What is a good GRE score out of 340? Top 5 tips to improve your score!

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The Graduate Record Examination (GRE), created and directed by ETS, is the first step for getting into your dream university. Graduate and post-graduate programs require a good GRE score as a mandate for application.

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Good GRE Score: Overview

Out of 340, a candidate must secure a total of 320 if their goal is to be admitted to top universities. But it varies from one person to another, the section scores and the university requirements. To understand better, first, let’s understand the scoring pattern of the GRE.

How does the GRE scoring work?

According to ETS, The total GRE score combines GRE verbal and GRE quant out of 340. The GRE analytical writing section is also calculated on a scale of 0–6 in half-point increments. The following steps are taken to calculate the total score:

  • In Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning, the scores are based on the number of correct responses to all the questions, including the operational sections.
  •  The computer selects the second section for scoring based on the performance in the first section. In each section, the answers to the questions contribute equally to the final raw score.
  • While setting expectations, always try to improve your sectional score rather than your cumulative score. Grad schools usually focus on a sectional core – either verbal or quant. For instance, a graduate school will be more interested in an engineering candidate’s GRE quant score than the verbal score. 

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What is a good GRE score out of 340? Top 5 tips to improve your score!

What is a good GRE score out of 340?

A good GRE score always differs from person to person and also from university to university. For some students, 320 can be a good GRE score because the University they aim for demands the same.

A good GRE score is usually calculated as the 75th percentile, and a 90th percentile is considered an excellent score. Anything above an average score of the 75th percentile, which is 300, could be regarded as a good GRE score. 

Here are some key pointers to be considered to determine what classifies as a good GRE score for you:

  • First and foremost, list the universities you are targeting and understand the average GRE scores required.
  • The universities look at your sectional score, like the verbal and quant scores, rather than your cumulative score. 
  • If you appear for a humanities program, universities will pay more attention to your verbal score; for science or maths programs, it will be the quant score. So, you need to work on the scores depending on the kind of program that you would like to study.
  • It is always best to score at least two points above the highest score after shortlisting the universities’ average scores. 

Note: A good GRE score depends on the institution you are targeting to study. 

Good GRE score

GRE 2023 exam

Now, let’s look at some of the latest developments revolving around the GRE Exam for students who are planning to appear for GRE 2023:

  • ETS is providing a 25% (US$48) off on the GRE General Test to provide affordable testing options to the test takers. This offer is valid for a limited time only. You can visit the official ETS website to get further details for availing of this offer.
  • Many USA universities abroad are waiving GRE examinations in 2023. And some are making it optional for people with multiple years of related work experience. But this is temporary, and students are encouraged to appear for their GRE.
  • ETS also announced that they would accept Aadhar Cards of Indian candidates appearing for their GRE test if they do not have valid passports.
  • You can choose the 2023 exam dates in India according to your convenience and availability. But you should book the exam at least two to three months before your first university application deadline.

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Now let’s look at how best you can prepare for the GRE score and fetch that magical GRE score you manifested for! 

5 tips to achieve a good GRE Score

Any goal in life requires a strategy. An accomplished athlete must bear innumerable hours of hard work and practice to stand out and go for the gold. 

Should’t that also apply to a GRE test-taker? The most reliable way to get a good GRE score is to study the right way.

 Here are the five most realistic techniques you can implement to get a good GRE score and get into your dream study-abroad university. 

1. Set your target score and prepare early

There is nothing called the best GRE score. It depends on the desired scores for the universities you plan to apply. So, research the desired scores for every program and university you apply to. 

After knowing the desired score, you can take an initial practice test to know your level. Doing this will reveal how much more you must prepare. Your first practice test gives you an idea of the test pattern. The score will hint at how early you must start your GRE prep.

2. Create an error record

Most times, when students make mistakes, they get disheartened, which shouldn’t be the attitude; you need to get excited about the opportunity you are getting to learn from mistakes. 

When you make repetitive errors, create an error record!

Maintaining a note of the mistakes will show how well you are improving throughout your GRE preparation. 

If you’re creating an error record, these tips will help you:

  • Write and describe the errors you made
  •  Figure out why you made the error and write it down.
  •  If you see a pattern of careless mistakes, make a separate note of it.

3. Be consistent with your preparation

Consistency is the key, more than studying; it is the practice that makes you exam ready. Students’ total amount of study time necessary for a good GRE score varies.

Create a realistic and achievable daily schedule that gives enough time for each GRE section, and make sure you cover it all daily.

You can improve your GRE score by taking regular practice tests. The more familiar you get with the exam structure, the more confident you’ll be on Exam Day.

4. Develop the best test-taking strategies

Practice the right strategies while taking practice tests. Form your ways of making your attempt less stressful; experiment by skipping long or difficult questions and returning to them later in the test.

 Some students also do a lot of research to find short-cut methods for solving problems. These methods can save time and energy and improve your approach to a question. 

The best strategy is not only answering questions right but answering more questions right. Take enough practice tests to realise the best strategy that gives you the best performance. 

5. Understand the concepts in depth

Everyone says that the best way to increase your GRE score is to practice as much as possible. Yes, it is correct, consistent practice is essential, but it is equally important to ensure that you’re learning the subject in depth through your practice. 

Focus on the quality of your preparation!

Make sure that you really get the concepts right in each subject before moving on. Do watch the explanation video for all the questions. Sometimes when students know the answer, they skip the explanation; never do that. By understanding the concept, you gain a deeper understanding of the logic behind the answer. 

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good GRE score

You must set a dedicated study plan where you will be able to channel the right effort into improving your GRE scores. The above hacks might not be the only ways, but they can help you frame your approach for the exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the age limit and eligibility criteria for appearing for the GRE General Test?

    Anyone, irrespective of caste, creed, gender, geography and nationality, who wants to pursue a master’s degree can go for GRE if it is mandatory by the college/university they are applying to. Applicants from different academic backgrounds also can appear for this exam. The ETS mentions no age limit.

  • Does admission to universities depend only on GRE scores?

    It is one of the key factors and criteria that the admission council for postgraduate programs looks at. Some Universities don’t require a GRE score; however, a good GRE score does improve chances of admission and financial aid.

  • What is the validity of the GRE test?

    The GRE is valid for five years from the test’s date. In this period, you can apply anywhere for the GRE score you have received.

  • Are the GRE general test questions the same in all GRE-accepting countries?

    Yes, the GRE general test has the same questions from a single test bank for all nations. Because this is a standardised test, students must be graded fairly.

  • What are the GRE country codes?

    For all GRE-accepting nations, ETS has issued short alphabetic geographical codes. Each code corresponds to a certain state, country, or province.

  • Is the GRE home test accepted by all universities and valid in all countries?

    Yes, GRE home testing is accepted in all countries and universities that accept the regular GRE.

  • Which countries accept GRE scores in 2023?

    Nowadays, many countries accept Graduate Record Examinations (GRE). The GRE is currently accepted in over 90 countries. Top countries include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, India, and Sweden, among others.

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