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Edinburgh Napier University (ENU), a public university located in Edinburgh, Scotland, was established in 1964. The ENU is listed below the top 1000 institutions in the world when we look at the university rankings provided by well-known publishers. From 2017 through 2021, THE (Times Higher Education) maintained ENU's position in its global university rating between 601 and 800. In a similar vein, from 2018 to 2021, QS (Top Universities) ranked ENU between 801 and 1000 in the globe. We can infer that ENU's performance has been consistent across all parameters.


When compared to other UK universities, ENU has consistently performed below the top 100. Since 2017, with the exception of 2019, The Complete University Guide has included ENU among the top 100 educational institutions in the UK. Additionally, three times in the past five years, The Guardian, a reputable publisher in the UK, has ranked ENU among the top 100 universities in the country. The university moved up significantly, moving from 105th place in 2020 to 62nd place in 2021. Conclusion: ENU has improved in terms of a number of ranking criteria, including entry requirements, the student-staff ratio, value-added services, and career possibilities.

Ranked By20182019202020212022
QS - World University Ranking801-1000801-1000801-1000801-1000801-1000
THE (Times Higher Education) - University Ranking601-800601-800801-1000601-800501-600
The Complete University Guide - University Ranking (UK)94101867777
The Guardian - University Rankings831051056273
US News & World Report - Global UniversitiesNANANANA1122
Course Ranking

Publishers are big fans of both technical and business courses. In its PG Business and Economics ranking for 2020 and 2021, THE has ENU ranked between 300 and 400. Since 2017, it has also been ranked by The Complete University Guide in its lists of the top 100 UK programmes for accounting and finance as well as business and management studies. The subject rankings have significantly improved for ENU. It improved 10 points in the category of Account & Finance from position 45 in 2020 to position 35 in 2021. In the same way, it rose from 58th place in 2020 to 49th place in 2021 in the ranking of Business & Management Studies.

The Guardian's rankings for accounting and finance as well as business, management, and marketing also place ENU outside of the top 100. Both rankings show tremendous improvement for ENU. It has moved up from 89th to 77th place in Accounting & Finance. has also improved significantly in Business, Management, & Marketing, moving up from 69th position in 2020 to 35th rank in 2021. The Complete University Guide and The Guardian rankings for ENU's Civil Engineering degree have likewise significantly improved over time.

Ranking for Business Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
THE (Times Higher Education) - PG Business and EconomicsNANA301-400301-400301-400
The Complete University Guide - Accounting & Finance Ranking 6060453547
The Complete University Guide - Business & Management Studies (UK)7155584951
The Guardian - Accounting & Finance Rankings86100897798
The Guardian - Business, Management & Marketing8774693563
Ranking for Engineering Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
THE (Times Higher Education) - EngineeringNANANANA201-250
The Complete University Guide - Architecture Rankings2736514840
The Complete University Guide - Civil Engineering Ranking4635353245
The Complete University Guide - Electrical & Electronic EngineeringNANANANA40
The Complete University Guide - Mechanical Engineering RankingNANANANA64
The Guardian - Civil Engineering4228323332
The Guardian - Electronic & Electrical Engineering NANANANA59
The Guardian - Mechanical EngineeringNANANANA59
Ranking for Computers Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
THE (Times Higher Education) - PG Computer Science [12]NANA501-600501-600401-500
The Complete University Guide - Computer Science [13]6163636353
Ranking for Science Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
THE (Times Higher Education) - THE - Psychology RankingsNANANANA201-250
The Complete University Guide - Biological Sciences Rankings5670768041
The Complete University Guide - Psychology Rankings5465584254
Ranking for Humanities Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
The Complete University Guide - Art & Design Rankings4347605017
The Complete University Guide - Communication & Media Studies Rankings2925192613
The Complete University Guide - Sociology Rankings4042372927
The Guardian - Guardian Journalism, Publishing and PR Rankings202335101
The Guardian - Guardian Media & Film Studies Rankings19251055
The Guardian - Guardian Sociology Rankings3261633545
Ranking for Medicine Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Shanghai Nursing Rankings151-200151-200101-150101-150NA
THE (Times Higher Education) - Clinical and Health RankingsNANANA501-600401-500
The Complete University Guide - Nursing Rankings6666656552
Ranking for Law Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
The Complete University Guide - Law Rankings6576888848
The Guardian - Guardian Law Rankings1231244816


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Where is Edinburgh Napier University located?
Edinburgh Napier University is located in Edinburgh, UK
How much does it cost to study in Edinburgh Napier University?
The average first year cost to study in Edinburgh Napier University is INR 2263362
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Edinburgh Napier University has an acceptance rate of 12.5%
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