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Are you thinking about law school with an environmental focus? Pace University's Elisabeth Haub School of Law is ranked top in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report! Pace University might not be on the QS World University Rankings top list, but it's still recognised among US universities.



Pace University boasts a prestigious law school, the Elisabeth Haub School of Law, which consistently holds the #1 ranking in the nation for its environmental law program, according to U.S. News & World Report. This is a significant achievement, highlighting the program's exceptional faculty and curriculum.


Looking for a strong business program in New York? Look no further than Pace Lubin School of Business! It ranks among the best in the state for accounting and finance, offers a variety of programs, and offers flexible scheduling.



While Pace University isn't currently listed in the QS World University Rankings' top tier, it maintains a strong presence among US universities ranked at #161-170. This ranking demonstrates Pace's commitment to academic excellence across various disciplines.


Pace University's Lubin School of Business is a compelling option for students seeking a top-tier business education in New York. The Lubin School ranks among the top 12% of accounting and finance schools in the state, offering a diverse range of programs and a flexible semester system that caters to individual learning styles. This unique combination of academic rigour and adaptability positions Lubin School of Business as a leader in its field.


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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Pace University
Q. Is Pace University an accredited university?

Ans. Pace University in NYC and Westchester County offers a dynamic academic experience integrating theory with practical application. Students gain real-world skills through internships, research projects, and simulations, preparing them for successful careers. With a diverse and inclusive community welcoming students from over 130 countries, Pace provides a global perspective. 

Q. What is the world ranking of Pace University?

Ans. Pace University does not have a widely recognised world rating since it focuses on undergraduate education and practical skills development, which are not often focused in these rankings. However, according to the QS World University ranking, it is ranked #161-170.

Q. What major is Pace University known for?

Ans. Pace University has a well-rounded curriculum but specialises in business, with departments such as accounting and finance frequently rating highly. Their performing arts program is also nationally recognised, producing excellent performers and directors. Overall, Pace excels at preparing students for professional success, regardless of their major.


Q. Is GRE score required for Pace University?

Ans. Not all programs at Pace University require a GRE score. For most Master's degrees, including the popular MS in CS, the GRE is optional. However, some programs, like the PhD in Computer Science, might require it. Always check the specific requirements for your desired program on Pace's website.


Q. How is Pace University ranked?

Ans. Pace University's ranking depends on the source and what you prioritise. World rankings might not reflect their strength, as Pace focuses on practical skills. However, they hold a good regional reputation (US News & World Report), and QS World Rankings place them within the top 161-170. Explore program details - their strong business programs and focus on internships might be a great fit for your goals!


Q. Does Pace University give internships to students?

Ans. Pace University, like many other universities, often helps students secure internships as part of their academic programs. The university typically has a career services department that assists students in finding internship opportunities relevant to their field of study. These internships can provide valuable real-world experience and help students build their professional network.

Q. What are some tips and hacks for incoming freshmen at Pace University?

Ans. Pace campuses are located in exciting areas – New York City or Westchester County. Pace's career services department can help you find internships early on, giving you a head start in your chosen field. Freshman dorms are great for meeting new people. Pace provides mentors to each freshman, offering guidance throughout the year. Additionally, the Pace app keeps you organised with your class schedule, campus events, and announcements.

Q. Is Pace University easy with accepting students?

Ans. Pace University uses a moderately selective admissions method. The acceptance rate is 83%, depending on the source. This means they are looking for qualified applicants with good academic records, yet admission is not impossible. To increase your chances of acceptance, research the requirements for your selected program and highlight your talents in your application.

Q. Does Pace University offer scholarships?

Ans. Pace University offers scholarships. They have merit-based scholarships awarded for academic excellence and need-based financial aid determined by your FAFSA application. Explore their website for specific scholarships and grants you might qualify for. Don't forget to complete the FAFSA to maximise your financial aid options.


Q. How many students are enrolled at Pace University?

Ans. Pace University does not officially disclose the exact number of registered students. However, their website does provide some information. According to Fall 2023 enrollment reports, Pace has approximately 13,000 students. It is usually better to contact Pace directly for the most up-to-date statistics. You can reach them through their website.

Q. How is freshman housing at Pace University?

Ans. Pace University's freshman dorms provide an exciting start to your college career. They are ideally positioned near classes and eating halls, making your daily routine easier. Furthermore, living with other freshmen encourages fast bonds and a strong feeling of community. However, the rooms are generally smaller, with shared living areas such as restrooms. If you want more personal space, apply for upperclassmen housing later.

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