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Obtaining course credit for an internship validates the experience by adding it to your academic transcript. You can use the Handshake system to find and apply for internships, or you can find one on your own. 

Your internship course teacher will use these three documents in order to submit your final grade for the course, you must evaluate your academic achievement as an intern. Any changes in status at your internship site should be communicated to your internship course instructor as well as the Office of Career Services. The documents are:

  • Choose a member of your program's faculty to teach your internship course. Consult your programme advisor if you're not sure who to ask. You and your internship course instructor will complete the Internship Learning Contract together. By establishing the academic significance of the work experience to your degree programme, the Internship Learning Contract will function as your course curriculum. You will select the frequency of interaction with your internship course teacher and the academic coursework that will be necessary to augment the work experience based on the number of credits requested for the course during this phase of the course development. Your site supervisor will also outline your obligations as an intern on the job site.
  • The supervisor supervising the site will be requested to fill out a questionnaire. Student Internship Employer Evaluation at the end of your internship to provide feedback to the internship course teacher on your performance at the internship site. 
  • The student will also be requested to complete a Student Internship Evaluation at the end of the internship to provide their own comments on the value of the internship experience.


Parker Dewey: non-credit, paid Microinternships


To gain project experience with employers on a short-term basis Try out a job to discover if your academic programme is leading you down the right professional path. Microinternships are project-based work experiences rather than semester-based ones. Develop your talents and network in the industry. A microinternship is a short-term paid experience provided through the SUNY Poly collaboration site launchpad hosted by Parker Dewey. It is always remote and requires 5-40 hours of commitment.


Internship Assistance


The university can assist you if you are a SUNY Poly candidate partaking in an internship. Whether your internship is for course credit, non-credit, funded, unfunded, online, or at a job site, you are always welcome to contact out for help and support.


The organisation that both the student and the employer uses is: Handshake




















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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about SUNY Polytechnic Institute - Albany
Where is the SUNY Polytechnic Institute - Albany located?
SUNY Polytechnic Institute - Albany is located in Albany - New York, USA
What is the campus size of SUNY Polytechnic Institute - Albany?
SUNY Polytechnic Institute - Albany has a campus size of 400 acres. This is bigger than the average university campuses in the city.
Does the SUNY Polytechnic Institute - Albany go by any other name?
SUNY Polytechnic Institute - Albany is also popularly known as Upper Division College at Herkimer/Rome/Utica (1966-1977); SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome (1977-2014).
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