Expert Advice:

Writing a Winning Ivy League Application

by leapscholar

Admission to Ivy League colleges seems highly challenging, but is it really?

Ivies do have low acceptance rates (usually under 5%), and they do hold their applicants to high standards.

But getting into Ivy League colleges is not at all impossible! All you need is a stellar application and with the following tips, you can consider it done! 


Start preparing for your application in advance

You will have plenty of time to research and decide on a  college. Also, you will get an ample amount of time to prepare for competitive tests. 

Tips to Write a Stellar Application


Select recommenders carefully

Find people who know you, and have seen you grow. Teachers who are excited for your journey ahead will give you the best letters of recommendation.


Demonstrate your skills through internships

Internships are a great means to explore your career options and build practical exposure. Plus, they add great value on your resume! 


Build a strong resume

As an applicant, you must show character both in academics and extracurriculars. Schools look for students who display high sense of soft skills and hard skills.

Though highly competitive, Ivy League colleges produce some of the best graduates in the world. With high employability rates and higher education standards, Ivy League colleges continue to be the top universities in USA.

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