Top Benefits to Study Abroad for Indian Students

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Studying abroad is a dream for many students. Universities and educational institutions abroad focus more on teaching skills and the overall personality development of a student. As per the Government data, lakhs of students apply for a student visa every year because of the benefits of studying abroad. As per CNBC-TV 18, after China, India is the second-largest source of international students in the world. This inclination of Indian students towards abroad shows students’ aspiration to secure global education and have a better and prosperous future. As per a study on employment statistics conducted by the British Council, around 40% of multinational companies demand students with an international education background. 

There are many other advantages to studying abroad. It helps you grow and develop both as a person and as a professional. We will discuss the same more elaborately further in the article. Since we are mindful that there is intense competition in the market nowadays, studying abroad will give you an edge over others. Recruiters are more interested in candidates with an excellent educational background, and studying abroad will improve your career prospects by making you an ideal candidate for a job. 

When you are away from home and studying, it’s normal that you feel a little anxious, as you will begin a new adventure in an unfamiliar country. According to Mr. Danny Kalman, former Panasonic’s global head of talent management, international exposure is a key for the overall development of a corporate worker. The three main qualities of a corporate employee are confidence, openness, and easy adaptability, which can only be acquired by studying abroad.

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Advantages of Studying Abroad for Indian Students

When people start living in a new country, they learn many new things that help them survive overseas and have a long-lasting influence on their professional and personal lives. A person comprehends a lot when they are out of their comfort zone. Apart from getting a world-class education, you will get exposure to many new unfamiliarities. As per the data from the Ministry of External Affairs, around 753,000 Indian students are studying abroad. Most students prefer Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. for their studies. We have mentioned a few skills and benefits to study abroad that a person attains, which boosts their career prospects.

  • Multicultural Proficiency
benefits to study abroad- leap scholar

Every country has its own culture and values. When students study abroad, they learn that country’s culture. International experience makes people more confident in dealing with and pursuing new challenges. Interacting with people of other nations will infuse social skills, which will go a long way in your personality’s holistic development.

  • Expertise

Studying in a foreign university will make you an expert in your study field. You will get a lots of opportunities, such as meeting new people from diverse cultures. You will also gain experience under experts as a part of your working skill development program (internships). Foreign universities provide expertise in the subject, as the level is different;, they have the best faculty, well-designed courses, etc. 

By facing international competition, you will develop the art of problem-solving quickly. To become a master in any field, experience is a must. Studying abroad will make you industry-ready and help in grab high-paying jobs.

  • Creating a Global Network

Whether you will be working abroad or not, networking will always succeed. Studying abroad will connect you with many working professionals and experts. It will not only enrich you with profound knowledge but will also build up a strong network, which will have a more generous benefit in your corporate life.  

Since the education system abroad is more job-oriented rather than theory-based, it lets the students have practical exposure so they can nourish their skills and have a bright future. If you want to start a business, the network will help secure your clients without searching for them. It will aid you to kick start your business with ease. 

  • Communication Skills
communication skills benefits to study abroad

Communication and interpersonal skills are essential in the 21st century and are one of the major benefits of studying abroad. Studying abroad will improve your communication skills, as you will get the opportunity to learn one more language apart from your mother tongue if you study in non-English speaking countries.

While studying abroad, you will learn a new language, and it will help you express your ideas and interact with different people. You will also develop communication skills to help you get a job easily. Knowing a language spoken in other countries is also fruitful when working in a multinational company.

  • Flexibility and Independence

Living in a foreign country is not easy; it requires a planned course of action. Life is uncertain, and flexibility is the only solution to overcome it, especially when living independently. Studying abroad will boost your morale to take the initiative by yourself to solve any problem. Living independently will teach you to plan your finances and balance your expenditure, which is an essential life skill.

After completing your studies abroad, you will be an independent person having all the required skills, ready to face challenges to prove yourself.

IELTS accepting countries

Depending on the kind of visa, each nation has different band score criteria for the IELTS. Cambridge Assessment English, IDP IELTS Australia, and the British Council jointly administer Cambridge Assessment The IELTS exam.


Top UniversitiesMinimum IELTS Score for UGMinimum IELTS Score for PG
Stanford University7.07.0
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)7.07.0
Harvard University7.57.5
Princeton University8.08.0
University of Arkansas6.56.5
Source: idp


Top UniversitiesMinimum IELTS Score for UGMinimum IELTS Score for PG
University of Oxford7.07.5
University of Cambridge7.07.0
Imperial College London6.56.5
University College London6.56.5
University of Edinburgh6.56.5
Source: IDP


Top UniversitiesMinimum IELTS Score for UGMinimum IELTS Score for PG
University of Toronto6.56.5
University of British Columbia6.56.5
McGill University6.56.5
McMaster University6.56.5
University of Alberta6.56.5


Top UniversitiesMinimum IELTS Score for UGMinimum IELTS Score for PG
University of Melbourne7.07.0
Australian National University6.57.0
University of Sydney6.56.5
University of Queensland6.56.5
Monash University6.56.5
Source: British Council


