College application rejected?

College application rejected?

5 things you should never do in your application! 

Fun fact: Did you know in the first three months of 2022, over 1.3L students chose to study abroad?  But how easy is it really, to study in universities abroad?

With the number of college applicants rising, admission officials are forced to make difficult choices during the selection process. Understanding what universities look for in an application might increase your chances of getting accepted!


Failure to meet test score standard

Although class grades are essential, tests such as the ACT & SAT boost your value.  If you have high academic grades but low test scores, you might to get rejected. 

Here are 5 common reasons for application rejection


Insufficient academic rigor

Colleges want applicants who push themselves academically. Schools will consider your GPA, but they will also review your transcript. It’s best to have a good mix of AP (Advanced Placement) and honours classes.


Errors in application

Students mostly make errors on application materials, especially on essays. Try not to hurry through it or neglect to proofread it.


Academic Integrity 

The admissions team must ensure that the transcript accurately reflects the applicant's capabilities.  Any record of cheating or plagiarism can lead to instant rejection.


Poor Fit

Colleges look for students who fit their ideologies, purpose and vision.  They prioritise students who meet their value system.

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