SAT goes digital from 2023:

Here’s what you should know!

The first round of digital SAT will launch in March 2023! The new format is designed to be secure, convenient and better assess your college readiness.

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You can take the test on your laptop or tablet by downloading the digital testing app. The app also saves your progress in case your computer crashes, so you can resume where you left off.

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Major changes in Digital SAT 2023

The duration is now 2 hours

Sections have been reduced to 2

It will contain shorter passages 

Calculators added for math section

Scores will be delivered faster

Sources claim that this is the biggest SAT upgrade yet!

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Digital SAT 2023 Dates

SAT 2023 Dates


Mar 11, 2023

May 6, 2023

Jun 3, 2023

Feb 24, 2023

Apr 21, 2023

May 19, 2023


Faster results mean more time for university shortlisting and application process

Increased security with unique tests for every student

if you're not happy with your scores, you get 7 more attempts in a year

New Tools Introduced in Digital SAT

Countdown clock to alert when you run out of time

Built-in graphing calculator for the math section 

Reference sheet with common formulas 

Tips to Prepare for Digital SAT 

Keep yourself updated about the current affairs 

Memorize formulas and shortcuts to solve math problems easily

Tips to Prepare for Digital SAT 

Take plenty of mock tests to get accustomed to the new format

Practice reading swiftly. Always identify keywords when you read passages