New Zealand PR For Indian Citizens: Check Process and Eligibility

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New Zealand’s promise of good employment opportunities, high quality of life, and rich cultural diversity attract international citizens, including those from India. However, obtaining permanent residency (PR) in New Zealand can be complex. However, you can achieve this goal with the correct information and guidance.

This blog will explore the steps and processes we should follow to obtain New Zealand PR for Indian citizens. We’ll cover the eligibility criteria and visa options, as well as the application process, and understand the requirements for Indian citizens to get New Zealand PR for Indian citizens. 

New Zealand PR for Indians: Key Highlights

  • New Zealand ranks among the world’s least corrupt nations.
  • No spot in the country lies more than 128km (79 miles) from the sea.
  • New Zealand officially recognises English, Māori, and New Zealand Sign Language.
  • One-third of its landmass is designated as a protected national park.
  • Despite its size being similar to that of the UK, New Zealand’s population is about 4.5 million.
  • New Zealand is home to the smallest dolphin species (Hector’s Dolphin) on earth.
  • Blue Lake in Nelson Lakes National Park has the cleanest water in the world.
  • New Zealand has 13 of the 18 penguin species in the world. 
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New Zealand PR Process

The New Zealand PR process is very transparent and easy to follow. 

You just need to follow the stepwise below process to submit the PR visa application successfully: 

  • Visit the official website of New Zealand Immigration. 
  • Check the eligibility criteria of New Zealand PR for Indian citizens. 
  • You must go through a New Zealand Qualification Framework (NSQF) test to make your qualifications valid in the country. 
  • Then, you will be required to complete the Expression of Interest, where you must provide information about yourself, your qualifications, and your experience. 
  • You will also be required to pay the basic application fee of NZD 240.
  • The application process will start, and you will hear from them.

The usual time taken by the Immigration department is around 8 weeks. Within this time frame, you will be able to hear from them. 

If they accept your application, you will need to proceed to the next step and provide supporting documents related to it, such as identification documents, educational documents, and experience certificates. You will also be required to pay an NZD 4890 resident application fee. 

New Zealand PR Benefits for Indian Citizens 

Being a permanent resident of New Zealand has many benefits. The best part is that you can travel anywhere and return to New Zealand without any lengthy protocols. 

Along with this, there are many key benefits of opting for the New Zealand PR for Indian citizens: 

  • You can study, work, and travel within the country anytime without any restrictions. However, for study and work visas, you often have to reapply with the details of the course/job before the expiry of your current passport. 
  • You will be required to provide details about everything, like your education and job. 
  • It will help you get a permanent visa when you spend 5 years in the country. However, certain criteria, like good health, character, and obligation-free, will apply. 
  • Just like NZ citizens, you will also be able to get a subsidy for medical facilities within the country. Remember that NZ healthcare facilities are truly advanced and improved, so you will always have access to better healthcare at a nominal cost. 
  • Another interesting fact about the New Zealand PR for Indian citizens is that if you have a child born in NZ, they will be the country’s citizens, and no further visa procedure is required for them. 
  • Your children will also be able to secure a free education at the government schools and universities. 
  • Your children shall be eligible for free education at state-run schools and universities.

If we can list all these benefits, we will find that NZ is the best place in terms of healthcare, education, safety, and security, and that’s enough to live a peaceful life. 

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New Zealand PR For Indian Citizens: Check Process and Eligibility

New Zealand PR Eligibility 

The Immigration Department has set some criteria for eligibility for the New Zealand PR for Indian citizens.

New Zealand PR requirements: 

Age Below 55 years 
Health StatusGood
Language CriteriaEnglish (need to submit the score of IELTS score) above 6.5 band score
Proof of IntentValid reason for stay in NZ
Minimum Work Experience 2 years 
Points Required 100 minimum 

These are the basic criteria that you need to meet to apply for a PR in New Zealand for Indian citizens. But yes, the process can be somewhat simple if you hold a visa in the partner, business, investment, or skilled migrant categories. 

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New Zealand PR Points System

The previous table mentioned the criteria for the term ‘points required’ for the New Zealand PR for Indian citizens. So, what is a points system?

The points system is a criterion under which the Immigration Department assigns a point score based on age, experience, qualifications, etc. 

These criteria with their respective points score are as follows: 

Age20-29 (30 points) to 50-55 (5 points)
Employability -Skilled Employees (1+ YOE): 60 Points 
-Fresher (0-1 YOE) 50 Points 
Work Experience -2 years (10 points) – 10 years (30 points)
Qualifications-Bachelor/Diploma: 50
-Masters/Doctorate: 55
Family Ties10 points if close family in NZ

Abbreviations: YOE = Years of Experience

Per the current criteria, a minimum score of 100-135 is required for the submission criteria. It may or may not invite you to apply (depending on NZ Immigration). However, a score of around or above 160 is sure to get an invitation to apply for New Zealand PR for Indian citizens. 

New Zealand PR for Indian Citizens: Documents Required

The New Zealand Immigration Department conducts a background check on the application based on the information provided and uploaded documents. Hence, it becomes essential to provide supporting documents for each piece of information you provide in your application. 

These are the documents required for the New Zealand PR for Indian citizens:

  • Personal Identification documents 
  • English proficiency score card (IELTS)
  • Job Offer Letter
  • Character Certificate by local authority
  • Medical Health Certificate 
  • New Zealand Qualification Report 

Keep these documents ready before applying for the New Zealand PR for Indian citizens.

