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Best Duolingo Accepted Universities for Indian Students in 2023

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The Duolingo English Test is among the many English proficiency tests recognized by universities worldwide. Many Duolingo accepted universities worldwide have begun taking to enroll international students based on their scores.

This test gained popularity when institutes could not administer IELTS and TOEFL exams due to the global lockdown. Because of its convenience, the test has been preferred by students and instructors worldwide since then.

The Duolingo test is a computer-based English Language Proficiency exam comparable to the Cambridge English Exams, PTE, and TOEFL. It is simple to carry out and inexpensive for students seeking admission abroad.

It’s convenient for students to take the test whenever and wherever they like because it only lasts an hour. Because of this convenience, more than 3,000 Duolingo accepted universities worldwide accept the test scores for English proficiency. The results is available in the next two days.

Advantages of taking the Duolingo Test


The best perk is that you can complete the Duolingo English Test at the convenience of your home. Before the pandemic, this could not have been a benefit. Nonetheless, given the impact of the pandemic on our lives, Duolingo has now emerged as the most practical option for administering English proficiency tests.

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Best Duolingo Accepted Universities for Indian Students in 2023

Quicker Results:

In contrast to IELTS and TOEFL, which take 4 to 5 days to release, this exam provides results within 24 to 48 hours. The results of Duolingo are faster than those of other English proficiency tests.


Duolingo is less expensive than other English proficiency tests, costing up to $200, which is a huge relief for students who want to study abroad because they have a lot of expenses to deal with, and even a tiny amount of money saved helps a lot.

Practice Exams:

This test also enables students to take numerous mock tests before the actual exam, giving them all the details they need for the final exam.

Time limitations:

The exam lasts 45 to 60 minutes, as compared to 2 hours and 45 minutes for the IELTS. As a result, the time commitment is significantly lower when compared to other traditional tests.


Duolingo exams can be taken whenever and wherever you want with an internet connection. This is another feature that sets this English exam apart from others.

duolingo accepted universities

Countries that accept Duolingo

As more people put their trust in the exam, the number of Duolingo accepted universities is growing. 

The Duolingo test is recognized in the following countries:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • European countries (like Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, and Spain)
  • China
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Qatar
  • Mexico
  • Thailand
  • Chile

Duolingo Exam Score Breakup

The DET score ranges from 10 to 160. There are four levels of difficulty: basic, intermediate, upper-intermediate, and advanced. These are the results of the Common European Framework of Reference. Let’s look at the score breakdown.

Score Range Description 

Duolingo examines various factors to determine a student’s command of the English language. These are known as sub-scores and are as follows:

  • Literacy 
  • Comprehension 
  • Conversation 
  • Production

Duolingo Exam Structure

The DET is divided into three sections: Test Setup, Adaptive Test, and Writing Sample and Speaking Sample. Let’s dive into each structure:

Test Setup 

To take the test, you must first log in and ensure that your camera and microphone are operational. During this stage, the Duolingo platform will assist you in configuring your laptop or computer for the exam. After purchasing the exam, the platform will walk you through installing the app.

In addition, you must photograph your identification, document your face, and agree to the test security rules. Duolingo will walk you through each step.

Adaptive Test

The following section of the exam is the Adaptive Test, in which you will be evaluated on your speaking, writing, listening, and reading abilities. This section will take 45 minutes to complete. You may be required to answer the following types of questions:

After hearing the recording, make a statement.

  • Choosing appropriate English words.
  • Read aloud a sentence from raise.
  • Responding to short essay-style questions.
  • One or two sentences should be used to describe an image.
  • Completing a sentence by adding missing letters.
  • Make a statement and write it down.
  • Describe an image for 30 seconds.
  • When you finish the test, you will be given a score between 10 and 160.

When you finish the test, you will be scored between 10 and 160.

Writing and Speaking Assessment

This is the final section of the exam, where Duolingo will assess your speaking and writing abilities. This section lasts for ten minutes. 

  • For 3 to 5 minutes, write about a specific topic.
  • Describe a specific event or person who has impacted your life.

You must answer these questions within the time limit set by Duolingo. You must answer a specific question in detail in the following speaking or interview portion of the test. As with the previous section, you must complete it within the time limit indicated by the timer.

Countries and Universities that accept Duolingo

Now let’s explore the top Duolingo accepted universities and their minimum test scores.

