Updated List of IELTS Vocabulary for the upcoming IELTS exam

Want to score an IELTS band 7? Then it's time to perfect your IELTS vocabulary! Here’s a list of words that can help you in every section of IELTS.



Quarrel with

Dispute or disagree with something

Romp in 

Win easily

Venture forth

To go out cautiously

Salt away

Save money

IELTS Vocabulary: Phrasal Verbs

IELTS Vocabulary: Phrasal Verbs



Measure against

Evaluate or judge by comparison

Pass over

Ignore, refuse to discuss

Tee off

Start or launch an event

Kick back 


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Common Idioms for IELTS

On the top of the world 

On cloud nine 

If my memory serves me well 

Over the moon 

Once in a blue moon

Tips to prepare for IELTS Vocabulary

Practice makes it perfect. Make a habit of using new words in everyday context

Pick up new words by watching English films and series 

Tips to prepare for IELTS Vocabulary

Practise writing in a journal or diary

Make a habit of reading books, it's fun and you can understand how to use words in the right context