginning January 2021. The college is situated in Ontario and is considered to be one of the best polytechnic colleges in the region.

a. College and courses – The college was established in 1967 and is rated among the top 100 institutes in the country. The college offers some excellent courses including:

i. Diplomas in business and finance
ii. Diploma in computer programing
iii. Diploma in nursing
iv. BBA (degree course)
v. Postgraduate programs in technology, finance and HR management

b. Student life – The college is located in Doon, Ontario. It is a quiet and small village that is predominantly occupied by the students and staff of Conestoga College, making it a lively and vibrant student city. There is plenty of student accommodation available and the city is considered to be among the safest in the country. Doon is a suburb of Kitchener, which is one of the main cities of Ontario, so commuting to the city centre is easy as well.

c. Benefits on offer – Conestoga College has one of the best placement cells. It is also famed for the teaching methodology as its curriculum is very extensive. The college has also ranked high on student satisfaction, safety on campus and cultural participation.

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Colleges in Canada For 2022
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2. Durham College

Durham College is also starting a number of courses from January 2022 and the admissions are going on presently. Durham College is one of the better colleges in Canada to apply to as they offer high-quality education and have a very good placement cell as well.

a. College and courses – The college has many diverse courses on offer. Some of the most sought after courses, that you can start in January 2021, include:
i. Mechanical engineering technician
ii. Business and accounting
iii. Certification in mental health
iv. Pharmaceutical technology
v. Food technology

b. Student life – Located in Oshawa, Ontario, Durham offers a wonderful student-life experience to all the students. The campus is huge and has ample student accommodation. There are also on-campus facilities such as shopping centres, restaurants, medical centres and sporting centres, making it a one-stop destination for the students. Durham College also is known for its four-storey high library, which is one of the biggest libraries in the country.

c. Benefits on offer – Since students don't really need to step out of campus,
studying in Durham is very safe. There are also ample student employment
opportunities available for students who want to support themselves
financially. The university has a good placement office which makes finding
employment simpler after the course is completed.

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3. George Brown College

The next option available to you is George Brown College. This is another high-rated Canadian college that offers some of the most practical and industry-oriented courses. You can aim for the January 2021 programs which are now open to apply.

a. College and courses – The college is located in Toronto, Ontario. It is a fully accredited college, offering high-standard diplomas and degrees. The courses on offer include:

i. Diploma in business administration
ii. Diploma in tourism and hospitality
iii. Diploma in acting
iv. Honours degree in Bachelor of Commerce
v. Honours degree in Bachelor of Technology

b. Student life – Living and studying in a big city has many advantages and the students get the correct type of exposure. George Brown College offers on-campus accommodation, but the students can opt to live in shared apartments outside the campus as well. The cost of living in Ontario is high, but plenty of student jobs are available which help the students to afford the rents while accumulating invaluable work experience.

c. Benefits on offer – George Brown College is placed third among Canada’s research colleges, and that is testimony to the college’s reputation. The college is also known for its sporting and cultural facilities, and students get to enjoy their time engaged in various activities.

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4. Humber College

Humber College, which finds its place among the top 100 colleges of Canada, is also accepting applications for January 2021 currently. Located in Toronto, Ontario, the college has some interesting courses on offer.

a. College and courses – Humber College is more than half a century old, and over the years, has established itself as a very well-reputed college in Canada. The university has an excellent faculty and the infrastructure is of the best quality. This ensures the students receive the best education possible. The courses to apply to include:

i. Postgraduate program in professional accounting
ii. Postgraduate program in marketing management
iii. Postgraduate program in HR management
iv. Postgraduate program in public relations

b. Student life – Student residences are available on campus, but the students are not compelled to stay there. The college is actively involved in sports and culture. There are many clubs where students get enrolled in. Art festivals also take place throughout the year, making student-life enriching for the pupils of the college.

c. Benefits on offer – Humber College has numerous tie-ups in the various industries that make it easier for the students to find employment. The study-recreation balance found on campus also helps the students to develop and learn in a wholesome manner, which makes them better equipped for the challenges later on in life.

If you are serious about studying in a Canadian college, you should consider applying to any of the above-mentioned colleges as they all accept applications for January 2021. Because of the high volume of applications, some of the popular courses have already been waitlisted at these colleges.

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