Masters In Digital Marketing Canada: Top 10 Universities!

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Over the last few years, Canada has become a red-hot market for advertising and digital content. The country has over 35.3 million internet users at the moment, and they’re going to grow further. With the job market for digital marketing jobs bustling and providing never-ending opportunities, it’s a great time to enter the social media industry.

A Masters in Digital Marketing Canada can help you exponentially in this aspect. Most Canadian universities offer it as a 2-year program. Some universities provide a 1-year Digital Marketing course in Canada, while others offer this course as a Diploma in Digital Marketing in Canada. A number of universities also have an MA or an MBA in Digital Marketing in Canada.

masters in digital marketing

Some universities provide a Digital Marketing certificate programme of 9-12 months. The average tuition fees of some of the best universities in Canada for this programme is around CAD 14,000 to 39,000. Most universities also provide scholarships for Digital Marketing courses in Canada for international students as well as Canadian aspirants.

A Master’s in Digital Marketing as a degree from Canada teaches individuals the art of using online marketing tools, strategies, and techniques. Through such a syllabus, students learn how to promote the products and services of brands more efficiently.

Moreover, students also learn how to implement campaigns using digital media, social media marketing, evaluation of KPIs, and more. After getting a Master’s in Digital Marketing in Canada, students can work as digital marketing specialists, social media marketers, and SEO specialists, among many other roles.

Canada, as a destination for a master’s degree, integrates a high potential with high-paying job opportunities and vibrant student life. Moreover, most Canadian universities have an experienced faculty and a unique, modern curriculum.

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Masters in Digital Marketing Canada: Eligibility

Here are some of the basic requirements that applicants must fulfil in order to apply for a master’s degree in Digital Marketing in Canada.

A bachelor’s degree with an impressive GPA

An SOP or statement of purpose.

Two years of work experience is preferred but not mandatory.

LORs or Letters of Recommendation

Masters in Digital Marketing Canada Application Process

The admission process of the colleges offering Masters in Digital Marketing Canada is more or less the same. Read on to know the general process.

  • Visit the official website of the university or college you wish to apply to and start the online admission process.
  • Provide the mandatory documents like a CV or resume, writing sample, copy of official passport, and copy of the official transcript.
  • Scores of standardised tests like TOEFL and IELTS, along with a personal statement, are also required to be submitted.
  • Be careful with the details you provide, as most colleges don’t allow alterations later.
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Masters In Digital Marketing Canada: Top 10 Universities!

Top Universities for Masters in Digital Marketing

The University of British Columbia

UBC offers a Master of Digital Media programme at its Vancouver campus. Students of this course are guided by industry professionals and top-level faculty. The programme provides a learning environment that fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration and creativity.

MDM students of UBC graduate with skills to work in digital marketing and the media as designers, managers, producers, and technical artists. The emphasis of this programme is on experiential learning through project courses, with 65% of the coursework being project-based.

Laval University

Laval University offers an MBA or Master of Business Administration in Digital Marketing that helps students develop an understanding of vital concepts and tools of Digital Marketing and Media. The duration of this programme is two years, and it is held on campus.

This course by Laval University allows students to develop a global vision and enhances their managerial capabilities. Individuals can expect plenty of job opportunities in creative and leadership roles after graduating from Laval University’s MBA in Digital Marketing.

National University

The Master of Science in Marketing programme by the National University helps enhance the marketing skills of individuals. The university’s experiential MSC curriculum and workshop-style classes make the learning process effective and fun.

This MS in Marketing programme accommodates students with diverse backgrounds and gives them in-depth training in various areas of marketing. These include social media, branding, buyer behaviour, strategy, and more.

Ryerson University

This Master’s in Digital Media Canada course is an intensive 12-month professional programme that commences in September every year. Ryerson’s MDM course is for the ‘disruptors’, those who want to shape the future of digital media.

The two semesters of this programme equip students with the industry experience and skills they will need to be thought leaders in the age of digital media. Students get access to cutting-edge technologies, resources, and labs with this Master’s degree.

Schulich School of Business

The Schulich School of Business offers a full-time, 12-month Master of Marketing programme to equip students for the dynamic world of online marketing and social media. It provides students with the critical analytical and decision-making skills required of digital marketers today.

They also get to develop abilities in data analysis, brand management, customer relationship management, and project management.

Duke University

Duke University offers a unique online Digital Media and Marketing Certificate programme. A self-paced course, this one is specifically for individuals trying to enhance their existing digital marketing skills. Their curriculum provides students with advanced knowledge of vital digital marketing domains and includes virtual simulations and real-world projects.

CU Denver Business School

The MS in Marketing programme by CU Denver Business School prepares students to conquer the digital frontier and triumph in the digital marketing revolution. With class projects, individuals get the opportunity to analyse and develop solutions to critical and current challenges the industry faces.

The course features distinctive specialisations that link marketing management with digital transformations in digital analytics, brand communication, and global services. WordPress Analytics, Google Analytics, and SAS are some software covered by this programme.

George Brown College

George Brown College’s Digital Marketing course is a graduate programme offered in Toronto. It provides students with the applied skills and foundational knowledge that employers value in the digital age.

By exploring a mix of paid media channels and social media, the programme covers different marketing communication strategies. Each class in this programme is delivered in a hybrid format combining online and in-class learning experiences.

Centennial College

Centennial College’s Marketing Management programme is a one-year graduate programme. The students are prepared to become marketing professionals who carry out an extensive range of digital marketing functions.

Apart from digital marketing, the programme covers related subjects in brand management, integrated marketing communications, content marketing, and internet marketing strategy. Through this programme, individuals also get to understand the working of analytical tools and the art of market research.

Jelly Academy

The Masters in Digital Marketing Canada’s Jelly Academy offers is a professional degree ideal for working professionals looking to upskill and prosper in their digital media careers. The course covers six vital areas of digital marketing and PR.

This six-week digital marketing programme includes the following topics in its syllabus: Google Ads, SEO, Social Media, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Analytics. The sessions of this programme are conducted online via zoom.

Masters In Digital Marketing Canada: Top 10 Universities!

All these colleges offer scholarships to both Canadian and international students. You can go through their individual websites for more information on the same.

What job roles can I expect to apply to after my Masters in Digital Marketing Canada?

You can expect both creative and managerial jobs after getting your Master in Digital Marketing degree. Some of the job profiles you can access include business analytics specialist, brand manager, web designer, and SEO specialist.

Is it necessary for international students to give IELTS or TOEFL to get admission to MS in Digital Marketing in Canada?

Yes, it is. Canadian universities offering MDM ask for IELTS and TOEFL scores of international students to check their English language proficiency.

Is it worth it to get a master’s degree in Digital Marketing?

If you’re looking to accelerate your career in a specialised marketing field, then a master’s degree is truly worth it. Recent graduates with a keen interest in marketing will find this course exceedingly beneficial.

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