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  • Chemeketa Community College at Eola is home to the Northwest Wine Studies Center. Chemeketa is regulated by Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. Holding the status of an accredited college, Chemeketa qualifies for federal financial funds and aid for services and teaching. 
  • Chemeketa Eola is available for hosting meetings, conferences, and special events. The Northwest Wine Studies Center is situated in Eola-Amity Hills, which is just west of downtown Salem. This educational center houses the Wine Studies program at Chemeketa. It is also home to Chemeketa Cellars tasting room, student-operated winery, and classrooms. 
  • The Northwest Wine Studies Center holds a close relationship with the Oregon wine industry. Several pioneers of the Oregon wine industry actually supported the construction of this facility. This center operates as a leading wine industry resource and responds to educational demands of the growing Oregon wine industry.
  •  Chemeketa Eola offers the landscape for an 8-acre test vineyard that students of the Wine Studies program manage. Along with a winery and tasting room, on-site laboratory, the Chemeketa Wine Studies program proves to be an excellent hands-on training platform for someone willing to work in the wine industry. 
  • The Oregon wine industry presents Chemeketa students with many career and job opportunities. The state’s wine industry offers several career options to individuals ranging from being a winemaker, vineyard manager, tasting room manager, cellar master, or anything in between. Chemeketa Community College is governed by its Board of Education that comprises seven officials. These officials are elected from this region’s geographic districts. They direct and hire the district president on college policy matters.
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2,600 square miles

Popular Courses Offered

Admission Process

If you want to finish your general education requirements for a bachelor's degree or get a Chemeketa certificate or associate degree in a technical subject, follow these procedures.

Step 1: Submit an application for admission.

There is no application fee. Submit your application by the stated deadline for the best chance of success.

Step 2: Register as a Chemeketa student.

Follow the instructions in your Chemeketa email to set up your Chemeketa student account if you haven't already. You'll create a password for your account and activate your student Gmail account. If you want assistance with this step, please contact us.

Step 3: Submit a financial aid application

Financial aid applications are not required, although they are strongly recommended. Apply as soon as possible to ensure that you receive the highest amount of money available.

Step 4: Finish your new student orientation.

Our orientation is available online at:

  • Go to your Chemeketa student account and sign in.
  • My Chemeketa can be accessed by clicking on the tile.
  • Click the Services tab, then the Advising link if the orientation icon isn't already on your home page. On that page, you'll see an orientation icon.

You will learn about the following topics during this orientation:

  • Services of assistance
  • Resources for academics
  • Life in college
  • Technology on campus

Step 5: Finish the placement evaluation.

Fill out the form for the Placement Assessment. This will assist us in determining which courses you should take first. We'll look at the form after you've submitted it. Within 3-5 business days, you will receive information regarding your placement.

Step 6: Advising for new students is the sixth step.

Your Chemeketa advisor or navigator will assist you in the following ways:

  • Recognize your position.
  • Select your classes.
  • Find out more about student resources.
  • Financial aid should be understood.

Step 7: Sign up for classes

Register for classes using your Chemeketa student account. Watch this brief video to discover how to register for classes.

Step 8: Make a payment plan.

To avoid a $25 late fee, payment must be received by the first day of the term or within 10 days of registration (whichever comes first). My Chemeketa allows you to make a payment online. You may also set up a payment schedule.


On-Campus Accommodation

For your first term as an international student, we strongly suggest homestay. It is one of the most efficient methods for improving your English language skills. You will have a family to talk to as well as assistance in getting to know the area. Our host families are located throughout the Salem-Keizer area and all reside near a bus stop, ensuring that you have convenient access to the campus. You should apply for homestay as soon as possible because we only have a limited number of families available and cannot promise that you will be placed with a homestay family. Students will get homestay forms through email once they have finished their application.

On-campus housing can be found here.




Assessment of a Position

Before you register for classes, Chemeketa uses a variety of methods to assess your current reading, writing, and math skills. Begin by filling out the Placement Assessment Form. Within 3-5 business days, you will receive a response with information on your placement and future steps.

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Is the Chemeketa Community College - Eola good for international students?

Chemeketa Community College - Eola has a total of 10151 students, including 175 international students. Since international students constitute % of international students of the total strength, the university is popular amongst foreign students.

Where is the Chemeketa Community College - Eola located?

Chemeketa Community College - Eola is located in Orlando, USA

What is the campus size of Chemeketa Community College - Eola?

Chemeketa Community College - Eola has a campus size of 2,600 square miles. This is bigger than the average university campuses in the city.

Does the Chemeketa Community College - Eola go by any other name?

Chemeketa Community College - Eola is also popularly known as storm.

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