MS in Civil Engineering in the USA: Universities & Course Details

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Pursuing a master’s in civil engineering is a good career option. There is a wide outlook of career opportunities available in civil engineering like architects, city engineers, consultants, researchers, etc. It is an ever-growing field that will always move further with time. Civil engineers have a good career scope worldwide (in countries like the UK, Canada, Germany, and Singapore). But the one nation that provides the best opportunities is the USA. The USA’s highest employment rates for civil engineers are in California, followed by Texas and Florida. It is a high-paying job with an entry-level salary of approximately 47,000 USD and can rise to 135,000 USD per annum as the candidate gains experience. This blog will mention all the information you need to know about pursuing MS in Civil Engineering in the USA, including the eligibility criteria and admission process, top universities, and their cost.

Why Study MS in Civil Engineering in the USA?

MS in Civil Engineering in the USA is considered a STEM course. It can be pursued both full-time and part-time by the students. A full-time course generally has a duration of nine months to two years. The subject deals with designing, constructing, and maintaining the infrastructure of everyday life.

Students can attend any civil engineering specialisations like environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, construction engineering, or structural engineering.

Any individual with a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution in civil engineering or other related areas is eligible to pursue a master’s degree. Students in this field need to have great problem-solving skills, creative abilities, and the ability to adapt to unforeseen changes in their planning.

Eligibility and Cost

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Check Your Eligibility for 80+ Universities across the USA

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MS in Civil Engineering in the USA: Universities & Course Details

The eligibility criteria will vary depending on the type of institution and the courses it offers. But the general eligibility criteria are mentioned below:

  • Mandatory education of 10+2+4 years
  • UG Degree of four years in civil engineering or related areas
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 in bachelor’s degree
  • The candidate needs to appear for the GRE and have the test scores with them.
  • International students must submit the scores of either the English language proficiency test, IELTS or TOEFL.
  • A minimum score of 300 in GRE, 80 in TOEFL and 6.5 in IELTS is required to be eligible to apply to universities in the USA.

Master of Science in Civil Engineering in the United States has an estimated cost of 13,000 USD to 150,000 USD (10 lacs to 1.1 crores). International applicants can avail themselves of various options for financial aid to study abroad in the USA.

Application Process

Choosing the right university for yourself can be confusing. But applying to all the shortlisted universities in the right way can prove to be taxing. You can either carry out all the formalities by yourselves or seek the help of a career counsellor to guide you through the process and make it smooth.

Apart from the university-specific ones, there are some general requirements an applicant needs to fulfil.

  • Marksheets of 10th and 12th standard
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • Statement of Purpose (SOPs)
  • Two to three Letters of Recommendation (LORs)
  • An updated CV or resume mentioning all your extra-curricular participation
  • GRE scores, along with IELTS or TOEFL scores, have to be submitted

Top Ranked Universities for MS in Civil Engineering in the USA

Here is a list of the top universities in the USA for studying a master’s in Civil Engineering program.

Northeastern University 

Northeastern University has bagged 39th rank in the latest US News rankings of National Universities. It offers four types of graduate degrees; Certificate, dual degree, master’s, and professional doctorate. The university has multiple campuses so that the degrees can be pursued online too. Classroom learning can be done either full-time or part-time.

Courses offered: Master’s in Civil Engineering, Master’s in Environmental Engineering, and more.

Application Details: To apply to this university, the applicant may need to pay a non-refundable application fee of $75 to $100. Students will need to apply to the College of Engineering.

Financial aid: The university offers various financial aid to its students, including grants, loans, scholarships, work awards, and assistantships. Applicants can also start applying to FAFSA to get a step closer to availing of financial support from the federal government. There are four available resources for the students:

  • Double Husky Scholarship
  • Fellow Opportunities
  • Lifetime Learning Membership
  • Yellow Ribbon Program (for military students)

Check which of these resources you are eligible for, and apply to them for financial aid.

University of New Haven

It is a private university in West Haven, Connecticut, with an acceptance rate of 91%. The programmes can be pursued online too.

Courses offered: MS in Civil Engineering, MS in Environmental Engineering, and more.

Application Details: To apply to this university, the applicant has to fill out the online application and pay an application fee of $50, which is non-refundable. Other application requirements are the same as the general requirements mentioned in the application process section of this blog.

Financial aid: To those eligible, the university offers grants and student employment. Other financial resources are mostly student loans. Scholarships and assistantships may be granted to international students.

Texas A&M University

It is a public land-grant research university in College Station, Texas, with an acceptance rate of 63%.

Courses offered: Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering 

Application Details: An overall band score of 6 is required in IELTS. An additional, non-refundable fee of $65 as the application processing fee has to be paid. For international students, the fee is $90.

Tuition Fee: The total tuition fee of the university is estimated to be around INR 40 lacs.  

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

It is a private land-grant research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with an acceptance rate of 7%.

Courses Offered: Master’s degree programs like Supply Chain Management, Civil and Environmental Engineering and more.

Application Details: For visas, students can opt for either of the two options. F-1 is the student visa, or J-1, the exchange visitor visa. Applicants on any other non-immigrant visa will not be allowed to register for any program at MIT.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology is a public research university and institute of technology in Atlanta, Georgia, with an acceptance rate of 21%. It is also referred to as Georgia Tech.

Courses Offered: MS in Civil Engineering and programs in related areas.

Cost of Living: The estimated cost is $19,126 + tuition fees for the selected program.

Financial Aid: US citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply for direct federal loans by contacting the financial aid office. The other option of funding is fellowships.


The USA is a good choice to study a master’s program in civil engineering. It offers a plethora of career opportunities. The country has a large scope on the subject. There are many excellent universities one can enrol in. Students can also seek financial aid to support their education and can pursue their degrees both full-time and part-time. So, if you plan to study civil engineering abroad, the USA is the best country for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Civil Engineering different from Construction Engineering?

Civil engineering mainly involves planning, designing, and executing a project, whereas construction engineering focuses on construction methods and procedures.

2. Which University is the best for an MS in Civil Engineering?

The USA has many reputed universities for civil engineering programs. But the university that is best suitable for you is the one that aligns with your goals and fits your budget.

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