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Everything you need to know about Northern College - Kirkland Lake

  • Established in 1967, Northern college or Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology is a public educational institution. It has an affiliation with CCAA, AUCC and ACCC. It has four campuses- Timmins, Moosonee, Hailey bury and Kirkland.
  •  The campus at Kirkland Lake is surrounded by the busy downtown and public amenities, making it easier for students to access civic facilities. The Northern College Kirkland Lake campus has the School of Welding Engineering Technology. It specializes in offering welding education and training. 
  • The college became the first recognized training institution for IIW or International Institute for Welding in North America. Some Northern College Kirkland Lake programs include - Welding Design (International), Welding Engineering Technology, etc. 500+scholarships are available to support the education of NC students financially. Besides, each year approximately 1000 eligible students receive bursaries, scholarships and awards.
  •  It invests more than $700,000 in scholarships, awards and bursaries annually. The Students can access bookstores to purchase textbooks and other essentials. Moreover, a free parking facility is available on campus. 
  • The Northern College offers an academic pathway that allows students to transfer within, into, and out of the NC. Professionals busy with their schedules can opt for online distance learning. Some of the courses available for online learning are - Accounting (Business), General Arts and Science, Law Clerk, Mineral Exploration Techniques etc. 
  • With the Employ All program, students with disabilities can receive support to find suitable jobs and prepare for interviews, among others. Students of Northern college who are willing to work on-campus do not require a work permit. In the case of off-campus, students only need to hold a Study Permit to work off-campus during their week for up to 20 hours educational sessions. 
  • They can also work full-time during the scheduled breaks. For this, they do not need to own a separate work permit. If students have enrolled for an internship, they must require an Internship Work Permit in addition to a Study Permit.
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To be eligible for admission to your desired courses, you must meet the below-mentioned academic requirements:


  • The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD/OSSGD) or its equivalent, including Grade 12 English, is required.
  • For non-native English speakers, scores on an English language competency test are required.


English Language proficiency requirements are:


Candidates must submit proof of the following academic and English language proficiency requirements:


Minimum Score


6.5 or higher










The students must get an Internship Work Permit if they are enrolled in a programme that requires mandatory co-op or internship terms (along with your Study Permit). If the co-op/internship begins in the first term of classes, the application for the Co-op/Internship Work Permit must be submitted at the same time as the Study Permit. In case of procedural delays, one should apply for co-op/internship work visa at least three months before the internship begins. This application is free of charge. If the student has a valid Study Permission, the employment in question is a prerequisite of the programme, and/or the employment represents less than 50% of the programme, the students are eligible for this permit. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has information on study permit processing times.


On-Campus Work: There is no need for a work permit. The student must have a valid Study Permit and be enrolled full-time to be able to work on campus (except during scheduled breaks & the last term before graduation).


Off-Campus Work: If you are granted a Study Permit, you will be instantly authorised can work off-campus for 20 hours per week throughout the school year the academic session and full-time during specified breaks. If the applicants are granted a Study Permit, they will not need to apply for a separate work permit.


Post-Graduation Work Permit: Under the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) programme, international students who have completed a Northern College diploma can acquire an Open Work Permit (valid for 1 to 3 years depending on the length of your programme of study) with no restrictions on employment type and no job offer requirement. The PGWP application must be submitted within 90 days of receiving your final grades or proof of graduation, whichever comes first, and while your Study Permit is still valid.


Open Work Permit for Spouses: If the student is a full-time Northern College student with a valid Study Permit, the respective spouse or common-law partner may apply for a Work Permit. The spouse/partner will not need a job offer to apply, and his/her permit will be valid for about the same amount of time as the student


On-Campus accommodation 


The university provides a safe and happy place for students, provides them a place where they could build a rapport with others. The residences are situated in different places like, 

  • Timmins Campus
  • Haileybury
  • Kirkland


For more information, visit : https://www.northernc.on.ca/housing/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/HousingList-KirklandLake.pdf 



My experience is a great one! The people are kind, helpful and friendly. The price for the courses is win. I get to stay in a really nice dorm at the school which has everything I need and then go home to my own bed, which means it's all around perfect for me!



I am a graduate who went through the EmployAll program at Northern College. I had a lot of support from employers and highly recommend this program to any student with disabilities looking to find employment.



Northern College - Kirkland Lake is the best college I've ever been to. There are so many opportunities for students with their tutoring, special programs and teaching excellence.


























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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Northern College - Kirkland Lake
Where is the Northern College - Kirkland Lake located?

Northern College - Kirkland Lake is located in Kirkland Lake, Canada

What is the campus size of Northern College - Kirkland Lake?

Northern College - Kirkland Lake has a campus size of 58000 square miles. This is bigger than the average university campuses in the city.

Does the Northern College - Kirkland Lake go by any other name?

Northern College - Kirkland Lake is also popularly known as Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology.

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