SAT Score Release 2023: When Do SAT Score Results Come Out?

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Every year thousands of students take SAT test in the hope to get a high score that can help them secure admission to top colleges and universities across India. SAT or the Scholastic Assessment Test is quite similar to other standardized tests such as GRE and GMAT. The exam is conducted various times in a year and this is why SAT score release dates are also different.

Usually, College Board releases SAT scores within two to four weeks after conduction the exam. If you or any of your known ones have been eagerly waiting for SAT score results, here is the perfect guide for you. Below is the latest list of all the important dates and times for SAT score release 2022. We have also jotted a step-by-step guide on how to check your SAT score results online. Keep reading:

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Important Dates For SAT Score Release 2022

As mentioned before, College Board (the administrator of SAT) releases the scores 2–4 weeks after you take the test. Here are the important dates including SAT test date and score report release dates for 2022:

  • Test Date: March 12, 2022

SAT Score Release Date: March 25, 2022

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SAT Score Release 2023: When Do SAT Score Results Come Out?
  • Test Date: May 7, 2022

SAT Score Release Date: May 20, 2022

  • Test Date: June 4, 2022

Sat Score Release Date: July 13, 2022

  • Test Date: August 27, 2022

SAT Score Release Date: September 9, 2022

  • Test Date: October 1, 2022

SAT Score Release Date: October 14, 2022

  • Test Date: December 3, 2022

SAT Score Release Date: December 16, 2022

Step-By-Step Guide To Check SAT Score

Now that you know the dates, you should also learn how to check your SAT score online. Nowadays, everything has become online and the same has happened with online score checking. Below is a step-by-step guide for students willing to scheck their SAT score report:

  • The first and obvious step is to visit the officoal site of College Board.
  • The students should then log into the College Board website by using their email ID and password of College Board account.
  • After logging in, students will be directed to their College Board profile where they have to click on the “My Organizer” option.
  • They can then see the option for “SAT test score.”
  • Next step is to click on “Access my score”.
  • The students will be again asked for their username and password details to gain access to the SAT score.
  • Finally, they can select “My test score” and the SAT score will appear on the screen.

Apart from online scores, students can also try other methods to check their SAT score report. For instance, they can get results via phone call or mail. To get more details for this, they can contact College Board Customer Service at 866-433-7728.

Understanding SAT Scores

When you have downloaded the SAT score report, you will find different types of scores in the portal. It is important for students to understand what do these SAT score mean. Here are some terms to understand:

  • Total Score:

The total SAT score or compoite score ranges between 400 and 1600. This means you can score anywhere between these two numbers for your Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math exam in SAT.

  • Percentile Score:

As the name suggests, it shows the percentage of students who score better or worse than you. This helps in comparing your performance with other students’ SAT score.

  • Section Score:

The range for the sections is 200 to 800 per section. There are three different tests that are combined in SAT: Evidence-based Reading, Writing and Language section, and Math section. The reading and writing section scores are combined as EBRW scores, while math score is given separately. The sum of these two section scores gives the total score of the SAT.

  • Score Details:

Finally, applicants can see the score details that lists out a detailed SAT report of different parts of the test and the percentile score for each part. It contains test scores, cross test scores, subscores (ranges from 1-15), and essay scores (optional now).

After checking the SAT report, students can then send their SAT Results to the desired colleges such as Harvard University, MIT, Stanford University, and so on. This can be done by selecting college recipients at the time of registration or any day before the test day. You can also send SAT scores via College Board account. Older SAT scores can also be sent to colleges through the mail, telephone, or rush reporting.

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SAT is quite crucial for those who are willing to pursue higher education in abroad. However, just taking a SAT is not enough. Applicants need to ensure that they know each and every process regarding the tests and this includes checking SAT results. The above mentioned steps and guide is enough for test takers to go and check their sat score release online easily.

If the scores are not up to the expectations, students can always take the test again and try to make their admission application as strong as possible. There are plenty of tips, guides, and practice tests available to ensure students crack perfect score in SAT and get the admission in their dream colleges. All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are month-wise SAT score dates?

Below are month-wise SAT score dates for 2022:
March SAT score release: March 25, 2022
May SAT score release: May 20, 2022
June SAT scores:July 13, 2022
September SAT score: September 9, 2022
October SAT score release: October 14, 2022
December SAT score release: December 16, 2022

How Long Does It Take to Get Your SAT Scores?

As per College Board’s websire, SAT scores are typically available online starting 13 days after your test date. They are mostly taken on Saturdays, and scores generally come out on the second Friday. But if you take SAT on a weekday, SAT result may be come after three weeks. It should be noted that summer test scores or June SAT scores comes a bit longer in July.

How to know if I scored a good SAT report?

There is no specific good SAT score. It totally depens on the college or university you are planning to take admission in. Every college and university has different cut off for SAT score based on courses. Thus, you should check specific college website to know what is the required SAT score. On an average, you should aim for a SAT score of 1050. In case you are aiming for top college admissions, try to score above 1350 as it will rank you among the top 10% of SAT test-takers and can help you get admission competitive colleges in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

My SAT scores are delayed. What can be the reason?

There can be several reasons behind this. Sometimes, College Board releases scores in a batch. For instance, the Board release score for about half the students online by 8 a.m. ET; while for the other half, the SAT test scores are visible after 8 p.m. ET. They also send you email when online score report is ready so the students do not have to worry. In addition to this, if your SAT date was in June, the results are typically late and are available in July.

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