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Quebec, Canada's Concordia Institution, is a public research university established in 1974. One of the three universities in Quebec that employs English as its major medium of instruction is the university. Numerous sources that rate universities worldwide have recognised Concordia as one of the best. In the 2023 QS World University Ranking, Concordia is listed between positions 551 and 560. In US News' list of the 657 best global universities for 2022, the university came in at number 657. Additionally, it received a 601–800 ranking in Time Higher Education's 2022 World University Ranking. Candidates should know that various rating groups employ different criteria to determine their rankings.

While Times Higher Education (THE) accords equal weight to Teaching, Research, and Citations at 30% each, QS places the greatest emphasis on Academic Reputation (40%), followed by the Faculty/Student Ratio and Citations per Faculty at 20% each. In addition to other rating factors, the US News & World Report bases its rankings on the number of publications cited, global research reputation, and regional research reputation (12.5% each). In the Shanghai ranking, institutions are ranked based on the calibre of academic research they generate and the number of Nobel Prizes their faculty have earned rather than on their reputation among academics or employers. Consult the Concordia University Placement.

Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Universities Rankings601-700801-900601-700501-600NA
QS - World University Ranking431464462477501-550
THE (Times Higher Education) - University Ranking501-600601-800601-800601-800601-800
US News & World Report - Global Universities643671671670657


Course Ranking

The university offers more than 400 undergraduate programmes through its faculties of arts and sciences, the Gina Cody School of engineering and computer science, the faculty of fine arts, and the John Molson School of business, with selective cases being admitted in January and May. While an undergraduate degree typically requires three or four years of full-time study, a master's degree can be earned in one to three years, and a doctorate can be earned in at least four years.

Regarding Concordia University course rankings, Bloomsberg placed the university in second place for the Best Business School in Canada category in 2020. According to the Times Higher Education course ranking 2022, Concordia is placed 251–300 in the arts and humanities, 251–300 in engineering and technologies, 301–400 in business and economics, and 201-250 in education. Concordia is ranked 171 in Arts & Humanities, 179 in Engineering, and 238 in Computer Science by US News.


Ranking for Business Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
Bloomberg - Best Business School Canada4425NA
QS - Accounting & Finance151-200201-250251-300201-250NA
QS - Global MBANA111-120111-120121-130131-140
THE (Times Higher Education) - PG Business and EconomicsNA301-400301-400251-300301-400
Ranking for Engineering Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
QS - Architecture & Built Environment Rankings151-200101-150151-200151-200NA
QS - Engineering and Technology348278286281NA
QS - Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering Rankings251-300251-300251-300251-300NA
THE (Times Higher Education) - PG Engineering and Technology251-300251-300251-300201-250251-300
Ranking for Computers Courses
Ranked By2019202020212022
THE (Times Higher Education) - PG Computers301-400301-400301-400401-500
Ranking for Science Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Shanghai Mathematics Rankings301-400301-400301-400301-400NA
QS - QS - Mathematics Rankings251-300251-300301-350301-350NA
THE (Times Higher Education) - THE - Psychology RankingsNA301-400301-400251-300201-250
Ranking for Humanities Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Shanghai Political Sciences RankingsNA201-300301-400301-400NA
QS - Communication and Media Studies Rankings151-200151-200101-150101-150NA
QS - QS - Art & Design Rankings51-10051-10051-10051-100NA
QS - QS - Sociology Rankings251-300NA251-300NANA
THE (Times Higher Education) - Arts & Humanities Rankings201-250251-300251-300251-300251-300
Ranking for Medicine Courses
Ranked By20202021
QS - QS - Medicine Rankings551-600601-650


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Webometrics - World


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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Concordia University
Where is Concordia University located?
Concordia University is located in Montreal, Canada
How much does it cost to study in Concordia University?
The average first year cost to study in Concordia University is INR 2036377
What is the acceptance rate for Concordia University?
Concordia University has an acceptance rate of 12.5%
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