MS in Physiotherapy in Australia

More than 23 universities in Australia offer a Master of Physiotherapy to students with a medical background. It is a curriculum that lasts one to three years and includes a practical training component. Universities in Australia provide more than 53 postgraduate physiotherapy programmes. Physiotherapists make up 4.6% of all certified health professionals in Australia. According to the Physiotherapy Board of Australia, their number climbed from 22,384 in 2011 to 39,781 in 2021. To apply for a Master of Physiotherapy in Australia, you must have a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy or a closely related field. If a student has relevant job experience, certain universities, including Curtin University, will accept them with an undergraduate degree in any field. In Australia, the cost of tuition for master's programmes in physiotherapy ranges from 37,000 to 59,000 AUD per annum. Until 2023, there will be 2,600 job opportunities every year for physiotherapists in Australia, according to the Australian Job Outlook report. Physiotherapists were listed among the professions in Australia where there is a talent shortage by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment. Up to 2023, there will likely be an increase of around 13,000 physiotherapy positions in Australia. Averaging 83,000 AUD annually, Australia is the second-highest paying nation for physiotherapists. In Australia, moving from a bachelor's to a master's degree in physiotherapy results in a 33 per cent pay rise for the student. A physiotherapist in Australia with five to ten years of experience can make up to 170,000 AUD annually, starting with an average income of 102,000 AUD. Want to study MS in the best colleges abroad? Here is the list of top universities to pursue an MS in Physiotherapy in Australia?







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