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  • Situated as a small liberal arts university in the town of St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada, St. Stephen's University was established in 1975. The province of New Brunswick authorizes this university to endow bachelor's and master's degrees in ministry studies and liberal arts. Besides, this university provides undergraduate BA degrees in social sciences, humanities, philosophy, religious studies, psychology and literature. 
  • When compared to the other 100 colleges in the category of Arts, Stephens University is ranked 201st by Time's higher education rating. Additionally, it is ranked 151 globally out of 49 other universities by the Academy Ranking of World Universities.
  • This university also offers undergraduate certificates and online graduate programs through Institute for Peace, Justice and Religion. Also, the post-graduate ministry program provides training for lay ministry and professionals. Presently, this university's undergraduate programs can be availed in Psychology, Arts in Humanities and Community engagement. 
  • Under post-graduation level, this institution currently provides two courses, Culture and Theology. This university has initiated a "School of Contemplation" for students willing to learn about contemporary and ancient practices. More than 400 students are graduates, with one-third of them going for further studies. 
  • This institution provides students with academic and non-academic services and facilities, including a library, study abroad, exchange programs, and administrative services. Besides academics, St. Stephens University offers various facilities, including scholarships, on-campus residence, alumni benefits and more. This institution offers scholarships ranging from 500-to 7,500 CAD. This university is primarily a selective institution with an acceptance rate of 70%-80%.
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Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirements for Admission


The university considers potential and motivation when admitting students to St. Stephen's University. A cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)  of 70% in all of your university-prep Grade 12 courses is the baseline threshold for entrance. If your average falls below this point, though, you will have the opportunity to convince the university, that your time at SSU will be more academically successful than your high school grades might indicate. One or more of the following examples can be used to illustrate this:


  • A recommendation from a professor or other academic source stating that you have a good chance of finishing your degree
  • A written justification from you outlining the reasons your high school grades were low (such as personal circumstances or behavioural problems) and why academic success at SSU should be expected
  • A declaration outlining a pertinent learning disability, together with a copy of a legitimate evaluation or intentions to get one


Experienced Students & Homeschooling

The university's standard entrance requirement is a high school diploma. Homeschoolers and experienced students are welcome to apply, and the university considers each application individually.


The score for International Students on the English Proficiency Test:



Minimum score requirement





DET (Duolingo)




Admission Process

St. Stephen's University considers a certain number of applications each year. The university checks all factors other than GPA when evaluating applications. However, admission is prioritised for those with the highest GPAs.


Portal for Applications:

Online application for Undergraduate

Online application for Postgraduate


120 CAD for application fees


Application deadlines: SSU accepts applications on a first-come, first-accepted basis due to the limited intakes each year.


Requirements for Admission:

  • A Grade 12 cumulative average of at least 70%
  • Authentic transcripts
  • A teacher's testimonial
  • In case, your high school grades are low, you will need to produce a written justification
  • Plan for academic success
  • Transfer credits for IB programmes
  • English proficiency score


Requirements for Graduate Admission

Graduate applicants are required to have an undergraduate degree.


Along with their application forms, students must submit the following documents:

  • Certified academic records from all institutions and universities attended
  • A student CV that includes information about employment or ministry experience
  • A letter of recommendation for the student for the programme from a professor, academic supervisor, or pastor


Standing Senior Student

With the following requirements, students without an undergraduate degree may be eligible for mature student standing:

  • 30+ years older
  • 5 relevant years of experience
  • After the first year, an average of A-


St. Stephen's University supports a sense of community among its students and encourages them to live together as a group. The campus' Park Hall is where the residence hall rooms are situated. Within the neighbourhood, SSU offers lodging through billets. If the university cannot provide billets for every student, some may be obliged to stay in other accommodations, such as Airbnbs.


  • It is a requirement for first-year students to live on campus. Students can select between single rooms or shared double rooms, while upper-level students have the option of living off-campus
  • The resident hall does not provide meal plans; instead, students learn in the kitchen as they prepare their meals with the assistance of chefs. Students can also enjoy the flavour of home-cooked cuisine
  • Graduate housing costs 300 CAD per module, whereas undergraduate accommodation costs 1575 CAD per term
  • For graduates, meal service fees are 300 CAD per module, while for undergrads, they are 1575 CAD


If their study visa specifies the work-study requirement, international students may work 20 hours a week on and off-campus by Canada Immigration rules and regulations. Work is permitted for students who are enrolled in full-time post-secondary, vocational, or professional training programmes.


Through a variety of alumni networks and events, SSU keeps in close contact with its students and alumni members. The perks that alumni members receive include employment alerts, alumni events, and connections to the alumni network via various social media platforms. Transcripts are also available to alumni members for a fee of 10 CAD per transcript.

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Is the St Stephens University good for international students?

St Stephens University has a total of 80 students, including international students. Since international students constitute % of international students of the total strength, the university is popular amongst foreign students.

Where is the St Stephens University located?

St Stephens University is located in Saint Stephen, Canada

What is the campus size of St Stephens University?

St Stephens University has a campus size of . This is bigger than the average university campuses in the city.

Does the St Stephens University go by any other name?

St Stephens University is also popularly known as SSU.

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