Top Scholarships In Germany For Indian Students: Online Guide To Avail Them

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Germany is home to many top-ranked global universities and has seen rapid growth in the population of international students. The charges of studying abroad can seem to be a huge burden, but there are various Scholarships In Germany For Indian Students to help curb the cost of study significantly. Furthermore, some scholarships also cover living expenses.So, let us look into some of the top scholarships for Indian students to study in Germany without further ado!

Best Scholarships In Germany for Indian Students

The table below comprises the scholarships and the funds awarded to the Indian students under each of them.

Scholarship NameFunds Awarded (in INR)**
DAAD WISE â‚¹ 60,000 per month 
₹ 90,000 for travel allowance
Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung â‚¹ 42,200 per month 
 â‚¹ 92,800 for travel allowance
Heinrich Boll â‚¹ 72,000 per month for Master’s 
₹ 84,400 per month for PhD
₹ 8443 for travel allowance
Kofi Annan MBA₹ 21,10,000 for Master’s
₹ 36,70,000 for MBA
ESMT Women’s Academic Scholarship₹ 12,20,00 for full course
Goethe Goes Global Scholarships₹ 84,400 per month
EMS Undergraduate Scholarship50% discount on tuition fees
WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management₹ 8,40,000 but is not fixed
Master’s Scholarships at the University of StuttgartAs per the university guidelines
DLD Executive MBA Scholarship₹ 19,40,000 awarded to the winner
₹ 84, 400 awarded to 3 finalists

**Note – The figures are not precise and may change as per the rules and regulations of the Government and university-specific scholarships.Now, let us dive deep into the details of each scholarship and how they benefit the Indian students who wish to pursue higher studies in German universities.

Government-funded German Scholarships for Indian Students

DAAD Wise Scholarships

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Top Scholarships In Germany For Indian Students: Online Guide To Avail Them

The features of DAAD scholarship are as follows –

  • A scholarship for a degree in engineering and science.
  • Provided as a short-term for a three-month internship at a German university funded by the public.
  • It covers health, personal liability, accident insurance, and living and travel subsidies.

Non-Government Scholarship in Germany for Indian Students

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship

The features of the KAD scholarship are as follows –

  • Students who have completed their Bachelor’s or Master’s and aspire to continue higher studies in Germany are eligible for this scholarship
  • Interest in politics and an excellent academic record are added advantages
  • The scholarship amount varies as students from various developing nations are given more preference
  • This scholarship provides a monthly stipend to students involved in PhD, Master and postgraduate programs

Heinrich Boll Scholarship

The features of the Heinrich Boll scholarship are as follows –

  • Students passing the university entrance exams are eligible for this scholarship
  • One can choose to study in Germany in Master’s or PhD course programs
  • A monthly stipend and some extra allowances are provided under this scholarship program
  • Tuition fees and monthly travel allowance are added bonuses under this program

University-Specific German Scholarship for Indian Students

Kofi Annan MBA

The features of Kofi Annan MBA are as follows –

  • Given to emerging leaders from developing nations
  • Students who completed their undergraduate degrees with excellent academic records and excellent ELP scores are eligible for this scholarship program
  • Students with a strong notion to contribute to their home nation’s development are given more preference
  • Full tuition fees for MIM and MBA are covered under this program
  • Travel costs, visas, networking, insurance and accommodation are also covered under this scholarship

ESMT Women’s Academic Scholarship

The features of the ESMT Women’s Academic Scholarship are as follows –

  • A scholarship only for the female students applying for MBA courses at the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) is eligible to avail of this scholarship’s benefits.
  • Candidates with a minimum GMAT score of 700 qualify for this program.
  • The application essays are scrutinised quite closely.

Goethe Goes Global Scholarships

The features of Goethe Goes Global Scholarships are as follows –

  • Students with Bachelor’s degree completion certificates are eligible to avail of this program
  • It aims to boost students’ career progression for the Master’s course
  • The scholarship is awarded to 20 international students annually
  • A monthly stipend is provided under this scholarship program

EMS Undergraduate Scholarship

The features of the EMS Undergraduate Scholarship are as follows –

  • A scholarship for students applying for a Bachelor’s course
  • Excellent academic records along with social credentials are a must to fulfil the eligibility criteria
  • This scholarship program waives 50% on tuition fees and provides worldwide exposure to develop one’s personality

WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management

The features of WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management are as follows –

  • A scholarship program from Germany’s leading business school
  • It is offered to international students pursuing MBA in this educational institution
  • Aspirants with undergraduate completion certificates are eligible for this scholarship
  • Excelling in the English language proficiency test is a must for eligibility criteria
  • The scholarship funds may vary for specific subjects, and the award covers the total study cost

Necessary Documents to Avail Scholarship in Germany for Indian Students

  • Officially certified qualification certificates
  • Transcript of your previous educational qualification
  • Passport size photographs
  • Transcripts of language proficiency and entrance exams 
  • A resume
  • Letter of recommendation


Most public-funded universities in Germany provide free-of-cost education to international students, except for some special courses. But the Scholarships In Germany For Indian Students are helpful to fund not only the tuition fees but also the living expenses in some cases. Other than this, various other scholarships are awarded to talented candidates with proper academic records, volunteering, internships, community, and research experience. Furthermore, some foundations provide equal opportunities by considering the applicant’s social and financial circumstances. For more information contact Leap Study abroad experts here. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Indian students study in Germany for free?

If one candidate can manage to secure a position in a public university in Germany, then just like the EU students, an Indian student can also avail of education free of cost.

2. How much CGPA is required for a scholarship in Germany?

The CGPA required for a Master’s program in Germany is 7.0, or at least 70%. In addition, an IELTS score of 8.5 and a CGPA of 8.5 are preferable.

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