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University Ranking

Queen's University Belfast (QUB), a more than a 100-year-old institution, is a part of the esteemed Russell Group of UK institutions focusing on research. From 2016 to 2019, the Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai Ranking) consistently ranked QUB between 301 and 400. QUB is now ranked between 401 and 500 in Shanghai Ranking's 2020 university rankings. In its global university rankings for 2021, QS (Top Universities) placed QUB at 209 overall. QUB was consistently rated between 200 and 250 by Times Higher Education (THE) in its best university rankings from 2017 to 2020, and it was raised to 200 in 2021.

QUB is ranked 306th among all universities worldwide for 2021 by US News & World Report. Since 2017, The Complete University Guide, a well-known UK ranking publication, has ranked QUB among the country's top 50 higher education institutions. QUB has been placed in position 27 for 2021. Since 2017, The Guardian has included QUB in its list of the top 100 institutions in the UK. In its university rankings for 2021, The Guardian placed QUB in 46th place.

Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Universities Rankings301-400301-400401-500401-500NA
QS - World University Ranking202180173209216
THE (Times Higher Education) - University Ranking201-250201-250201-250200201-250
The Complete University Guide - University Ranking (UK)3636372734
The Guardian - University Rankings3852534633
US News & World Report - Global Universities293322322306308
Course Ranking

Since 2017, the Complete University Guide's accounting and finance and business and management studies rankings have positioned QUB among the top 50 universities in the UK. In addition, The Guardian's rankings for accounting and finance, as well as business, management, and marketing, place QUB in the top 50 universities in the UK.

Additionally, QUB was listed by The Complete University Guide among the top 50 universities in the UK for its various engineering programme rankings. Similarly, The Guardian's rankings for chemical, civil, electronic & electrical, and mechanical engineering also position QUB below the top 50 institutions in the UK. Since 2017, The Complete University Guide has ranked QUB lower than the top 50 universities in the UK for computer science. According to the aforementioned data, engineering and business courses at Queen's University are very well-liked by UK-ranked publishers.

Ranking for Business Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
QS - Accounting & FinanceNA251-300251-300251-300NA
THE (Times Higher Education) - PG Business and EconomicsNA201-250176-200201-250251-300
The Complete University Guide - Accounting & Finance Ranking988612
The Complete University Guide - Business & Management Studies (UK)2629343334
The Guardian - Accounting & Finance Rankings1619211335
The Guardian - Business, Management & Marketing 4849344555
The Guardian - Guardian Economics Rankings4358525448
Ranking for Engineering Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
QS - Architecture & Built Environment Rankings151-200101-150151-200151-200NA
QS - Engineering and Technology 244249257242NA
QS - Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering Rankings201-250201-250201-250201-250NA
THE (Times Higher Education) - Engineering176-200176-200101-125101-125126-150
The Complete University Guide - Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering1617171810
The Complete University Guide - Architecture Rankings1681297
The Complete University Guide - Chemical Engineering Ranking 1917181621
The Complete University Guide - Civil Engineering Ranking1216232225
The Complete University Guide - Electrical & Electronic Engineering13171799
The Complete University Guide - Mechanical Engineering Ranking2124252023
The Guardian - Chemical Engineering1013172627
The Guardian - Civil Engineering410193436
The Guardian - Electronic & Electrical Engineering19223073
The Guardian - Guardian Architecture Rankings7211966
The Guardian - Mechanical Engineering4246504434
Ranking for Computers Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
THE (Times Higher Education) - PG Computer Science151-175151-175126-150126-150151-175
The Complete University Guide - Computer Science3536373834
Ranking for Science Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Shanghai Physics Rankings401-500401-500401-500401-500NA
QS - Pharmacy & Pharmacology Rankings51-10051-10051-10051-100NA
QS - Physics and Astronomy Rankings201-250201-250201-250201-250NA
QS - QS - Biological Sciences Rankings201-250301-350301-350251-300NA
QS - QS - Mathematics RankingsNANA451-500401-450NA
THE (Times Higher Education) - Life Sciences Rankings151-175126-150126-150126-150201-250
THE (Times Higher Education) - THE - Psychology RankingsNA201-250201-250201-250176-200
The Complete University Guide - Biological Sciences Rankings3444404126
The Complete University Guide - Physics & Astronomy Rankings1928343024
The Complete University Guide - Psychology Rankings3236404740
The Guardian - Guardian Physics Rankings2033302226
Ranking for Humanities Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Shanghai Political Sciences Rankings101-150151-200201-300201-300NA
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Shanghai Sociology Ranking151-200151-200151-200NANA
QS - Communication and Media Studies Rankings151-200NANANANA
QS - Performing Arts RankingsNA51-10051-100NANA
QS - Politics Rankings151-200151-200NANANA
QS - QS - Sociology RankingsNA251-300251-300251-300NA
THE (Times Higher Education) - Arts & Humanities Rankings151-175151-175151-175151-175151-175
The Complete University Guide - Sociology Rankings2943444233
The Guardian - Guardian Media & Film Studies RankingsNANANA5333
The Guardian - Guardian Politics Rankings5069644354
The Guardian - Guardian Sociology Rankings3347533040
Ranking for Medicine Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Shanghai Nursing Rankings151-200151-200101-15076-100NA
QS - QS - Medicine Rankings151-200151-200151-200151-200NA
QS - QS - Nursing Rankings5051-10051-10051-100NA
THE (Times Higher Education) - Clinical and Health Rankings151-175126-150151-175151-175201-250
The Complete University Guide - Medicine Rankings2625231421
The Complete University Guide - Nursing Rankings2221211720
The Guardian - Guardian Medicine Rankings2726251619
Ranking for Law Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Shanghai Law Ranking101-150101-150201-300201-300NA
QS - QS - Law Rankings101-150101-150101-150101-150NA
THE (Times Higher Education) - THE - Law RankingsNA101-12585101-125126-150
The Complete University Guide - Law Rankings1717211717
The Guardian - Guardian Law Rankings1330593314


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Everything you need to know about Queen's University Belfast
Where is Queen's University Belfast located?

Queen's University Belfast is located in Belfast, UK

How much does it cost to study in Queen's University Belfast?

The average first year cost to study in Queen's University Belfast is INR 2290121

What is the acceptance rate for Queen's University Belfast?

Queen's University Belfast has an acceptance rate of 12.5%

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