Top UniversitiesMinimum IELTS Score for UGMinimum IELTS Score for PG
University of Sorbonne6.06.0
Pierre and Marie Curie University6.06.0
University of Strasbourg6.56.5
University of Montpellier6.56.5
Jean Moulin Lyon University6.06.0

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Top Benefits to Study Abroad for Indian Students

Top Universities to study in the USA

University NameTuition Fee (INR)Conversion rate: 83.41INR = 1 dollar
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)47,94,068
Harvard University62,43,360
Stanford university 68,26,073
University of Chicago53,11,101
Princeton University47,79,083
Northwestern University 52,44,422
Source: US news

Final Thoughts

After completing your studies abroad, you will have ample opportunities. Recruiters always wish to hire those with global experience, as they possess better potential and skills than others. Studying abroad will enhance your CV and help you get a decent job. As per the UNESCO Institute of Statistics, an average of 22% growth has been seen every year among Indian students getting jobs in top companies after completing their education abroad. Having studied abroad, you will be more courageous to apply for various job roles easily without much guidance.

Before applying to any university, it is very crucial to check their placement records. Thus, checking the background of the college before taking admission is essential.

Leap Scholar is one of the online platforms for all aspirants who wish to study abroad. It has a scholarship program that provides around $25,0000 as a scholarship. However, this amount is dependent on various other factors. To know more about the scholarship programs and consultancy services provided by Leap Scholar, visit their official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the benefits of studying abroad for Indian students?

A. There are many advantages for students to study abroad, such as
1. Exposure to a new culture and language
2. More opportunities for academic and career advancement
3. Personal development and increased independence Building a global network of contacts
4. The development of adaptability and problem-solving skills
5. Experience new culinary styles, traditions and lifestyles.
6. The ability to access highly specialized study programmes and research facilities
7. Opportunities to travel and explore Improve language skills and intercultural communication abilities

Q. Are there any financial benefits to studying abroad?

A. The costs such as fees, housing and travel expenses may also be involved in the study on foreign soil, making it an opportunity to benefit financially. International students can benefit from scholarships, grants or work opportunities in some countries. Secondly, studying abroad may be an investment for your future as international experience and skills acquired can make you more employable and able to take up a career.

Q. How does studying abroad enhance academic and career opportunities?

A. You can study abroad and gain access to top-rated universities and specialized programs in your field of interest. It allows you to learn from some of the best teachers in the world, to be exposed to different teaching methods, and to engage in a variety of perspectives. You can stand out from the competition when you have international experience on your resume, demonstrating qualities such as adaptability, cultural competence and global awareness.

Q. What are the Benefits of pursuing a Postgraduate degree Abroad?

A. The other great benefit of a postgraduate degree in foreign countries is that they will have access to the best educational facilities, infrastructure and specialisations, research opportunities, etc.
First of all, it makes your CV heavier than your peers.
2) The chance to be part of the international student network
3) Get to know the local language, culture and festivities
4) To benefit from student’s benefits.
5) You’re strengthening your efforts to be an independent person

Q. What are the benefits of pursuing an Undergraduate degree abroad?

A. Pursuing your graduation degree abroad brings you the benefits of:
​1) Diverse course options to choose from
​2) Global exposure and expertise
​3) Opportunity to learn new languages
​4) Employment opportunities
​5) Experience foreign culture and diversity that helps you imbibe a global perspective

Q. Is studying abroad expensive?

A. It is not necessarily necessary to be expensive to study abroad. Currency exchange rates are one of the main reasons, and there’s a solution to that problem through scholarships. To reduce the costs of studying abroad, all significant destinations have introduced various scholarship schemes for India’s students.

Q. Which exams are accepted in the USA universities?

A.  In most of the universities in the USA, students with a non-English primary language need to demonstrate their proficiency in English. TOEFL is the most accepted English proficiency test obtained by the USA universities, followed by IELTS, PTE, Duolingo and others.

Q. Why is studying abroad good for Indian students?

A. International studies provide Indian students with the opportunity to specialize in various courses, develop research abilities, and provide skilled-based training opportunities for students. Not just limited to this, but studying abroad also helps with expanding your thinking boundaries.

Q. Is it possible to study for free abroad?

A. Yes, it’s possible to do that. You can research different scholarships and fellowships available at universities or colleges. The best option for students who want to study at no or minimum costs is a state university.

Q. Which are the best cities to study abroad in Australia?

A. Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth, Brisbane, Cairns and Canberra are the seven best places in Australia for students to study abroad.

Q. How can Indian students apply for scholarships to study in Australia?

A. Students from India can explore a range of scholarships to study in Australia. Some universities in Australia offer scholarships to students, as do public organisations and private institutions. University websites, official study abroad sites and the Australian Government’s scholarship website are good places for students to research scholarships. There are different procedures and eligibility criteria, as well as time limits for applications for scholarships. Thorough research must be carried out.

Q. Which is the best place to live in the UK for Indians?

A. The best place in the UK for Indian students is London, as it has world-class universities, various cultural experiences and excellent employment opportunities.

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