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Everything you need to know about LRSD - Arts and Technology Centre

  • Established in 1998 and situated in Winnipeg, Manitoba, providing English language and French immersion education to aspiring candidates. The LRSD- Arts and Technology Centre, primarily known as ATC, provides different diploma and certificate programs. 
  • This institution also offers high school credits for approved Maths, History and English subjects. In addition, the programs offered by this institution are approved apprenticeships or industry certifications. After graduating from high school, most students attend ATC as they can avail reduced tuition fees. 
  • This academic center is associated with industry partners, allowing students to avail training for industry-based jobs. With a very low tuition fee, this institution primarily focuses on success and learning. The students of this academic centre are provided with updated equipment and facilities, and after successfully completing various programmes, students earn the approval of apprenticeship.
  •  Since the location of LRSD- Arts and Technology Centre is among the 5 best cities in Canada, employment is quite flexible along with low living costs. Students are provided with top-notch achievements and provide financial aid to them. Various program awards are provided to the students after successfully completing every program, depending on their respective parameters.
  •  Students enrolled at the centre can explore practical and hands-on training. They can learn the skills they require in their selected vocational program. Besides, this centre offers various courses such as Artistic/Creative courses, Computer education, languages, business and professional development etc. 
  • Also, this college provides great opportunities for the students, which will prepare them for different jobs in the market. Here, at this centre, students are given internship opportunities for structured job experience. They can be full-time, part-time, and unpaid/paid. With a placement rate of nearly 88%, the majority of students are employed within 6 months of their graduation.
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Students must have been out of school for at least six months and long enough for the class in which they last attended to graduate from high school. A student cannot have earned a high school diploma previously. The following are the requirements for graduation from this programme:

English Language Arts 12th Grade
12th grade mathematics
2 more people Credits for 12th grade
4 extra credits from Grade 9 through Grade 12.

The college provides a fantastic opportunity for students to conduct internships that will help them prepare for the challenging job of working in various industries. Students at ATC have the chance to participate in internship programmes for academic credit and structured job experience. They can be paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time.

1. Public Services 
2. Technology 
3. Trades 
4. Education

88 percent placement

On-campus facilities: 
All students must prepare their lodgings prior to the start of classes, so it is vital to locate a location ahead of time so that you can rest confident. Also, because the lodging options fill up quickly, it is vital to apply and book the accommodation spot as soon as possible. As a result, the institution offers On-Campus Accommodations so that students can remain in a safe and secure location on campus.On-campus housing is available at ATC at the school's discretion.

Off-campus facilities: 
If you prefer to live alone and with complete independence, you might find the numerous off-campus facilities handy. Off-campus facilities are best for students in their senior years who have settled into a new city's culture.The city of Winnipeg has a wide selection of student housing options, including homestays, purpose-built student housing, student houses, flats, studio rooms, and more. You can select any of these services based on your budget and requirements.

Food facilities (vegetarian/Indian food availability): 
Food has always been a big concern for international students, particularly Indian students; therefore, it's good to know that Winnipeg offers a wide range of foods from various cultures, including various Indian dishes. There are also other Indian eateries around the university, such as the India Palace Restaurant, East India Company Pub & Eatery, Spice Circle East Indian Restaurant, and others. As a result, you can rest guaranteed that food will be available.


























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Everything you need to know about LRSD - Arts and Technology Centre
Where is the LRSD - Arts and Technology Centre located?

LRSD - Arts and Technology Centre is located in Winnipeg, Canada

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