Best 10 Reasons to Study Abroad for Indian Students

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Are you confused about whether to Study in India or Abroad? If you’re a student, one amazing opportunity for your future is to study abroad. Studying in a foreign country brings you many opportunities.

RedSeer predicts that by 2024, 2 million Indian students will have spent $85 million on higher education abroad.

Compared to the courses available in India, the education these foreign countries provide is much more specialized. You not only get to understand the culture abroad but also have opportunities for a great career on a global level right from the start. 

Other socioeconomic factors contribute to the preference for study abroad. What are the reasons for 2 million Indians spending $85 million on higher education abroad? Let’s try to understand this.


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Why Study Abroad for Indian Students?

Study abroad for Indian students offers significant opportunities to expand your horizons and gain valuable experiences through study programs in other countries.

Let’s find out a few reasons why Indian students choose to study abroad:

More Options than Traditional Courses

One significant reason to study abroad for Indian students is the wide range of courses available. Even though higher education in India has improved, many universities still offer mostly conventional courses. This limits students’ choices, and they often have to enroll in these courses. These courses often focus on subjects like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

However, study abroad for Indian students provides a wealth of course, options across various universities and colleges. This allows you to receive a high-quality education from well-regarded institutions. Moreover, you have the opportunity to choose a field that truly interests you.

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Best 10 Reasons to Study Abroad for Indian Students

Accessibility to Admission

In India, due to its large population, there’s intense competition among millions of students for coveted courses and promising jobs. Highly regarded institutions have limited seats and fierce competition for admission.

Studying the same courses in top-ranked foreign universities becomes easier as long as you meet the universities’ requirements. Choosing to study abroad for Indian students can help you avoid the intense competition and instead focus on achieving your dream job.


Another reason Indian students choose to study abroad for Indian students is to move away from their home country. Many Indian students opt for foreign education because they want to relocate internationally. 

Countries like Canada and the US are enticing immigrants by offering appealing job prospects. Studies show that 80% of Asian students decide to continue living abroad after completing their graduate degrees. For many Indians, studying abroad presents an excellent opportunity to stay competitive in the global job market.

study abroad for Indian students
Fact: Among the most budget-friendly options to study abroad for Indian students, countries like Germany offer affordable education.

Research Opportunities

Study abroad for Indian students often seek research opportunities. Having a degree from a renowned international university significantly enhances research prospects. 

Firstly, leading global research institutions readily accept such students. Additionally, studying overseas opens doors to research positions at prestigious companies like Microsoft, Google, or Apple.

Better Career Growth

Upon returning to India after completing education abroad, you can enjoy enhanced career opportunities. With a 2-year graduate degree or a 4-year undergraduate degree from a foreign institution, you can launch your career. 

Global Perspective

Studying abroad gives you a well-informed perspective and a broader understanding of various cultures and people. This experience equips you with a more open-minded and imaginative mindset. It enriches your outlook and lets you consider a wider range of perspectives.

Building Lifelong Connections

Another advantage of studying abroad is the opportunity to form lifelong friendships from diverse backgrounds. While studying abroad, you’ll interact with fellow students from various places and cultures.

Living and learning together exposes you to the country’s culture, and you’ll have the chance to forge enduring connections. You can stay in touch with your friends even after your study program concludes. Interacting with international students helps you learn about their cultures and other aspects of their lives.

1-Year Masters & Lower Tuition Fees

Additional advantages for students contemplating studying abroad include the option of completing a master’s degree in just one year, particularly in study destinations like the UK, and access to international education at lower tuition costs. This holds true across developed regions in Europe and Asia.

Gain Transversal Skills

Transversal skills are also known as “21st-century skills,” encompassing a wide range of knowledge, abilities, work habits, and character traits essential for success in the modern workplace. 

As businesses aim to become more adaptable in response to changing markets and maintain competitiveness, the importance of cross-functional skills increases. Across the world, recruiters seek candidates with international experience. 

Skills like communication, teamwork, client interaction, analysis, problem-solving, planning, organization, learning, development, prioritization, resilience, adaptation, and leadership are all considered “soft skills.” In essence, studying abroad prompts you to develop interpersonal and intrapersonal abilities crucial for professional success.

Developing Self-Reliance

Lastly, studying abroad helps Indian students develop independence. Moving to a foreign country tests your self-reliance and responsibility. Adjusting to an entirely new environment fosters self-sufficiency and greater independence. These are skills you can cultivate throughout your study abroad journey.

These are the main reasons why Indian students choose to study abroad, as it offers the possibility of a promising future with an international degree on your CV.

Studying Abroad vs. India: A Comparative Analysis

When considering higher education, choosing between studying abroad and in one’s home country becomes a significant decision. Various factors influence this choice, including potential salary, tuition fees, property prices, and rent expenses. 

Average Salary Comparison

Studying abroad often comes with the promise of better job opportunities and higher salaries. Many international students are attracted to countries with strong economies and robust job markets. 

