What Is a SAT Superscore? Check The Superscore SAT Colleges

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SAT scores have become an integral part of the whole admission process off-late, especially with the competition getting more fierce. Facing challenges in understanding the process of how different colleges interpret SAT scores is extremely normal and a situation commonly faced by students worldwide.

The standardised SAT aims to evaluate the verbal, written and mathematical skills of applicants. Several students often submit their SAT super scores to a university to maximise their chances of getting selected. SAT superscoring is when an applicant has taken the test multiple times, and the super score SAT average is the highest score achieved per section by the candidate irrespective of the attempt.

If you’re still trying to understand the whole concept of SAT superscore and wish to know more about the concept and SAT Superscore colleges that accept it, check this detailed guide.

SAT Superscore

What is SAT Superscore?

SAT Superscore is a convenient method of taking the pressure away from applicants by allowing them to submit scores of not just one attempt but a combination of multiple attempts. It is the accumulation of the applicant’s highest score in different sections from different attempts. This technique helps prospective applicants send their best composite score for college applications.

For instance, an individual scored an exemplary score in the maths section on the first attempt but didn’t perform well in the reading and writing section. After some additional preparation and focused improvement of reading and writing skills, the applicant aced the section in the next attempt. But, the maths score fell short on the second attempt. Such an applicant has nothing to worry about if they are  applying to one of the superscore SAT colleges. The university can make use of the highest composite score by combining the best score of each section from the multiple attempts and evaluating the application process on this basis.

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What Is a SAT Superscore? Check The Superscore SAT Colleges

Both SAT and ACT superscore are accepted by universities, but the candidate has to opt for one of these super score submissions. Accepting SAT super scores helps universities improve their overall ranking as well.

Most Prestigious SAT Superscore Colleges

Here’s a list of some of the most popular colleges that SAT Superscore with their official statements:

1. Boston College

Official Statement: For applicants who have attempted SAT more than once, the college will take the highest individual section scores from each attempt and combine those scores.

2. Boston University

Official Statement: The university allows its students to choose (the College board’s score choice); however, the university strictly recommends its student body submit their new scores each time an attempt is made at the SAT test. The university has always considered prospective applicants with the highest scores in each section and will continue to do so.

3. Columbia University

Official Statement: For students who attempt a test more than once, an evaluation will be done on the highest scores received in any individual section.

4. Duke University

Official Statement: Prospective students can choose which scores to submit to the university from the multiple attempts. The university will select the best scores from each section from the different scores submitted.

5. Georgetown University

Official Statement: The university does not participate in the score choice option available through the College Board. The university expects its applicants to submit all the test sittings for the SAT. The admissions board will choose the highest critical reading and writing score and the highest maths score while reviewing the application.

6. Georgia Institute of Technology

Official Statement: The university super scores within the same test, using the candidate’s highest section scores from any of the test attempts.  Each time a new test score is submitted, the record is updated with the highest scores. All the subsection scores are continuously evaluated.

7. Harvard University 

Official Statement: Applicants are free to choose the College Board score choice option.

8. John Hopkins University

Official Statement: The University opts to choose the highest section scores across all the SATs taken by the applicants in their evaluation process. The applicants must update their latest SAT score reports to enhance their chances of selection.

9. MIT University

Official Statement: MIT University considers the highest scores from each section for the applicants who have had multiple attempts at SAT. The university adopts this policy, so each applicant is evaluated on their best. The university also provides its students with the liberty to use the College Board’s score choice option to submit the scores of their choice.

10. New York University

Official Statement: The university reviews the highest of each section for both SAT and ACT scores, irrespective of the test date.

11. Notre Dame University

Official Statement: The university super scores the multiple scores submitted by the applicant for their evaluation. Regardless of the test date, the highest scores of each section and composite scores are considered for evaluation.

12. Princeton University

Official Statement: The university allows its students to use the score choice feature of the SAT test, but it encourages all prospective candidates to submit scores on all the tests attempted.

13. Stanford University

Official Statement: All scores from high school sittings of either of the standardised tests, ACT or SAT, can be submitted as a part of the application process. The highest individual evidence-based reading and writing, maths, and essay SAT scores from different test dates are considered.

14. University of Chicago

Official Statement: UChicago is a test-optional institute. The candidates can share either official or self-reported SAT or ACT scores. The students are not required to superscore or recalculate their own results.

15. University of Connecticut

Official Statement: The colleges combine the highest subscore from each section of the exam to create the best overall score for multiple exams attempted by the students.

16. University of Miami

Official Statement: Applicants attempting the test multiple times must ensure that the testing agency sends all of their scores so that the best score out of all the attempts can be submitted.

17. University of North Carolina

Official Statement: If the candidate sends scores from multiple test dates, the university will consider maximum scores for each section of the test for evaluation. If the applicant sends both ACT and SAT scores, the university will consider the best test scores of the two.

18. University of Pennsylvania

Official Statement: The university super scores between ACT and within the old and current SATs but not between the old and current SAT test.

9. University of Southern California (USC)

Official Statement: USC records the best scores for each section for the students who attempt multiple SATs.

20. University of Virginia

Official Statement: It has been a long-standing policy of the university to consider the best score submission of all the candidates. While evaluating, the University of Virginia considers the top scores from each section across all the administrations of the exam. Scores from different versions of the standardised test are not combined.

21. Vanderbilt University

Official Statement: The university strongly encourages students to take multiple SAT tests. Vanderbilt super scores among old SAT tests and among new SAT tests but not among the old SAT and new SAT. Only the highest section scores for the old SAT or new SAT will be considered for the admission review process.

22. Villanova University

Official Statement: Candidates are asked to submit their scores from each sitting of the SAT. The admission committee super scores the highest evidence-based reading and writing (EBRW) scores and maths scores from the SAT.

23. Virginia Tech University

Official Statement: The university super scores across test dates as well as across exams. This means that the admission board will look at the highest subscores of maths and English and will also combine scores from the SAT and ACT.

24. Yale University

Official Statement: While evaluating the SAT results, the admission officers focus on the highest individual old or new scores from all the test dates.

Difference between Score Choice and SAT Superscore

In score choice, a university evaluates a single SAT score report submitted by a student from a single test date. While superscoring, the college will review all of the SAT scores submitted by the student but review the highest section scores across all the test dates. Thus, it’s extremely important to research and inspect the score use policy of different universities before applying.

SAT Superscore


The best practice regarding SAT tests is to put your best foot forward right from the first attempt. This ensures that, even if SAT superscoring isn’t a part of the college’s admission process, your chances of getting selected are high. Overall, superscoring is an excellent concept that can help capable students score a seat in the college of their choice. Now that you know all about SAT superscore, prepare to attempt the exam multiple times and reap the benefits of superscoring to get into the college of your choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many times should a student attempt the SAT?

You should attempt the SAT test at least twice even if the college of your choice doesn’t accept superscore. Multiple attempts will help students improve their scores by understanding their weak areas.

What is the SAT point scale?

Two-section SAT scores are a part of the test: Reading and Writing and Maths. Each of these sections is in the range of 200-800. Both these scores can take your total score range to anywhere between 400 and 1600.

How can I send my SAT score to colleges?

Candidates receive four free score reports during the online registration process for the test. After attempting the test, candidates can send their scores to colleges of their choice during a nine-day period. After this time, $12 has to be paid for sending a score to each college of the candidate’s choice.

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