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Everything you need to know about Mohawk College - Mississauga

  • One of Canada's most renowned and prestigious colleges, Mohawk, is located in Hamilton, Ontario, and is one of the largest government-funded colleges for applied art and technology. 
  • Mohawk College has collaborated with triOS College to provide educational programs for international students at a campus in Mississauga, Ontario. These educational programs offer flexibility to study, work and live in this culturally diversified city.
  • Mohawk college Mississauga programs include a 2-year Ontario college diploma in Business (General), Computer Systems Technician (Network Systems), Global Business Management, Computer Systems Technician (Software Support), and Office Administration (Health Services).
  • It also provides a 1-year Ontario college graduate certificate in Supply Chain Management and International Business Management. Students living in the Greater Toronto Area can earn a credential from Mohawk college after completing a course. One can qualify for a post-graduate work permit to live in Canada and listen to recorded webinars in case they have missed one. As college campus students, students will enjoy a membership to the Mississauga YMCA.
  • The Mohawk college Mississauga campus offers Free Enhanced Language training to improve international students' written and verbal English skills. Tutoring services such as the Study Buddy programs are available for students who require a clear understanding of a course. 
  • According to the KPI Graduate Employment Rate (2018-19), Mohawk College had an 86.2% graduate employability rate. As per the Graduate KPI Outcomes Survey (2018-19), the college had a graduate satisfaction rate of 79.5%. 
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Webometrics - National

If you aspire to get admitted to Mohawk College, you must meet the following requirements.


1. University has no mention of a cutoff for the 12th grade.

2. The applicant must have completed a 10+2 high school diploma with Math and Science as required subjects.

3. Have a 60 percent average on a 10+ diploma.

4. Required/recommended subjects: Chemistry, Physics, and English

5. Test of English Proficiency

6. Make a resume

Within six months of graduation, 88.4 percent of Mohawk College alumni students find work.

  1. For the fifth year in a row, the institution has been named first in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area for the graduate employability rate.
  2.  The College hosts career fairs, workshops, virtual meetups, and other events to help students discover suitable jobs and internships on campus.
  3. The college also helps them improve their resumes and portfolios, organize mock interviews and aid them with cover letters, networking tactics, and other services.
  4. Students can access a Career Ready Portal Login at the college. 
  5. Students can find appropriate jobs, and employers can list their job criteria and openings on the college's website.
  6. According to Payscale, Mohawk College graduates and alumni earn an average salary of 53,111 CAD. 


ProgramSalary Range
Advertising and Marketing Communications26,000 CAD to 62,000 CAD
Architectural Technology21,000 CAD to 47,000 CAD
Business17,425 CAD to 70,000 CAD
Business-accounting Co-op25,000 CAD to 42,000 CAD
Human Resource Management24,900 CAD to 55,040 CAD
Social Service Worker26,442 CAD to 50,000 CAD

On-Campus Accommodation


Living on campus is an obvious choice for students who do not reside in Hamilton or the surrounding area. Living in residence is essential for many first-year students because students require additional support to help them transition from high school to college life. A residence is also a good option for students who might not have considered living on campus before COVID-19. On-campus accommodation helps you to focus on your studies because the college takes care of the rest. It is low maintenance compared to living off-campus and is only a few minutes away from the campus, giving you an accessibility boost. 


Mohawk offers three types of accommodation -

  • Mohawk residence- This is only meant for Fennell campus students and comes with all amenities and facilities to make your hostel life fun.
  • Accommodation information for international students- It offers homestay programs that help international students to stay with a Canadian family


Off-campus housing- Mohawk College equips students with the resources to facilitate their off-campus accommodation. Off-campus accommodation may include studio apartments, upto 4 bedroom apartments, private rooms, and homestays.



I am a graduate of Mohawk College - Mississauga and I'm very proud to say that. Even though it's a government-funded college, it's the best place I could've gone to. It has helped me get several jobs in my field and has helped me learn new skills that I wouldn't have otherwise. The teachers here are excellent and supportive, always pushing you to do better in life.



I'm an international student who just moved to Canada and I am really impressed with Mohawk College. I was looking for a school that would fulfill my educational needs but also be a diverse learning environment. Mohawk has given me all of this and more! I have found myself not only learning new things in class but also getting to participate in other activities outside of classes as well.



Mohawk College - Mississauga is one of the best colleges in North America. Not only are the courses taught by some of the top professors in their field, but students are also exposed to a vast array of internships and academic programs they can choose from. It's helped me prepare for my career brilliantly and I have been able to qualify for a post-graduate work permit.


























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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Mohawk College - Mississauga
Where is the Mohawk College - Mississauga located?

Mohawk College - Mississauga is located in Mississauga, Canada

What is the campus size of Mohawk College - Mississauga?

Mohawk College - Mississauga has a campus size of 66 acres. This is bigger than the average university campuses in the city.

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