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University Ranking

WIt won the renowned Gold Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) award for its intense focus on teaching and learning outcomes. Since 2017, Imperial College has been listed as one of the top 10 institutions in the world when comparing data from reliable rating sources as QS, THE, The Guardian, or The Complete University Guide. Employers throughout the world value degrees obtained from Imperial College because its graduates are regarded as highly skilled. The Guardian survey, which is highly respected in the UK and evaluates universities based on a variety of factors, including teaching quality, job possibilities, and the student-staff ratio, has ranked Imperial for the past five years among the top 10 higher education institutions worldwide. Since 2016, Shanghai rankings that place a high priority on the calibre of professors and research output have included Imperial among the top 30 universities. Overall, Imperial College London has been named one of the best universities in the world, not just in the UK and Europe.


Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Universities Rankings [1]24232525NA
QS - World University Ranking [2]88987
THE (Times Higher Education) - University Ranking [3]89101112
The Complete University Guide - University Ranking (UK) [4]54555
The Guardian - University Rankings [5]67797
US News & World Report - Global Universities [6]1820202020


Course Ranking

Imperial College London, the only university in the UK with an emphasis on science, engineering, medicine, and commerce, was established in 1907. The best colleges in the UK for employment prospects include Imperial. The university's location in the heart of London also benefits students. London is home to more than 100 of the 500 largest corporations in Europe, putting graduates' educational institutions squarely in the centre of the labour market. The Imperial College offers a very well-liked major in civil engineering. It has been ranked first by The Guardian for four years running. The majority of Imperial College's engineering programmes have been listed in The Complete University Guide's best programmes. If we carefully examine the rankings data, the vast majority of the main rating companies have ranked Imperial's engineering programmes among the best in the world. Engineering programmes offered by Imperial College were ranked higher than its business ones. The bulk of its business programmes, with the exception of its Masters in Finance degree, have not been listed among the top 10 programmes.

Ranking for Business Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
Bloomberg - Best Business School Europe [7]15131317NA
FT (Financial Times) - GMBA Ranking [8]51395544NA
FT (Financial Times) - Master in Finance [8]9NA911NA
FT (Financial Times) - Master in Management [8]1514109NA
QS - Accounting & Finance [9]39312933NA
QS - Global MBA [10]1619192221
QS - Masters in Business Analytics RankingsNA2555
THE (Times Higher Education) - PG Business and Economics [11]NANANANA16
Ranking for Engineering Courses


Ranked By20182019202020212022
QS - Engineering and Technology6878NA
QS - Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering Rankings8778NA
THE (Times Higher Education) - PG Engineering and Technology1012111413
The Complete University Guide - Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering22231
The Complete University Guide - Chemical Engineering Ranking 23333
The Complete University Guide - Civil Engineering Ranking12678
The Complete University Guide - Electrical & Electronic Engineering33334
The Complete University Guide - Mechanical Engineering Ranking32223
The Guardian - Chemical Engineering 34222
The Guardian - Civil Engineering11143
The Guardian - Electronic & Electrical Engineering 14542
The Guardian - Mechanical Engineering51121
Ranking for Computers Courses


Ranked By20182019202020212022
THE (Times Higher Education) - PG Computers971010NA
The Complete University Guide - Computer Science32344
Ranking for Science Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Shanghai Mathematics Rankings20182017NA
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Shanghai Physics Rankings33303338NA
QS - Pharmacy & Pharmacology Rankings17282126NA
QS - Physics and Astronomy Rankings11111111NA
QS - QS - Biological Sciences Rankings19171213NA
QS - QS - Mathematics Rankings10111111NA
THE (Times Higher Education) - Life Sciences Rankings1014161715
The Complete University Guide - Biological Sciences Rankings33347
The Complete University Guide - Physics & Astronomy Rankings55769
The Guardian - Guardian Physics Rankings3032383325
Ranking for Humanities Courses


Ranked By2021
QS - QS - Art & Design Rankings51-100
Ranking for Medicine Courses


Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Shanghai Nursing RankingsNANANA201-300NA
QS - QS - Medicine Rankings12121010NA
THE (Times Higher Education) - Clinical and Health Rankings44444
The Complete University Guide - Medicine Rankings857911
The Guardian - Guardian Medicine Rankings111191511


Webometrics - World


US News


Times Higher Education


QS Rankings


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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Imperial College London
Where is Imperial College London located?

Imperial College London is located in London, UK

How much does it cost to study in Imperial College London?

The average first year cost to study in Imperial College London is INR 3698411

What is the acceptance rate for Imperial College London?

Imperial College London has an acceptance rate of 12.5%

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