Online SAT Practice Papers: Sample & Previous Year SAT Papers

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The Scholastic Aptitude Test, popularly known as the SAT, is a standardised test required to apply for undergraduate courses in universities abroad.

The SAT exam is a part of the eligibility criteria of several universities in the United States. Moreover, it has also received accreditation from various universities in other countries like Canada, Germany, Singapore, and Australia.

Cracking the SAT may seem like an overwhelming task, especially for those attempting the exam for the first time. However, one of the best ways to achieve this feat is by undertaking mock tests. The article will assist in finding practise tests, online sat material, and several other resources to help students prepare for the test.

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SAT: An Overview

The SAT exam is a standardised test that assesses an individual’s aptitude and general skills. Currently, SAT is accepted in more than 4000 universities across 85 countries. However, it is more specifically the universities of the United States.

The test has three different sections to analyse different skill sets of a student. It helps universities understand a student’s aptitude for specific undergraduate program courses. Mainly, Indian students who have completed their high school or are in their 12th standard take the exam. Most of the top universities have a benchmark score that students aim for.

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Online SAT Practice Papers: Sample & Previous Year SAT Papers

The SAT initially had two types, SAT 1 and SAT 2. SAT 1 was a generalised exam to assess a student’s general capabilities and knowledge, whereas SAT 2 or SAT subject tests evaluated a person’s abilities in a particular subject. SAT 2 has been discontinued by the authorities, and now there is only one type of SAT examination.

The SAT is conducted by the College Board and is administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS). The College Board is the official destination for everything on the SAT. Whether it be information on the preparation or understanding the SAT pattern, College Board is the place to go.

Here are some key features of the SAT that will help get a better understanding of the examination.

  • The exam is 3 hours long.
  • The test comprises 3 sections – Logical Reasoning, Reading, Writing and Language.
  • All 3 sections hold a different score range and require different test prep.
  • The test is for 1600 marks. The average SAT score is 1060.
  • Resources to study for the SAT can be found on the College Board. The registration is also done through the College Board.

Find Online SAT Practice & Previous Year Exam Papers

While most questions asked in the SAT revolve around concepts students have learned in high school, it has no limited syllabus whatsoever. Thus, the main resource for all the test takers are the practise papers and previous year’s SAT exam papers. These two resources can give the students a fair idea of what the examination holds and how they can strategise their preparation.

The SAT exam requires a lot of hard work but also smart work. With these two combined, a student can strive for a near-perfect score on the actual test.

Apart from these two resources, there are several other materials that a student can reach out to prepare for the SAT examination. These are – SAT sample papers, SAT study material, and many more.

There are several places where online SAT sample papers and previous year papers can be found, but one prominent source is the Khan Academy. They offer full length practise tests created in collaboration with the College Board.

Practice with Online SAT Previous Year Papers

SAT is quite a competitive examination. It is a qualifying examination for several universities in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and many other countries.

The previous year’s paper will give students a fair idea of what the exam would comprise. It will also help students understand where they stand so that they can strategise their preparation accordingly and work more on their weaker sections.

Previous year SAT papers will also help students understand the SAT syllabus better.

With more practice, the test takers would gradually start seeing progress in their performance.

Practice with Online SAT Sample Practice Tests

SAT sample tests are very similar to the actual test. They help students understand more about the test and give them sample questions to solve.

The sample practice test for SAT also helps understand the pattern of the exam in detail, making the test-takers more comfortable with the examination. Students can practise giving the examination in the same manner as they would give the actual SAT.

Pattern of the Online SAT Exam

As mentioned earlier, the SAT exam is divided into three sections, namely Logical Reasoning, Reading, and the Writing and Language section.

Here is a what each section consists of and its time limit:

  • The Logical Reasoning section is the maths section. It is further divided into two parts, calculator and no calculator. It has questions on topics like algebra, trigonometry, graphs, data analysis, and many more.

The calculator section has 38 questions which have to be solved in 55 minutes. The no calculator section has 20 questions which have to be solved in 25 minutes.

  • The Reading section comprises 5 passages, based on which there are 52 questions. The time limit for this section is 65 minutes.
  • The Writing and Language section comprises vocabulary and grammar questions. This has 4 passages with 11 questions each, 44 questions in total. This section helps to understand the proficiency of the student in the English language. The time limit for this section is 35 minutes.

Sources to get Online SAT Sample Papers and Previous Year Papers

There are several places where a student could find good quality, reliable practice papers for SAT. However, the two main sources for SAT prep are Khan Academy and College Board.

Both Khan Academy and College Board provide official and quality content for test-takers to practise and work upon.

Tips to Prepare for SAT Exam

Here are some tips that would help students study for the SAT exam.

  • Try to solve a previous year’s paper and assess the score to identify areas you need to work on.
  • Try a practice test or a previous year’s test every week to keep assessing the progress.
  • Time the practise tests and try to work with the exam time limits.
  • Prepare for every section in detail, and try section-wise questions for in-depth practice and understanding of each section.
  • Keep revising concepts.

online sat


The College Board is the official website for SAT registration, announcements, and SAT prep resources. Another official source for SAT prep is Khan Academy, which offers practise papers in collaboration with the College Board and explanation videos to solve them.

Undertaking mock practise tests and previous year’s exam papers are the best way to prepare for the SAT exam. With continuous perseverance and the right strategy, students can achieve a perfect score without any hassle.

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