TOEFL Writing Task 2 Made Easy: New Essay Samples with Q&A

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TOEFL writing task 2 or TOEFL independent writing task is the second task given to the candidates to complete within a limited time. Here, individuals face a statement upon which they must provide their views. It includes whether they agree or disagree with the statement. However, there are other categories of questions too. For example, there are multiple-choice, good idea style, and paired choice.

Some sample essay questions have been provided below, along with model answers to help candidates practise before taking the test. This makes sure that one completes writing task 2 TOEFL within the given time on the test day.

toefl writing task 2

TOEFL Writing Task 2 Sample Questions & Answer

To clearly understand how to approach the essay question, format, and style it, it is paramount to refer to a TOEFL writing task 2 example. Some of these examples are mentioned below.

Question 1: 

While some people prefer to live in a big city, others crave to spend their lives in urban areas. However, few of them also like to live in small towns. Mention the place you would like to spend your life, along with supportive examples. 

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TOEFL Writing Task 2 Made Easy: New Essay Samples with Q&A


I spent my entire childhood in a small town but always aspired to complete my higher studies in a big city. So, as soon as I completed my primary education in the town, I sought opportunities to shift to the big city. Completing an undergraduate degree in a metropolitan city helped me settle down in the place. However, in my view, both big cities and small towns have their own unavoidable shortcomings. Moreover, to survive, one has to learn to adapt to a situation, whether knowingly or unknowingly. For example, living a lavish life in a small town is easy, but it does not come easy in big cities. In contrast, where one can find basic amenities easily in a big city, people have to go miles in remote areas. This is a big challenge to face in a time of emergency.Apart from this, more career opportunities are available in urban cities than in small towns. For example, while I was in a small town, I hardly had any part-time job to undertake to support my extra expenses. But, when I moved to the big city, I got flooded with tutoring offers. This not only helped me polish my basics but also gave me confidence. So, on a personal note, I love to conquer the challenges I face in the big city as it helps me grow and progress. But, on the other hand, living in a small town gives a feeling of being content in a small space.So, to sum up, people living in a small town or a metropolitan city both have to face some advantages and disadvantages. However, to me, living in a big city is a preferable choice as there’s a lot to experience and thrills to seize. It becomes monotonous to live in a small town. (303 words)

Question 2:

“The widespread use of the internet has positively affected people.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Share your views along with appropriate reasons.


People at large agree with the fact that modern technology affects society in several ways. However, in my view, it has a more positive effect on individuals and communities both. I feel this way because of two reasons that I will share in this essay.The first reason is that now people can access online investigation reports relating to political corruption easily on the internet after digitalisation. As a result, to avoid coming into people’s bad books, politicians try to remain honest. Some reporters are hesitant to criticise politicians on a national level. In contrast, there are others who are willing to expose any and every misbehaviour. For example, recently, I discovered an online magazine that shared a story of a town whose mayor was found guilty of taking bribes from its public. Moreover, there was enough evidence too to support the article. So, it was clearly showing the journalist has well-researched the topic. As a result, the mayor had to resign from the post. This is a clear depiction of how the internet helps maintain democracy in society. The next reason would be now many people are highly motivated to exchange their views on politics. It is because they can do it freely on online platforms. Multiple social networking platforms connect people from all over the world and help them share their opinions. So, while in the past, people hesitated to speak as they felt alone in their beliefs, today, the table has turned. They share to find like-minded people. Here I am speaking from my real life experience. Like when I was pursuing my higher secondary education, I found my local authorities were going to demolish a municipal park outside my apartment. This was disturbing for me since that park was my go-to place during my free time. At first, I felt helpless, like there was nothing I could do as I was the only one feeling this way. However, later I thought of creating a Facebook group. We shared our views on how much we loved the park and were ready to protest against it. We even gathered around the park until authorities heard our voices. Thus, it shows how the internet has united people and given them the strength to speak. So, the bottom line is widespread internet access has been beneficial to people in many ways. It has introduced online journalism, which has helped strengthen our country’s democracy and made people come close. (410 words)Above are two elaborative examples of writing TOEFL task 2 questions. Refer to it to take inspiration. However, for better understanding, students must also know the preferred structure or writing pattern for Independent writing tasks. 

Overview of How to Write Independent Essay Question

When students start writing, they may encounter a variety of TOEFL writing task 2 topics. So, one must remember to start by identifying the category and then approaching it in the required way. The structure will be as follows:

ParticularsComparative QuestionAdvantage & Disadvantage Question
IntroductionFirst, discuss the comparison mentioned and give personal views on it.Provide an overview of the advantages and disadvantages. Also, state view if asked. 
Body A Compare and give reasons according to one aspect.Discuss the advantages with supportive reasons. 
Body BCompare and give reasons according to the second aspect.Discuss the disadvantages with supportive reasons.
ConclusionProvide a summary and restate the opinion shared.Summarise and restate the opinion if mentioned.
toefl writing task 2


Whether a student wants to follow a template or not is his or her own choice. However, one should always know how to approach TOEFL writing task 2 to stay prepared for whatever question comes up in the test. In addition, it helps score better marks by giving a proper body and helping to complete the test on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the suggested length of an Independent writing task that one must present?

To score good marks in TOEFL writing task 2, a student must produce an essay of at least 300 words. However, the ideal length is between 350 to 400 words. Moreover, one will get 30 minutes to share his or her opinion on the particular topic along with supportive examples.

What are the four essential criteria for evaluating the writing task 2 essay?

The four essential criteria on which marking is done include how well the topic is addressed, the way one supports an idea, organises it and connects it to the topic. Also, how strong is the candidate’s vocabulary while stating a statement or view.

How can someone improve their writing for TOEFL task 2?

Individuals will be able to write better by taking notes of important points, avoiding lengthy and complex sentences, sticking to one opinion and using transitional phrases to connect the content. Also, one must plan out the time and divide them into multiple sections they are about to write. 

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