Leap Rewinds 2022:

Best countries to study abroad for Indian students

2022 is a major breakthrough for international education.  With over 6 lakh Indian students studying abroad, 2022 set high expectations for the upcoming year! 


They are right. Students today are consciously choosing destinations that offer more than education.

International education is evolving every day. Today’s generation believes global education is the path to a brighter future.  


The top countries on this list offer 

Career-building prospects 

Networking opportunities

Chances for travel and adventure  

Affordable cost of living 

If you’re planning to study abroad in 2023, This is your ultimate list! Here are three best countries to study abroad for Indian students!

Top universities, great employment rate and high salaries make the USA one of the top choices.  As per reports, the USA issued around 2L visas to Indian students, with the majority of them interested in STEM-related courses.


The UK has maintained its position as a top study destination for Indians.  The number of Indian students in the UK surpassed the Chinese this year, and this trend is expected to grow further in 2023. 


2022 has been a year of big changes for Canada From lifting the working hour limit to an increasing rate of visa approvals, Canada is trying to make studying there most comfortable for Indian students.


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Let 2023 be the year you study abroad. 

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