Canada Higher Education Scholarships: Top Scholarships For Indian Students

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Higher education at a prestigious international university is a dream academic step up for students who wish to take a leap in their careers. With a special focus on identifying skill gaps in students and bridging the gap between knowledge and career, international universities have gained a rising trend amongst Indian students.

To match the academic needs, Canada has proven itself to be a welcoming country for Indians to not only offer higher studies but also open a myriad of career opportunities and financial aid programs. Moreover, Canadian universities provide an array of higher education scholarships to provide financial aid to meritorious international students. Apart from this, there are many scholarships for Indian students to study abroad.

Before delving into the question of how to get a scholarship to study abroad, let us walk you through why you must opt for fully-funded scholarships.

Understanding the Need for a Higher Education Scholarship

Indians have always credited higher education to be a vital aspect of one’s life and career growth; however, with the cost of education is observing an increasing trend where higher education is becoming the major.

With the rising cost, education is becoming undesirable for many, be it a government college, a public-funded college or a private college. The cost scenario becomes even worse if you are opting for a technical or professional course. This forces many students to give up on their dream of higher education and their choice of career.

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Canada Higher Education Scholarships: Top Scholarships For Indian Students
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However, the aspect that enables students to reach their career peak through higher education is the abroad scholarships for Indian student financial aid. Gaining momentum through the years, study abroad scholarships backed higher education has become a preference for students who wish to pursue their academic courses in international universities or colleges.

This option saves you from the hefty student loans interest, the stress of repayment and allows students to get admission to the top institutes in a country through financial assistance. Additionally, there are many higher education scholarship opportunities available for students right after high school to explore and apply at the international level.

Criteria for Scholarships for Indian Students in Canadian Universities 

To apply for a scholarship to study abroad for Indian students with financial needs, the primary eligibility requirement is a good academic background. However, factors such as volunteering, community service, extracurricular activities, sports, and many such activities work to the advantage of students when they are applying for international college scholarships. Higher education scholarship also depends upon the destination chosen, and the subject opted.

Eligible students will have to provide their personal information and declare their score of IELTS- the English language proficiency test alongside other elements that are commonly accepted by all Canadian universities and colleges.

Key Scholarships for Indian Students

The higher education scholarship amount depends upon the type of scholarship and the university or college. While getting a scholarship for study abroad for Indian students is tough and competitive, applying ahead of time and fulfilling all the criteria will make sure you get your dream college.

Some of the renowned government national higher education scholarships for higher education that you must not miss are –

Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program

This merit-based overseas scholarship program encourages admission to publicly-assisted universities in Ontario. It is funded by the Province of Ontario and the University of Toronto with scholarships in all disciplines of academic study.

Eligibility– Indian students with a temporary resident visa or student study permit

Award– $5000 per session. Each study abroad scholarship for Indian students is tenable for one academic year.

Deadline– Set by graduation unit

Simon Fraser University Undergraduate Scholarships

This international scholarship supports international students who wish to pursue undergraduate studies at Simon Fraser University, Canada. The abroad education scholarship aims at enabling students with academic achievement to achieve awards throughout their undergraduate program in the chosen subject.

Eligibility– Undergraduate students

Award– Variable awards

Deadline– Between December and January

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program

This scholarship for overseas education is offered by the University of Toronto, Canada, to support those international students who have passed secondary education and wish to enrol in the undergraduate degree program in the college. With the key objective to recognize exceptional, academically bright students, this scholarship stands for creativity and excellence.

Eligibility– Undergraduate degree applicants

Award– Tuition, books, incidental fees, and full residence support for four years

Deadline– Between December and January

Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute

With a fellowship available for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and other degree programmes, the Shastri Indo-Canadian institute enables college students to take up research work in the field of interest in Canada.

Eligibility– Students who are willing to pursue a degree in undergraduate, postgraduate, M.Phil. or Ph.D. degree program.

Award – The fellowship value is CAD 500-1,000 (The sponsorship for Indian students to study abroad covers the tuition fee and does not cover telephone/internet bills, registration fees, library/lab facility)

Deadline – August

Ontario Trillium Scholarship

Introduced by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills, the Ontario Trillium Scholarship is awarded annually to international students. It is provided to the Waterloo doctoral candidates with a valid Canadian study permit and is registered as a full-time degree grant program.

Eligibility – Doctoral students with a first-class average (A-80% Ontario equivalent) every year of the two-year full-time study.

Award– $40,000 annually for each Ontario Trillium scholarship

Term – Winter

Partnership Grants by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada

SSHRC promotes university-based research and training in social sciences and humanities subjects. The sponsorship to study abroad enables international students to perform responsible research and strengthen the social sciences and humanities community.

Award- $80,000 in total

Registration month- Feb, May, Aug, Nov

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

Awarded for a duration of 2 years, the Banting Postdoctoral fellowship is initiated by the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR). This merit-based scholarship in a foreign university offers a total of 70 fellowships for both national and international students.

Eligibility– The candidate must be an international student with a Ph.D. or its equivalent.

Award– $52,637

Deadline– September

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

With the focused area of health research, social sciences, humanities, engineering and natural sciences, the Vanier Canada graduate scholarship attracts highly qualified doctoral candidates.

Eligibility– Completed no more than 20 months of full-time doctoral study program after Master’s degree. Candidates must hold an MD/Ph.D., DVM/Ph.D., JD/Ph.D. or any other professional degree with a joint graduate research program.

Award– $50,000 per year

Application deadline – November

Keep track of all that is vital

It is vital to keep a record of all the best scholarship awards and financial support for Indian students relevant to their academic interests. It will enable them to keep pace with the eligibility criterion and the registration deadline to ensure you do not miss anything that can benefit your academics and career.

At LeapScholar, your single place counselling service that solves all your international scholarships for Indian students’ queries, you can browse the extensive number of higher education scholarships available for Indian students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my grades in the 12th standard affect my higher education scholarship application?

Your grades will be relevant to those scholarships that explicitly define this term.

When GPA says 3.0, what percentage of score does that mean?

A GPA of 3.0 generally means “B,” and a 4.0 GPA means the grade “A.” This means that your percentage must range from 75-85%.

Can I apply for those higher education scholarships that have no connection with my field of academics?

Yes. There are some scholarships that are based on your extracurricular activities, sports, research, or other achievements.

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