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Lewis University believes your journey with them does not end because you graduate. They focus on imbibing skills you will carry throughout your career and beyond. The university has a department dedicated to career services to assist current students and alumni in advancing into their ideal careers. The career services can help you plan your career, set goals, and find jobs that fit your aspirations while also reviewing resumes and preparing you for interviews. The university website has resources like sample resumes and cover letters, useful websites, a guide to starting your career and more. It has produced plenty of videos to help you understand the importance of networking, searching for internships, mastering interviews and more. 

Annually, more than 300 companies are known to recruit pass-outs from Lewis University. With its 40,000+ alumni, students also benefit from a great network of successful professionals. 

A study by niche.com shows that Lewis University students have a median earning of US$ 40,700 after two years of graduation against the national average of US$ 26,913. This figure goes up to US$ 48,700 six years after graduation against the national average of US$ 33,028.

The following table has been taken from Payscale and it records the average salaries Lewis graduates get for different jobs. 


Job TitleRangeAverage
Family Nurse Practitioner (NP)$82k - $127k$96,010
Human Resources (HR) Manager$56k - $108k$75,043
Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)$42k - $92k$78,000
Marketing Manager$59k - $86k$72,000
Systems Administrator$53k - $74k$64,000
Operations Manager$54k - $92k$88,437
Senior Financial Analyst$82k - $115k$98,453



















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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Lewis University
What is Lewis University known for?
Lewis University is known for its high-quality academic programmes, service opportunities and diverse community. Its most popular courses include BTech, MIM, BSc, MBA, MS, and BBA.
How to enrol in courses at Lewis University?
Lewis University follows a semester-based calendar. Admission takes place twice a year in Fall and Spring.
How to change course at Lewis University?
Students can change majors by applying to the chairpersons of the two departments involved. They also need to fill out a form, which is available at the dean’s office. The change of major is not complete until it is recorded in the Office of the Registrar.
Is Lewis University good for international students?
Lewis University welcomes students from across the world and offers scholarships to deserving students. However, it has a high-end tuition fee of US$ 35,462, and international students make up only 2.3% of its student body.
What are the application deadlines for applying at Lewis University?
For undergraduate international students, the deadline for regular admission for Fall is mid-April and for Spring is in early January. The university has rolling deadlines for graduate admission. So, you can apply throughout the year. Once the window for the current intake is closed, the application window for the next intake is opened.
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