Duolingo accepted Universities in US:

There are around 1,326 Duolingo accepted universities in USA for international students. The top Duolingo accepted universities in USA for international students are listed below:

University NameMinimum Score
Yale University120
Harvard University 125
Cornell University120
NYU Stern School of Business 120
University of California Berkeley115
Massachusetts Institute of Technology120
University of Pennsylvania120
Johns Hopkins University120

Duolingo accepted Universities in UK:

University NameMinimum Score
University of Southampton120
Middlesex University75
Glasgow Caledonian University105
University of Bristol110
University of Birmingham105 or more
Queen’s University Belfast95 or above
University College London135
University of Edinburgh115
University of Exeter115 to 125

Duolingo accepted Universities in Canada:

The top Duolingo accepted universities in Canada for international students are listed below:

University NameMinimum Score
Cape Breton University120
University of Calgary115
Concordia University120
University of New Brunswick, Saint John115
Algoma University 110
Thompson Rivers University110+
Yorkville University105
University of Alberta120
University of Regina110+
University of Windsor120

Duolingo accepted universities in Australia:

The top Duolingo accepted universities in Australia for international students are listed below:

Name of the universityDuolingo scores
Monash UniversityDuolingo score range between 85-95
Macquarie UniversityDuolingo test only available for students of Mainland China with a minimum overall score of 115
Australian National UniversityDuolingo test is only accepted for coursework degrees with a minimum score of 115
Charles Darwin UniversityA minimum score of 85 for Pathway and Vocational courses; a minimum score of 100 for undergraduate courses, and a minimum score of 110 for postgraduate courses
Kaplan Business SchoolA minimum score of 100 for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses
Griffith UniversityA minimum score of 110

Duolingo Accepted Universities: Eligibility

The DET is available to anyone who needs to gauge their English language proficiency. The exam is typically taken to gain admission to institutes that accept the Duolingo English Test certificate.

There is no minimum age requirement for the Duolingo English Test. If applicants are under 13 or live in a country where parental consent is required, they will need parental or guardian permission to take the test.

Most Canadian institutions require a minimum of 115, with higher scores needed for specific institutions or programs. Some institutions and universities require a minimum score of around 90 for foundation courses, certificates, and diploma programs.

In most cases, a score of 115 is considered safe, while 120-135 is considered excellent.

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Duolingo Accepted universities: Test Requirements

Other than being eligible for the test, here are some prerequisites you require to take the test:

  • Passport, driver’s license, or government identification
  • Computer
  • Room with adequate lighting
  • Dependable Wi-Fi connection
  • Opera or Chrome browsers are supported.
  • Microphone
  • Your device’s front camera
  • Audio speaker systems

How Many DET Exams Can a Student Take?

You can retake the test several times as desired. However, you can only take the test twice in 30 days. So, if you’re unhappy with your results, Duolingo gives you unlimited chances to improve.

Who is in charge of the DET?

The Duolingo online learning platform administers the Duolingo English Test. It will only cost you USD 49 (INR 3,918.65 *).

Why do Universities prefer Duolingo?

Due to the numerous benefits to students and universities, many Duolingo accepted universities and schools are still experimenting with Duolingo as a viable English assessment tool. Other tests necessitate students to travel to and physically present at exam centers, particularly those with limited time slots. 

Conversely, Duolingo accepted universities find it simple to keep track of exam scores using Duolingo’s online features. As a result, Duolingo accepted universities can evaluate candidates more efficiently.

duolingo accepted universities

Duolingo accepted Universities evaluate your English speaking abilities based on your scores, video interviews, and writing samples. As a result, you are providing them with a snapshot of your English proficiency. To register for the English test, candidates must go to the official Duolingo website.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Duolingo easier than IELTS?

    The difficulty level of the tests is determined by the student’s knowledge of the English language. Duolingo tests are shorter than IELTS tests.

  • How long is the Duolingo test valid?

    Duolingo tests are valid for 2 years.

  • How many times can I retake the Duolingo test?

    Students may take the Duolingo test at most twice per month. They can, however, try again in a month’s time.

  • Is it possible to convert Duolingo to IELTS?

    Yes. IELTS scores can be easily converted from Duolingo scores. A DET score of 85-90 is equivalent to a 5.5 on the IELTS. On the other hand, a DET score of 115-120 is equivalent to an IELTS score of 7.0.

  • Is Duolingo accepted for a student visa in the United States?

    Yes, Duolingo English tests are accepted for student visa applications to the United States. Universities continue to take Duolingo as proof of proficiency even after the pandemic. DET is accepted by over 100 universities in the United States.

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