Why Study in the UK: Benefits of Studying in the UK for Indian Students

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Students who are wondering why studying in the UK is an attractive proposition, quality of education, high standard of living, and better employment opportunities are some of the highlights.

This blog will underline the benefits of studying in the UK. Keep reading!

Reasons for Studying in the UK 

There is a multitude of reasons to study in the UK. Following are some of the highlights: 

  1. High Quality of Education

Four of the leading global universities are in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge. While studying in the UK, an individual will understand that its education system emphasises industry-specific skills and utility-based courses. In addition, its curriculum is curated in such a manner so that the students can acquire analytical and problem-solving skills.

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Why Study in the UK: Benefits of Studying in the UK for Indian Students
  1. Flexible Course Durations

An individual will be able to choose from many courses available for students. This allows one to complete their studies within a short period and be employed soon after that. 

For instance, if one is pursuing an MBA program, he/she will have one year to complete it and gain work experience. This will boost an individual’s employability. Furthermore, this saves one’s tuition fees as well. 

  1. Study and Work at the Same Time 

The education system in this country allows students to work part-time as they complete their education. One can work up to 20 hours and even choose to work full-time during their semester break. This will help individuals to pay for their expenses and gain industry experience in their respective fields.

  1. Health Benefits

Students will have access to free medical treatment while pursuing their education in the UK. However, they must pay a nominal fee or International Health Surcharge. Nonetheless, students must check with their university regarding the health policies that they have in place.

  1. Globally recognised degrees

A degree from the UK provides global exposure and helps you in your job application worldwide.

  1. Study and Explore Europe 

One of the primary benefits of studying in the UK is that an individual can get a chance to explore the rest of Europe while completing their studies. Countries such as France, Netherlands and Belgium are nearby.

  1. Scholarships and Financial Grants 

Most universities offer financial assistance to their students through scholarships and financial grants. This helps students to manage their finances without any stress. 

  1. Work permit after Completion of Studies 

Individuals can now obtain a post-study work permit after completing their studies. 

Student Visa: Requirements and Application Process 

One needs to secure a student visa or Tier 4 visa to move into the UK. Primarily, there is a General, Short-term study and Child student visa available. 

Types of Student Visa Duration of the Visa Who Can Apply 
General Student Visa This lasts for the duration of the program and a grace period of up to a month Students aged 16 or over can apply for this. However, they must have an acceptance letter from the educational institution. With this, they can engage in part-time work. 
Child Student Visa Those under 16 must know that it will be valid for six years and four months. On the other hand, those above this age bar must understand that it is valid till three years and four months. Students aged between 4 and 17 can apply for this. However, they must have a Tier 4 sponsor and must be educated at an independent fee-paying school. 
Short-term Study Visa It can lasts for at least 6 months and can be extended to 11 months Students above 16 years of age can apply. However, they must be enrolled in a short-term course such as an English training course. The course can be fewer than six months or more. 

Eligibility Criteria for Student Visa 

Candidates have to meet specific eligibility parameters for a student visa. Here are the highlights –

  • A student has been offered a place in a course by a licenced student sponsor.
  • Applicants have enough financial support to manage the course fee and the additional expenses. This amount will, however, vary depending on the course one opts for.
  • Individuals below the age of 16 or 17 must get a consent letter from their parents.
  • Applicants must know how to read, write and speak English. 

What are the Documents Required? 

One must have the following documents handy while applying for a student visa in the UK: 

  • A valid passport
  • Tuberculosis Test Results 
  • Certificate of Criminal Record 
  • Proof of financial ability 
  • Consent letter if you are under 18 
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • CAS reference number

How to Apply for a Visa? 

Candidates can apply for their visa following the below-mentioned process: 

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Government of the United Kingdom. 

Step 2: Complete the application form and submit your biometrics. 

Step 3: Submit the Tuberculosis certificate along with a negative result. 

Step 4: Pay the processing fee of 348 GBP. 

Step 5: Undergo an interview. 

The visa takes three weeks to process. However, one can contact the visa application centre if it is urgent. These are its processing fees: 

  • Within 24 hours- 800 GBP+ 348 GBP 
  • Collection within five days- 500 GBP + 348 GBP 

Besides knowing why studying in the UK is an excellent option, one must also be aware of other details associated with this process to avoid delays. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is education in the UK the best?

Education in the UK is renowned as its degree holds a global reputation and offers better exposure to individuals. The improved educational infrastructure and employment opportunities make it a preferred destination for many.

2. How do I get a visa from India for the UK?

To get a visa from India, you need to fill in the application form and pay the processing fee of 348 GBP.

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