New Zealand PR Categories

We have completed the required process to get the New Zealand PR for Indians. But there’s one more thing that you need to think about before applying for the PR. And that’s the visa category.

There are different types of New Zealand PR for Indian citizens, as mentioned below:  

Visa Categories Who’s it For?
Skilled Migrant CategoryApplicants holding a full-time job offer
Family Category Spouse/Partner/Child a NZ resident
Business and InvestmentIf you are an investor or want to establish a business 
Partnership If you are partnering with an NZ citizen or PR.  

You can select any visa category that fits your goals, and remember to present the required proof to prove your eligibility for the visa. 

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Applying for a New Zealand PR for Indian citizens is pretty simple. You can visit their official website and apply directly. No third party will require you to apply for the visa, so you will have significant savings when you apply directly to the Immigration Department. But please take note of the eligibility criteria for the New Zealand PR. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to get PR in New Zealand?

A. To secure Permanent Residency (PR) in New Zealand, follow these key steps:

-Check Eligibility: Ensure you meet basic criteria like age, health, and character requirements.
-Skill Selection: Accumulate points based on factors like work experience, skills, and age.
-Expression of Interest (EOI): Submit an online EOI indicating your interest in migration.
-Invitation to Apply (ITA): If you qualify, you’ll receive an ITA to proceed with your PR application.
-Visa Application: Gather the necessary documents and submit your formal PR visa application.

Once submitted, wait for your application to be processed and approved.

Q. Is it easy to get PR in New Zealand?

A. The ease of obtaining PR depends on your individual profile. It’s competitive, with points awarded based on various factors. Strong qualifications, work experience, and in-demand skill areas can improve your chances. Generally, a minimum of 100 points is required for PR consideration, but having a higher score significantly increases your chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Q. Can we get PR in New Zealand from India?

A. Yes, individuals from India can apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in New Zealand. The application process remains the same regardless of nationality. However, due to high demand and competition, submitting a strong application is crucial. Meeting eligibility criteria and presenting a compelling case with relevant qualifications and skills can improve your chances of success in obtaining PR from India.

Q. What is the easiest way to get PR in New Zealand?

A. Research sought-after skills in New Zealand, then focus on acquiring the necessary qualifications or experience. Securing a job offer within the country can substantially enhance your points tally, potentially adding up to 50 points to your overall score, thereby increasing your chances of successfully obtaining a Permanent Residency.

Q. How many points are required for New Zealand PR from India?

A. The minimum points needed for PR consideration may vary, but as a general guideline, you’ll require at least 100 points. This data is taken on May 2024 and might change from time to time as the New Zealand Immigration keep updating it. So please visit the official New Zealand Immigration for the latest information.

Q. Who is eligible for New Zealand PR?

A. Various categories offer eligibility for PR, such as Skilled Migrant, Investor, and Family-based routes, with the Skilled Migrant Category being the most common. Explore the Immigration New Zealand website for comprehensive information on each category’s requirements and application process.

Q. What is the age limit for New Zealand PR?

A. While there’s no specific age cap for PR, applicants over 45 receive fewer points in the scoring system. Typically, younger candidates find it easier to accumulate the required points for eligibility. This emphasizes the importance of planning and applying earlier in one’s career to maximize chances of meeting PR criteria.

Q. Can I move to New Zealand without a job?

A. Securing a job offer in New Zealand can substantially boost your PR points, potentially by up to 50 points, though it’s a more challenging route. Alternate pathways to PR exist without a job offer, but they often necessitate higher points in other categories like qualifications or work experience. It’s essential to weigh your options and strategize accordingly based on your circumstances and goals.

Q. How much band is required for New Zealand PR?

A. Through the Skilled Migrant Category pathway, you can settle and work in New Zealand indefinitely, eventually becoming eligible for a Permanent Resident Visa. To apply, you’ll need to achieve a minimum overall IELTS score of 6.5 on either the General Training or Academic test. This pathway offers a great opportunity to build a future in New Zealand based on your skills and qualifications.

Q. Is NZ PR for lifetime?

A. Yes, New Zealand Permanent Residency (PR) is indeed permanent. Once you receive it, you’re free to live and work in New Zealand as you wish, with the flexibility to travel in and out whenever you want. However, certain conditions must be met to uphold your PR status, like spending a designated amount of time in New Zealand periodically. These requirements ensure that you maintain your status as a permanent resident.

Q. What are the benefits of New Zealand PR?

A. With New Zealand PR, you have the freedom to live, work, and study anywhere in the country. You’ll also access essential social welfare benefits like healthcare and public education. Travelling in and out of New Zealand is hassle-free, and meeting residency requirements can lead to citizenship, enhancing your sense of belonging.

Q. How to settle in New Zealand from India?

A. Moving to New Zealand from India requires some careful steps. Here’s what you should do:

-Research: Look into what you need to move, like the cost of living and job opportunities.
-Skills: Check if your skills match what New Zealand needs.
-Points: Learn about the points system and try to get a high score.
-Interest: Show you want to move by sending an online form.
-Invitation: If you score enough points, you’ll get an invite to apply.
Apply: Gather documents and apply for your visa.

Once approved, plan your move – find a place to live, look for work, and get to know your new home.

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