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Gannon University has a network that spans all of the USA when it comes to helping its students find a place for themselves after completing their education. Their career team and online affiliation with Handshake make it easier for students to pave the way to a successful career. Handshake is an online portal where students can connect with employers affiliated with Gannon University (and those who do not) and alumni who could show students the way.


Students looking for work at Gannon University have access to a wealth of online resources and tools to aid their preparation. One such tool is the “Big Interview”, which helps students prepare for upcoming interviews according to current industry trends. The college also helps you find internship opportunities and entry-level full-time jobs. 


The university has a very high rate of employability. Following are the typical salaries for various professions, according to the payscale.


Job TitleRangeAverage
Physician Assistant (PA)$76k - $136k$101,493
Physical Therapist (PT)$56k - $86k$70,680
Mechanical Engineer$56k - $71k$67,314
Staff Accountant$39k - $44k$41,079
Executive Director$93k - $102k$98,495



















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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Gannon University
What is Gannon University known for?
Gannon University is a Non-public Catholic school known for its dedication to diversity. Gannon University has a long history of creating a safe environment for students that’s also conducive to learning and growth. Further, they help their students get placement through their vast alumni network and online affiliation with Handshake.
How can you enrol in courses at Gannon University?
Applying to Gannon University is as simple as submitting an online application on their website and uploading the following documents: Evidence of English Proficiency, Exam Transcripts, a Letter of recommendation (If any), Additional Documents like academic records, and a Bank Statement.
Can one change courses at Gannon University?
Students can change a course component to their education by filling a form on the portal GUXpress or at the Registrar's office. The student advisor's signature will be required on the form. Students can drop from a course before 60% of the course is complete. It is crucial to complete the withdrawal procedure, as if not done correctly, the student may receive an F grade for the class.
Is Gannon University good for international students?
Gannon University greatly encourages diversity and free-thinking. They have programs that support the admission of international students and help them find valuable opportunities later on. There are also community events and Alumni support that can help international students find their place at Gannon.
What are the application deadlines for applying to Gannon University?
Gannon University accepts undergraduate applications throughout the year, except for the Physician Assistant course, which has a deadline of November 15th.
What is the minimum GPA required to get into Gannon University?
The minimum GPA required for admissions is 3.40 or higher. The SAT score required for admission is 1170 or higher.
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