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  •  Each and every year, there are many students who look towards Canadian Universities for their education. Among a great number of excellent educational institutions is Kensley College. Located on the second-longest street in Montreal, Canada, the college houses a vibrant and exciting campus with a multicultural presence around the arena. The student lounge that comprises green spaces provides mobile charging stations and epitomizes a typical college campus.
  • Montreal has a total university student strength of 180,000, the highest among graduate students in any North American city. Montreal, as per the students' opinion, is one of the best places to learn. Transportation is easy and inexpensive with a wide range of public transport, including the metros. For example, a cycling track covers around 700 km in Montreal, which could be the biggest track in North America
  • Kensley College has an outstanding academic reputation that could match many similar institutions. It has a great campus that is lively, vibrant, and engaging. In addition, the multicultural mix of the student community is stimulating and gives you the status of a global citizen.
  • The course composition is an exciting mix of contemporary work's most sought-after areas. The Kensley faculty is composed of the most experienced and successful professionals in the teaching business of contemporary times. The institution will kickstart your career. 


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Popular Courses Offered

UG Diploma /Certificate /Associate Degree

Diploma in Software Quality Assurance - AEC


24 months

Tutiton Fees


PG Diploma /Certificate

Diploma in Cyber Security and Ethical Cyber Piracy - AEC


24 months

Tutiton Fees



To get admitted to Kensley College, students have a 55% aggregate in core subjects at their highest qualification level.


English Language Proficiency  

Kensley teaches all its courses in English like most Canadian universities. Students are to submit proof of their English language proficiency. 

Test NameRequired Scores
IELTS6 overall or more
TOEFL (i-BT)75 overall or more
CAEL60 overall or more
PTE60 overall or more

Admission Process

International students should follow the below steps to seek admission at Kensley College:


Step 1: Choose a program and check availability

Step 2: Check requirements for the course

Step 3: Check country requirements

Step 4: Provide required documents

Step 5: Submit the application 


The following required documents must be submitted along with the application:

  • Transcript from high school (secondary school)
  • Diploma from a high school (secondary school) (if applicable)
  • If applicable, a transcript from a post-secondary institution (college or university).
  • If applicable, a post-secondary (college or university) degree
  • Proof of Language Proficiency in English (if required)
  • Passport


Campus accommodation is available from CAD 875 to CAD 999 within walking distance from the college.

  1. All grocery items are available in one place.
  2. You can have a morning walk and enjoy the park on weekends.
  3. Bills are all-inclusive with 24x7 high-speed Wi-Fi.
  4. Cooking and laundry facilities are available.
  5. Fitness centers, communal spaces, and cinema rooms are all available and inclusive.
  6. The indoor basketball court, games lounge, and sky lounge are also inclusive. 
  7. The meal plan is flexible from January to April for CAD$745/per month and May to August for CAD 247/per month. It is based on the student's presence on campus.


The Canadian government can provide a work visa to allow a person to work in Canada for three years following their education, depending on their abilities and test results after post-graduation (Note: Post-graduation must be completed from Canadian Institute only)  The only requirement for qualifying is that the school they graduated from must be a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). One of them is Kensley College.

Leap Scholar Verdict


Canadian education is less expensive compared to other countries.

The courses offered are not as varied as in the US but are the most sought after amongst all countries and Canada.

The campus landscape is appealing.

Leap Scholar Expert Review

The courses offered by Kensley College, Canada, is the most sought-after around the globe. The faculty is outstanding and competent. Accommodation is quite appealing and inexpensive as well. Transportation is much cheaper due to the availability of public transport. While there are obvious advantages, this university is not suited for everyone. The limited number of courses offered and the fewer subjects a student can opt for may not be the best choice for all students.

Get all your Questions Answered

What is Kensley college known for?

Kensley College is best known for the teaching faculty who are competent, able, and professional. It is also appreciated for its vibrant, active campus and beautiful landscape. Students prefer this university since the accommodation is inexpensive, and so are the transportation facilities. Additionally, talented students have the opportunity to get scholarships. Employment opportunities are available after graduating from Kensley College since Canada is a country that needs a competent workforce and has made a 3-year extension plan for employing international students.

How to enrol in courses at Kensley college?

Students can enroll in the courses at Kensley College by submitting the application through their website https://www.kensleycollege.ca/. The following needs must be met for admission: ● 55% marks must be gained in your school or college from where you came to Canada to join Kensley. English proficiency exams like IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE have to be taken Passport required

How to change course at Kensley college?

Changing course is not easily possible in Kensley unless you lose time and money. Hence changing course is not advisable.

Is Kensley college good for international students?

Among Canadian institutions, Kensley College is a popular choice for overseas students because of the decent, affordable housing and fun campus life. International students who graduate from Kensley College are eligible to work in Canada for three years and, if necessary, have the chance to apply for Canadian citizenship.

What are the application deadlines for applying at Kensley College?

The enrollment has begun now.

What is the minimum GPA requirement to get into Kensley College?

GPA in Canada is from A to F, corresponding to the percentage. Kensley College has not specified its GPA score. If they ask for a 55%, as is the norm across other Canadian institutes, then it would mean that you are at the C grade GPA.

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