Best scholarships to study abroad for Indian students in 2023

One of the best ways to bring your cost down is to apply for scholarships. 

Managing finances while studying abroad is a major task for every student.

Need a little help? 

Here’s the ultimate list of scholarships to study abroad for Indian students in 2023! 


Yale University Scholarship, USA

Yale University, one of the best colleges in the United States, provides need-based, fully funded scholarships to undergraduate, master's, and doctoral students. Amount: up to $70,000


Commonwealth Scholarship

Every year, 800 students from commonwealth countries are awarded this scholarship. If you  plan to apply to a UK university, don’t miss out on Commonwealth Scholarship 2023!  Amount: Fully-funded,  1200 GBP-1,330 GBP stipend per month


Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

Funded by the European Union, this scholarship is for international students aspiring to study for master's or PhD in European colleges. Around 3000 students are awarded the scholarship every year. Amount- up to 49,000 euros


DAAD scholarship, Germany

DAAD supports over 100,000 German and international students. This fully funded scholarship allows you to study for a master’s or PhD at top German Universities.  Amount- Fully-funded, 850- 100 euros per month


Fulbright Scholarship, USA

Fulbright Scholarship 2023 is a fully funded scholarship sponsored by the US government. Every year, about 8000 international students pursuing post-graduation studies receive the scholarship. Amount- Fully- funded, Stipend -$1000 to $2500 per month

Getting a scholarship as an international student is a great achievement! Our study abroad experts have supported students in applying for some of the most advantageous scholarships abroad.

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