Visa Interview For USA 2022: Questions & Answers

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As with other countries globally, individuals looking to visit and stay in the USA must take a visa interview. However, before taking the interview at the respective Embassy or consulate, individuals must complete their application process. It includes filling out the visa application form, submitting documents, and paying the application fee. That said, not all categories of US visa applications require a visa interview. It depends on factors like the applicant’s nationality, duration of stay, type of visa, the purpose of visit, and the validity of the visa. Read on to learn about the common questions asked during Visa Interview For the US and how you can answer the same.

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Common Questions Asked in Visa Interview For US

1. Why are you travelling to the United States? 

You can answer this question based on your purpose for travelling to the USA. So, plan clearly to support your trip before applying for the visa. In most cases, the Consular Office may also ask questions to figure out how you’ll support your travel financially. So if you’re applying for a visa category that requires a financial proof, you might have to carry the relevant documents with you.

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Visa Interview For USA 2022: Questions & Answers

2. What is the duration of your stay in the United States? 

All visa applicants must convey their intended day of travel to the United States as part of the application process. Depending on your purpose of travel, you’ll have to provide the travel date. In addition to the duration, the Consular Office might ask for details about the residence type you’ll be staying at in the US.

3. Where will you be staying in the USA? 

It is vital to convey the full address of your accommodation in the United States. In case you plan on staying at various locations, then mention the location where you plan on staying for the longest.

4. Where do you put up in India? 

You’ll have to convey the city and state of your house in the country. The interviewer may ask follow-up questions about the city, native language, or birthplace.

5. How are your expenses going to get covered? 

Be completely honest with the interviewer by telling them how your expenses will get covered. You must have official documents to back up your claims.

6. Is it possible to stay for the duration of your stay? 

You can mention your entire travel plan to justify why you need a specific US visa. As long as you have all the documents/details to support your stay’s duration, there’s nothing to worry about.

7. Do any of your friends/relatives put up in the United States? 

The answer to this question is subjective. Applicants can answer with a Yes or No. If you answer yes, follow it by explaining your relationship with that individual or group of people and if you plan on meeting them.

8. Have you been to the United States? 

If you have travelled to the US before, mention the reason for your earlier visit.

9. Where will you be working/studying? 

If you’re planning to work on a student, work, or dependent visa, provide the details of your employer or university. You can also share details like the distance between your place of stay and the office/university. Applicants might be asked some follow-up questions on their choice of local commute.

10. Do you know anyone else coming to the United States with you? 

You can answer with a Yes or No based on your situation. The interviewer might ask you for details about that person you can provide.

11. What have you been doing in India? 

If you’re going to work in the USA, you can provide details of your previous employers in India. Conversely, details about your educational background can be shared if you’re going to study. Applicants who’ve applied for a dependent visa in the USA can share about their partner or parent.

12. What do you plan to do once your visa expires? 

As an applicant, you should convince the Consular Office that you plan on returning to India. If you plan on renewing it and have another plan, you can convey that to the interviewer. However, it’s best to show your strong ties with your home country (India) by telling them about your upbringing and social circle.

13. What will you do if your visa application gets rejected? 

Emphasise the importance of your travel plans without any hesitation.

14. Have you booked your tickets? 

If you have booked your tickets, hand the confirmation letter to the interviewer. That said, do mention your reason for doing so in-depth.

15. Do you have any other plans in the United States? 

You can mention all the touristy places you plan on visiting and why they interest you. Depending on the purpose of your stay, you can inform them about your travel plans within and outside the US. If you plan on pursuing different hobbies, you can mention those as well.

16. Are you a married individual with children and pets? If yes, who’s going to take care of them when you’re away? 

The consular is trying to understand how your dependents will manage without you. Give the interviewer a detailed picture of how you handle this situation. If you’re going to leave your children or pet with a caretaker, you must convey your relationship with them.

17. Did someone help you with the application form? 

You can mention a Yes or No based on your reason. Even if someone did help you with the application, you must show that you’re aware of your rights and duties as a visitor in the USA.

18. How can you assure us that you will return to your home country? 

You can assure the interviewer by proving your allegiance through the example of your family, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiance, or other loved ones to whom you plan on getting back from the US. You can show the interviewer if you have a specific contract with your employer or another individual.


Those who wish to enter the United States for education, business, or travel purposes need to apply for a US visa. Once the applicants have filled out the application form, they’d have to take a visa interview for the US.

However, making a visa appointment is vital. So once you’ve filled out the DS-160 form, follow it up by paying the visa application fee and scheduling an appointment. The visa interview for the US is an in-person interview that takes place at the local Embassy or Consulate and typically lasts for three to five minutes. A consular officer will interview you to determine whether you are eligible for an immigrant visa. Individuals looking to travel urgently for medical reasons to the USA can request an expedited appointment.

All applicants should carry all original and certified copies of the required documents. These include an appointment letter, passport, DS-160 confirmation page, English proficiency certificate, and photographs. While it is an exceedingly important interview, one must consider it a conversation and not panic. Honest answers can take you a long way.

Preparing well in advance through mock and dummy interviews can help immensely. Approved visa applicants generally receive an email within 5-10 days from the interview. For your convenience, we’ve tried to cover some of the most common visa interview questions for the US above.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are some vital points to remember for the US visa interview?

As an applicant, you must showcase strong ties with your home country and only speak for yourself. You must be clear on why you’re moving to the United States and what you plan on achieving with the same. Moreover, be concise in the interview and have all the necessary documents.

How do you overcome nerves before an upcoming US visa interview? 

If you’re feeling anxious, try watching dummy interviews on internet sites like Youtube and take up mock visa interviews online. Research and prepare as many sample Q&As to gather confidence and try to see the interview as a conversation with a friend. On the night before the day of your interview, do an activity that is fun and relaxing.

What do I need for a US visa interview? 

There are some vital documents that you must carry for the US visa interview. These include an interview appointment letter, passport, the DS-160 confirmation page, and a recent photograph. Additionally, documents that act as proof of fee payment and funds should also get carried out.

How long does a typical US visa interview last? 

A usual US visa interview lasts for three to five minutes. Unlike popular belief, this interview isn’t a document review. Instead, it is a conversation for the interviewer to see if the applicant is eligible to visit the USA.

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