While salaries vary based on the chosen field, location, and individual skills, countries like the United States, Canada, and certain European nations tend to offer higher average salaries than India. However, India’s emerging industries and tech sector are gradually narrowing this gap.

Average Tuition Fees Comparison

Studying in India generally offers lower tuition fees than international education destinations like the US and Western European countries. 

Indian institutions are often more affordable for residents, and government-subsidized education options further contribute to cost-effectiveness.

Average Property Price Comparison

The cost of real estate is a crucial factor to consider, especially if a student plans to settle post-education. 

In India, property prices vary significantly based on the city and locality. In contrast, studying abroad often takes students to cities with higher living costs and property prices. 

However, this is balanced by the potential for higher earning opportunities in some cases.

Average Rent Comparison

In India, rent costs vary widely across cities, with metropolitan areas typically commanding higher rents. 

Abroad, particularly in popular study destinations, rents can be steep due to the cost of living. Sharing accommodations and seeking student housing options can help manage these expenses.

Future prospects: Study abroad for Indian students

Studying abroad can really boost your career options in many ways. To put it simply, it introduces you to lots of new chances by taking you out of your usual routine. The more you step away from what you’re used to in your education, the more exciting opportunities you can find.

Employers like to hire people who have studied abroad because they see they have something to offer that others don’t. It’s not just about finishing your education – it’s about your willingness to try new things and your confidence in going after them.

Wrapping Up

Studying abroad is a remarkable journey that can significantly enhance your career possibilities. 

By stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring unfamiliar educational environments, you expose yourself to a world of fresh opportunities. This shows your commitment to education and showcases your adventurous spirit and self-assuredness in seeking novel experiences. 

As you weigh the benefits of studying abroad against the comfort of your home country, remember that this journey can truly set you apart in the eyes of employers, offering you a competitive edge in the ever-evolving job market.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Why should Indians study abroad?

    A. Study abroad for Indian students presents a lot of compelling reasons for Indian students. One of the most prominent factors is the improved job prospects and higher salary potential. Degrees obtained from international institutions carry significant weight, often resulting in better employment opportunities and increased earning potential. International qualifications are highly regarded, making graduates more competitive in the job market.

  • Q. Which exam is easy for study abroad for Indian students?

    A. The journey to study abroad for Indian students involves tackling essential entrance exams such as GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, and ACT. Excelling in these international competitive exams not only paves the way for educational opportunities but can also lead to financial aid in the form of scholarships, making the process more affordable.

  • Q. Which country do most Indian students go to?

    A. Indians choose the following countries to study abroad:

  • Q. Why is foreign education better than India?

    A. Opting for foreign education offers Indian students a lot of advantages. International institutions provide a diverse range of course options with comprehensive skill-based training. In contrast, many Indian colleges may offer limited course options. Studying abroad often educates deeper into subject matters, providing a broader scope of study and skill development.

  • Q. Why do Indians succeed abroad?

    A. The success of Indians abroad can be because of a combination of factors. While Indian heritage certainly plays a role, the societies in their adopted countries also contribute significantly. These countries prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion, providing an environment that encourages personal and professional growth.

  • Q. How many Indians return after studying abroad?

    A. Approximately 30-35% of Indian students who study abroad eventually return to their home country, with a notable number coming back from European countries. While prestigious foreign education is beneficial, the job market’s response varies and sometimes does not offer a significant premium compared to domestic education.

  • Q. Which country is better to study abroad for Indian students?

    A. For Indian students seeking quality education without excessive tuition fees, Germany emerges as a prime destination. With its renowned universities and minimal tuition costs, Germany is an appealing choice for those aspiring to study abroad for Indian students.

  • Q. Which is the cheapest country to study abroad for Indian students?

    A. Among the most budget-friendly options to study abroad for Indian students, countries like Poland, Austria, Germany, Norway, and Sweden offer affordable education, making them sought-after choices for those looking to pursue studies abroad.

  • Q. Which is the safest country to study abroad for Indian students?

    A. Switzerland is recognized as one of the safest countries to study abroad for Indian students due to its strong emphasis on safety and security measures. In the past year, a US News report ranked Switzerland as the safest country overall, providing a reassuring environment for international students.

  • Q. Which country degree is most valuable in India?

    A. When it comes to pursuing a master’s degree, countries like the USA, Canada, and Germany are considered valuable to study abroad for Indian students. These nations provide exposure to diverse cultures, specialized knowledge, and transferrable skills that enhance graduates’ employability.

  • Q. Which country degree is most valuable in the world?

    A. The USA stands out as one of the most highly valued countries to study abroad for Indian students to obtain a degree. US universities are globally recognized, offering a vast array of educational opportunities and strong job prospects, both within the country and internationally.

  • Q. Which country gives free education to Indians?

    A. Several countries offer free or highly affordable education to study abroad for Indian students. Notable examples include Germany, Finland (courses in Swedish or Finnish language), Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia, and the United Kingdom, where scholarships and tuition waivers are often available for international students.

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