IELTS speaking cue cards for 2023!

List of expected

The IELTS speaking section is designed to assess your communication skills. The IELTS speaking cue cards or the IELTS prompt cards consists of speaking tasks or topics. 

IELTS speaking cue cards can be a statement, a question or even bullet points. You will be asked 3-4 questions and your answer will be rated on a scale of 1-9.

The parameters considered are: 


Lexical Resource

Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Fluency and Coherence

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Meanwhile, here’s a list of expected IELTS speaking cue cards for the upcoming IELTS exam.

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Describe an occasion you were afraid of

Describe shopping in a street market

Describe your experience solving a puzzle

Talk about the city you want to live in 

Talk about your favourite singer

Talk about a piece of local news that intrigued you

IELTS Speaking Cue Cards

Tell us about the time when you helped a friend

Describe the experience of moving to a new home

What is one of the most difficult things you have done?

What book do you enjoy reading?

A café you would like to visit

IELTS Speaking Cue Cards